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  1. The reflectors are the same lhd/rhd but they are oriented differently in the housing. Just swapping the lenses isn’t enough.
  2. Presumably stuffed with feathers...
  3. First is asymmetrical because you only ever approach it from one direction. Swepco will, of course, fix everything...
  4. Quite right, all the gears should engage in the same way, they didn’t design it for second gear synchro to be inferior to all the other gears.
  5. I hope the new owners give Tippler the boot...
  6. JJ's don't open on a Sunday, would have to be a Saturday to sample the delights of Market Rasen cuisine.
  7. Why don’t you go all the way and convert it to steam power? 🤪
  8. I wish that I wanted something like that because they are cool and the gang.
  9. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    I would have to have a root through the shed to find them. Currently putting shelves up in the nipper’s bedroom...
  10. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    If they are rear I would like them, if they are front I already have some. Does anyone know for sure?
  11. Nice looking car. The WEVO shifter is an absolutely fantastic piece of kit, best thing I ever fitted when I had a 915.
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