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  1. Just going through a few more pics, this one was drop dead gorgeous :
  2. A few of my shots 😉 Apologies for the heavy watermarks and overlays on the pics but one of my competitors decided to try and use some of my pics not long ago on one of their social network (nothing that a well written solicitor letter could not resolve promptly 😃 ) so now making them harder to use.....
  3. Probably my fav car of the day 🆒
  4. Thanks for the pics Chris (not going to put mine up as certainly not to the same standard 😉 ) I have to say that I quite enjoyed the fact that there were a lot less people there and could spend more time around cars which were more spread out.
  5. Ok thanks guys, was funny to start with but going off the rails now so either post useful feedback or stop polluting the thread, thanks.
  6. Thanks guys, keep the feedback coming, really useful 👍
  7. Not negative Phill, I am asking for feedback as need to gauge people 😉
  8. Hi everyone, Been approached by a French company who has done some work for me in the past to take on the distribution of their range of apparels for the UK. The owner is a Porsche fanatic (as you will see below with the items they make) and the quality of their stuff is really good (not cheap fabric and proper printing / embroidery) so price is obviously not ''cheap'' (then again when looking at what is out there on the market it doesn't seem unreasonable). I am in two minds about it and having checked with our Sheriff before putting it out on the forum, this post is basically a sounding board to see if there would be any interest from people on here. If there is I will look into it further with a dedicated website for people to order, getting stock in etc etc but not going to embark on this one if the response is not positive (apart from the financial outlay to get stock etc etc, the time commitment it will take to make it a success is my main concern). So here we go for some of the range that I would take on (they do more but I will only do the Porsche related stuff). Small sleeves polo shirts (240g, printed and embroidered). These would retail at around £65. Long Sleeves Polo, again 240g, Printed and Embroidered : Around £65. So what do you guys think ? Any interest ? (could even probably get it sorted in time for Father's day LOL). Feedback greatly appreciated Thanks Franck
  9. Just done a short break on the Dorset / Devon coast and have to say that there are some great places and roads there. Truly enjoyed it (so did Daisythe911) and came across a few other Porsches on the road so might have waved at some of you 😉 I am sure some of you will know these spots but brilliant to stop at The Filling Station and Cafe in Colyford for a few pictures and caught up with a Taycan owner in Dorchester as we stopped for a drink at the Duchess Of Cornwall Inn. Very interesting to have both cars side by side and see how far they have come in the last 40 years. Drove back via Sandbanks and had to do millionaire row, OMG, this is almost ridiculous between the houses and cars you catch a glimpse off there, but have to say that the old girl (the car I mean) did attract some very positive attentions. Will definitely go again to explore the region a little more.
  10. Thanks for this thread as just had a good look at my policies etc and swapped to Classicline as well. Increased mileage and value of car but still got my premium down by £170 compared to ERS who I had been with years !!!
  11. Very nice, welcome onboard. Perfect timing for the nice days and relaxing of rules, you are going to enjoy it 👍
  12. Just found out as well about Simply Porsche so may give Bicester a miss and drive down to Beaulieu instead as just like you family is going to be in New Forest, perfect timing....
  13. Thanks for the contact. Will give them a call if my usual guys can't do it.
  14. Learning new trades. After trying my hand at hairdressing (see above), I have today moved on to Jewellery and more specifically watch repairs 😄 Found the issue so good result but unfortunately will have to be repaired by a pro.
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