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  1. Found it, angled site is against the quarter window.
  2. To bring this thread up once again, I'm changing the window scrapers on my Targa, but does anybody have a clear picture of how they should be mounted? How far do they go in the corners where the trim meets the window guide rail? Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Johan
  3. Hellraiser

    Back to 911's :)

    Almost exactly one year later and this is what I've done with it: So far for keeping it "as is". I've also managed to find a decent set of impact bumpers, 16' Fuchs, Carrera 3.0 whaletail and 1977 Sports seats. Original colour was Talbot Yellow and I'm planning to restore it back to original condition in a few years.
  4. Hellraiser

    Back to 911's :)

    Hello, my name is Johan, I'm 29yo and from Antwerp, Belgium. 6 years ago, I bought my first Porsche, a '74 911 S, converted to a 964 with a 3.2 engine. Unfortunately I totalled it after 6 months of ownership. A few years and a few 944's passed, until I found a 911 SC that looked just like my first Porsche Needless to say I bought it almost instantly The car is a '77 911 SC with original engine and is in good mechanical shape. Future plans will be to backdate it to a Carrera RS, but for now I will drive it as is until I've gathered all the parts Greetings, Johan
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