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  1. Quick heads up, RS day has gone live today. Hopefully see some old and new IB faces on the day.
  2. Quick heads up, booking has gone live today.....hopefully i will have a car this year!!
  3. That's spooky in a good way!! Bumpers look to be a really good fit. Think i might fit one side and then make a decision. Cheers!
  4. Cheers Kenny, they have already been sprayed, so options open really. Do you have any pics with yours on? Yip, the bumpers are the SCRS from BS, quite pleased with the fit and finish. cheers!
  5. Looking a bit more like a car now, bumpers trial fitted. Quick poll please....oversills back on or left off??? Cheers!
  6. Eh up John, all's good with you and the Orange? Hopefully catch up on track sometime soon! Cheers!
  7. Le Mans...what a weekend! good times indeed, not sure Perkles would agree though.....
  8. I liked it, but got the old Marmite reaction on here
  9. Can't believe it's eight years since i last posted anything on the SC! Anyway, after 11 years and 70k km of trackdays, roadtrips etc it was time for a refresh. Pretty much taking back to standard, and for those who can remember...losing the grey RSR bumpers and stripes! Couple of pics for now.
  10. Bookings just gone live today...i'm in for a change!!
  11. On the reserve list.......again!! :-(
  12. Noooo, they all get a thrashing (all be it badly!) at some point, some more than others though.
  13. Need to thin this lot out at some point.... 1970 Gibson 335 Block Inlay 1984 Gibson 335 Dot reissue Tim Shaw pups 1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 1984 Fender Esprit 1975 Fender Telecaster Blonde 1999 Guild De Armond M75T 1999 Taylor 612C 1947 Martin017 (Definitely a keeper) 1975 Mossman 12 string 2011 Custom shop Strat 2011 Gibson Les Paul Standard Custom Shop WW Spec 1997 Gibson ES 175 1999 PRS McCarty 2001 Gibson Les Paul Tom Murphy aged 2012 Gibson Les Paul CC #17 2012 Fender Telecaster C/S Thinline 2012 National Resophonic Mike Dowling 2012 James Trussart Telecaster And
  14. Bugger! Missed the date again..also on the reserve list.
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