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  1. Excellent, Lesmonde. I will miss the red wings though...
  2. Thanks Mark. Well, I am sad to report that we lost the quiz. On a tie breaker which was, 'how many watchtowers were there on the Berlin Wall?' Answers on a postcard... Back to the job in hand, the two bits I made previously are almost ready to fit. But the bit where they need to go needs a bit of prep, the back end of the floor. As you can see there are a few things to sort; a bit of rust, a part finished repair section and some bits where I got giddy with the spot weld drill. I have decided to just replace it, like this. That's all I did because I couldn't be bothered to drag the welder down from the shed. It's dark, dank and foggy and I don't have the energy. I know it doesn't look like I've done much but by the time I've opened up the tent and the shed and run the extension leads etc then all the walking back and forth between the two it was a two hour job. I'm hopefully going to borrow a nice lightweight inverter welding set at the weekend which will be easier to carry down to tent. Right, I'm Hank Marvin, see you next time. Cheers.
  3. Well that was a thoroughly unpleasant weekend. At least from a my mouth hurts and I can't sleep through because of the pain point of view. It was nice that I got to see my eldest daughter and granddaughter as they had been at an event up this way so we went over to see them before they went back 'darn sarf'. I had absolutely no energy or enthusiasm for going in the shed. I was back to work on Monday so I thought I would get back to it in the shed when I got home but I was totally exhausted and couldn't do it. Today I'm feeling quite a bit better, the swelling has gone down a lot and the pain has reduced considerably too so I'm hoping that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The lovely Doctor is working late(ish) tonight and she wants to watch the football so I have set it up to record. She wants me to watch it with her. I don't follow the game at all but it is an important thing apparently, so... As I had a little bit of time before she got home I thought I would do a couple of little jobs to ease myself back into the routine. This bit with the two flutes in it. Which ended up being a fraction too short, due to an unforced error on my part got a bit of an extension. It wasn't the neatest of jobs when I had finished but it will be covered up when installed so it will have to do. Also, that part had a bit of a bow in it and the piece that goes on top of it didn't fit at all well. I ran the flange through the shrinker until it flattened it out and I had touchdown on the bits where I need to plug weld it on. That was as far as I got in the shed. I had a quick look in the tent and it is totally waterlogged again. I've bought some sandbags to build a dam to divert the water past it, I just need to get some sand to fill them with now. No shed time tomorrow as it is quiz night but hopefully I'll be back on Thursday. I had better get myself organised now because I need to make the fire for when the Doc gets home. Cheers.
  4. I'm quite concerned about the viability of my Saturday morning fry up at Ten Acres Cafe...
  5. Cheers IC. Do you remember my dodgy tooth and gum infection from a few weeks ago? Well, yesterday was D-Day for having it removed at the specialist tooth man. He must have been special because he had two dental nurses on hand, you don't get that on the NHS. It was quite a job for him to remove and having a bloke hanging out of your mouth with a pair of mole grips isn't particularly nice but I never felt a thing and the procedure went as well as could be expected. A few hours later when the anaesthesia wore off was another story altogether. Obviously I was in no mood to think about tin bashing. Today was much the same, still thoroughly unpleasant. I am only allowed to drink my tea when it has gone lukewarm. In order to do something to help the project I had a run out to the place that sells these. I have been looking for a decent used one for a while but have not been able to come up with anything so I bit the bullet. Obviously I didn't bite the bullet too hard with my dodgy teeth... Anyway, I got it home and into the shed. I didn't assemble and test it though because I just don't have the enthusiasm. Hopefully the pain will have subsided a bit more by tomorrow and I can get on with something. Cheers.
  6. If you don't have the tabs present it is possible to use riv-nuts and extra spacers instead. Easier than welding and repainting.
  7. Cakes is life, anything before or after is just waiting... An evening in the shed tonight without having to perform any good Samaritan duties as the Amazon delivery was already here when I got home. It was lent up against the coal shed door, totally sodden because of the monsoon. Why he/she couldn't open the door and shove it inside I don't know... Anyway, I was working on the flutey bits. I'd just given them a quick bash last night because I wanted to feel like I'd done something but tonight I decided to use a bit of wood to bash it with because it is a bit kinder to the metal. Yesterday I used the hammer form to get them started in the correct positions but tonight I went freehand by opening the vice jaws the right amount then bashing it down between the jaws with the wood. I got a bit carried away with myself and took them slightly too low down towards the flange at the bottom. It will have to do because I CBA to start again. Knocking them in made the surrounding metal move about a bit, the flange on the bottom developed a curve in it which I had to straighten out. More annoyingly the edge of the piece moved inwards, shortening the piece. Actually, it is easier to see from the other side. It was always going move that way but I'm annoyed with myself for not leaving enough metal at that side of the piece because it was a big enough lump of tin that I started with. I should have knocked the flutes in 10mmfurther away from the edge. It means I will have a bit of a gap to sort out when I weld it to the car. To take my mind off that unforced error I started the other end. The bottom flange kicks up a bit and there is another tab to fold over. I need to try it in the car now to see what adjustments are needed but it was at this point that the Lovely Doctor told me that she had ordered pizza... ...and that I needed to go to fetch it. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Dude. The Doc is away tonight and she has taken Fat Al with her so The plan was to get on and finish making the heel panel. I picked up a tub of fibreglass paste on the way home because I decided that a hammer form would be the best way to make sure that the two flutes are in the correct orientation and with the right sized gap between them. This is reasonably important because the fuel tank bracket fits between them and the previous piece I made is also shaped to clear them. First job was to cover the old bit with parcel tape. The cunning plan was to cover it in fibreglass, which I did, then to nip into town to fuel up the van for tomorrow and possibly grab some supplies. As I got to the house an Amazon delivery man appeared. I didn't hear his car pull up and, as it transpired, this was because his car was up the road with a flat tyre caused by a huge pothole. No problem, I'll get my trolley jack and put the spare on for you. Except he had had a puncture the other day and his spare was already on the car and the other wheel was at the garage where he had left it for repair. He had called the breakdown people but his phone was nearly out of charge so I invited him in, made him a drink and let him charge his phone. It was nine o'clock when he left then I could go to fuel up. Except when I got there the petrol station had no diesel... Anyway, when I eventually got back into the shed to pull the fibreglass off it had a couple of voids in it so I had to fill those then sand it back after it set. This was not ideal but I couldn't be bothered to start again so It will have to do. I clamped it to my piece of tin and marked roughly where the flutes went. I made a start knocking them in with my small T dollie. By this time it was very late and I was Hank Marvin so I shut up shop and went in. In more positive news, I won the lotto! Cash money, tax free! Cheers.
  9. You will ruin my figure! Now that this bit is just about ready. I need to look at this bit. The best way to look at it is to cut it out, so I did. I will be able to sort out the back edge of the floor now. That sticky out bit is where I put a new piece into the floor but didn't weld the last bit because it was under the flange of the bit that has now gone. That left hand corner was a bit fiddly to release because I did not want to hack up the metal that was behind it, so it came out as a big bit and a little corner bit. It also took a bit of a battering on its way out. I hammered it back into shape and roughly welded the two bits back together. I have offered it back into position and tweaked it a bit so it fits properly so now I have something I can copy. The rotten fuel tank bracket was getting in my way, so that came off. I've got a piece of 1mm steel and folded the lower flange over. Next thing is to put those two channels in that run either side of the tank bracket but that is a job for another day. Cheers.
  10. I have not checked the price but in my previous post I said they were lots of dollars. There is next to no chance that any hydraulics places in the UK will have them because it is not a commonly used size over here. How much do you think a machine shop is going to charge to make them? His oil cooler is unusable without them, how much is a new cooler? Other option is a used cooler but who knows what has been through it, what if it came off a blown up engine? Do you have any advice for him?
  11. Well I didn't get into the shed last night, mainly due to the vagaries of the British rail network. I had to collect the Doc from a railway station. It wasn't the railway station from which she departed so I then had to take her to pick up her car from another railway station. I won't bore you with any more details because I don't want to re live the experience. Today was much better. An old friend of mine from Ponty Carlo met up with me at Ten Acres for breakfast which was lovely and Fat Al got some free sausages so he was delighted too. That was the entire morning taken care of. Back to business, I swept the lake out of the tent then started thinking about making the downward square lumpy bit on my current repair piece. I decided that a hammer form template would be best so I cut one out of 1.2mm steel. This is it offered up on the original piece to check if it is any good. I just stuck it into position on the new bit with some masking tape. I put a rough outline on the other side in order to have a bit of a target to aim at. I tapped it down with that little 8mm radius thing I made the other day. I didn't go too mad with it because I can square it up when it comes time to weld it in. It is not too far away though. I cant weld it in yet because I need to sort out the heel panel first. This is a much simpler piece to make, he said hopefully... But first I need to clean off some more of that horrible tar board anti-drumming stuff on the inside. This was part way through. I took it off all the way to the transmission tunnel and it took ages. By then my back was killing me from leaning into the cab so I called it a day and came inside for a lovely cuppa. Cheers.
  12. https://www.elephantracing.com/porsche/911/oil-cooling-for-911/oil-lines-hoses-fittings/oil-hose-adapters-unions-and-fittings/
  13. They are not so easy to get hold of. Don’t Elephant Racing in the states sell them for lots of dollars? I can’t remember what the thread is but it is something like m30 with a 1mm pitch.
  14. I'm glad you managed to understand me. I was worried that I might be using too much technical jargon and risking losing the audience. Don't mention the war! 🤐 I didn't have the chance to do anything last night because it was quiz night. We finished third, which is terribly disappointing. I'm blaming the result on the fact that the Lovely Doctor was absent due to her being on a secret mission somewhere in Caledonia. As she is still up there I thought that I could make up for lost time tonight. It has been issing down all day and when I opened the tent I found it was totally flooded. I had to go and get my water wings before I dare go in. I started to sweep it all out but it just filled straight back up. After half an hour of sweeping I gave in. I thought that you wouldn't believe me how much water there was, so I took a picture. I told you you wouldn't believe me, the picture makes it look like it was just a bit damp when it was really about half an inch deep, even after all my sweeping. The next job is to take my new bit underneath to mark out where the downward lumpy bit needs to go but I'm not getting under there without an aqualung. Try again tomorrow. Cheers.
  15. Well I've just spent a completely disproportionate length of time hammering a lumpy bit in a piece of metal that when it is installed is never going to be seen by anyone. Even if I ran you over you would be hard pushed to find it. It looks very straightforward to do but it isn't exactly as it seems. The sticky up lumpy bit is flat along its length but the panel it is part of has a very subtle curve to it. I used anything I could lay my hands on to do it, such as T dollies, a toe dollie clamped in the vice, bits of scrap metal well, like I said, anything to hand that was suitable. When I started to put the lumpy bit in it started to straighten out the curve on the panel so I did a bit of lumpy bit then a bit of curvy bit etc until the lumpy bit was lumpy enough. It is a bit ill defined to be honest and not particularly straight edged so I might go at it again to fettle it up a bit more. Then again I might not, refer to the opening sentence... Cheers.
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