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  1. Why don’t you go all the way and convert it to steam power? 🤪
  2. I wish that I wanted something like that because they are cool and the gang.
  3. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    I would have to have a root through the shed to find them. Currently putting shelves up in the nipper’s bedroom...
  4. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    If they are rear I would like them, if they are front I already have some. Does anyone know for sure?
  5. tea boy

    Bumper tubes

    What kind of monster would feed oil to a puppy?
  6. Nice looking car. The WEVO shifter is an absolutely fantastic piece of kit, best thing I ever fitted when I had a 915.
  7. Now I'm going to have to think of something for CFO...😀
  8. Oh Finance Director. I did wonder what FD was, it reminded me of a now long defunct scrap yard I used as a youth, the proprietor was known as Fat Dick.
  9. That is nice you old tart. I've got a similar one but I would prefer it if my knob was a bit bigger. It's a perennial problem I suppose.
  10. Sorry Franck, I was just being a bit tongue in cheek, I know what you were saying.
  11. As they are new Webers and are made in Spain I don't think 'new Spanish Webers' is that inaccurate a description. 😀
  12. I managed to drop a few bits off at the vapour blasters the other day. He tidied up the alternator casings whilst I was there but I left the rest with him. A reminder of what they were like. With the repainted field coil it looks ok I think. I've still got some messing around to do on the crankcases. The pressure relief valve piston was stuck in the hole. It's the upper one of these two holes. I had a cuppa and a bit of a contemplate on the best way to get it out and came up with a 12mm OD sleeve anchor bolt. Which luckily did the trick. I need to get the piston squirters out because they look a bit dodgy. Some look like this. While others seem to have sunk. I think I'm going to replace them with some of these. Oh, started making a top baffle for the oil tank...
  13. 9 mpg is a good enough reason for me.
  14. I have it on very good authority that carbs smell of wee.
  15. Last time I had a cylinder done by Langcourt was over twenty years ago and it was about fifty quid. My guess would be about £120+ these days?
  16. Although I prefer engines to fridge motors, the term ICE to describe them really gets on my tits.
  17. Mine has been in bits longer than that! 😁
  18. Yay JJ’s! I think we’ll have to wait until they reopen. I’ll keep everyone in the loop.
  19. No don’t do it. If you want an electric car just buy one. You wouldn’t repaint the Mona Lisa so she was wearing a tracksuit.
  20. tea boy

    Relay base

    You can buy them new from Porsche, they come with pig tail wires for you to fit whatever you like. When I fitted headlight relay I used them This was before the C-R fuse panels.
  21. My logic was, why would Porsche have persisted with developing different versions of the dilavar stud if they could have just used steel ones instead. The counter argument is that having gone to the trouble of developing it they didn't want to lose face by saying actually, no you don't need these after all. The ones I took out were the previous type factory studs and none of them had broken. I don't know what's best for sure, but it feels like the right way to go.

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