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    Yorkshireman living in exile in lincolnshire
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    Booze and haughmagandy

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    1986 coupe LukewarmRod NO SUNROOF!
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    Peugeot 306 GTI 6
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    Mclaren F1 (need triple rollover!)
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    garage equipment engineer
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    fillet steak, bacon sarnies
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    Tea, no sugar please
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    Nordschleiffe, lap before I spun off

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  1. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    If they are rear I would like them, if they are front I already have some. Does anyone know for sure?
  2. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    What kind of monster would feed oil to a puppy?
  3. Nice looking car. The WEVO shifter is an absolutely fantastic piece of kit, best thing I ever fitted when I had a 915.
  4. Now I'm going to have to think of something for CFO...😀
  5. Oh Finance Director. I did wonder what FD was, it reminded me of a now long defunct scrap yard I used as a youth, the proprietor was known as Fat Dick.
  6. That is nice you old tart. I've got a similar one but I would prefer it if my knob was a bit bigger. It's a perennial problem I suppose.
  7. Sorry Franck, I was just being a bit tongue in cheek, I know what you were saying.
  8. As they are new Webers and are made in Spain I don't think 'new Spanish Webers' is that inaccurate a description. 😀
  9. I managed to drop a few bits off at the vapour blasters the other day. He tidied up the alternator casings whilst I was there but I left the rest with him. A reminder of what they were like. With the repainted field coil it looks ok I think. I've still got some messing around to do on the crankcases. The pressure relief valve piston was stuck in the hole. It's the upper one of these two holes. I had a cuppa and a bit of a contemplate on the best way to get it out and came up with a 12mm OD sleeve anchor bolt. Which luckily did the trick. I need to get the piston squirters out because they look a bit dodgy. Some look like this. While others seem to have sunk. I think I'm going to replace them with some of these. Oh, started making a top baffle for the oil tank...
  10. 9 mpg is a good enough reason for me.
  11. I have it on very good authority that carbs smell of wee.
  12. Last time I had a cylinder done by Langcourt was over twenty years ago and it was about fifty quid. My guess would be about £120+ these days?
  13. Although I prefer engines to fridge motors, the term ICE to describe them really gets on my tits.
  14. Mine has been in bits longer than that! 😁

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