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    Yorkshireman living in exile in lincolnshire
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    Booze and haughmagandy

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    1986 coupe LukewarmRod NO SUNROOF!
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    Peugeot 306 GTI 6
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    Mclaren F1 (need triple rollover!)
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    UFO strangers in the night
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    garage equipment engineer
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    fillet steak, bacon sarnies
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    Tea, no sugar please
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    Nordschleiffe, lap before I spun off

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  1. Mainly on milfs, don’t know if the updates from that are suitable for here. Scratch building a tank between drinking tea and brown booze.
  2. I don’t know what you’re inferring dude. 😀
  3. Do you still hold a grudge me old pal? 😁
  4. Yay Champion! Still got the trophy.
  5. I'm with Nige, I'll stick with the budgie smugglers.
  6. i have a few BMW main dealer customers, I don't think I would take my car to them if I had a BMW.
  7. Blimey, I can't believe it's that long ago when I met up with you at the Silverstonr classic, just before you left the country. You were in the yellow RSR, do you still have that?
  8. Looks like you are really stretching when putting lock on. Try bringing the steering wheel a bit closer.
  9. My gate shift was the wevo internal thing. It didn't make any difference to how the shift felt at all. Wevo gear lever assembly was fantastic, made it feel like a proper gear change instead of stirring porridge. Gearbox had all synchros and second dog teeth and operating sleeve replaced when I rebuilt it.
  10. I had a wevo shifter, never once, not ever did I clip reverse when it was fitted (did a couple of times before). Never had any trouble selecting any gears with it. Better check your adjustments chaps. I fitted a gate shift thing, you could tell absolutely no difference in the gearchange from before and after. I had a power clutch, that felt good.
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