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  1. Issue is not really the price of the pitch but rather that for that amount (which is a lot more than previous years), the Silverstone Classic organisers will restrict to only 30 pre 82 cars parked by the marquee and won't make any provision for all the other pre 82 club member cars to be parked together or at least in a semi dedicated area inside the circuit. So free for all, park where you can, we don't care if you are a club who brings about 3000 people every year. And at the same time, they won't make any provision for Porsche club cars post 82 to be parked on a dedicated area outside the circuit as was the case previous years. So basically park where you find a space.... Quite an interesting way to do business from these organisers, let's see how people react to it......
  2. Sorry we missed you, all hiding under the tent having food... Let's make sure we exchange numbers next time to be able to connect on site (especially if it is a busy one)
  3. Is this a typo ? thought it was your 35th today. Joyeux Anniversaire mon ami 🙂
  4. fxm911


    Great to hear. Told you Phil was really good 😉
  5. Thanks for the breakdown, I know that it can sometimes be a bit of a minefield since Brexit with taxes etc so appreciated you highlighting this and could help others understand and not fall into the double VAT traps (but no worries here as I trade in classic parts with the EEC on a daily basis 😉 and got Euro accounts so no conversation charges and can get picked up from Switzerland and brought back to UK if needed.)
  6. Thank you, was just looking at how much these would cost me if ordered direct and got them taken back to uk for me by a friend...will do a few simulation and get back to you
  7. OK, moving on then if not interested to answer....
  8. HI, with our without center caps ?
  9. Hello Everyone, Not sure if in the right place and OK to post on here (please remove if not) but I am wondering if there would be any Commercial Mortgage brokers on here ? I am looking at purchasing a small industrial unit so anyone on here specialised in this or has a good recommendation could you let me know ? Thanks in advance Franck
  10. Hello Ian, You mentioned FREE tickets but the link sends to normal tickets at £10 (still good value). Do you have a promo code or another link for FoC or are these all gone now ? Cheers
  11. fxm911


    I do a lot of Magnecor for my customers, including racing 911s and not had a single issue to date. Could it be that you got (or ordered) the wrong set ? I would give Phil @Magnecor a call to discuss, he is a really good guy.
  12. Hi, Depends really on what you are looking for and use... If you want a ''finished'' modified, track/race car then might be worth looking at it has had most of the work already done (cage etc). Not saying price is wrong (loads of work done on it) but in that price bracket you can find a very very nice genuine non modified car, or a less modified one (engine mods for example but not cages, race seats etc) so really need to decide what the car will be for......
  13. Promised, for next year I will have one of these done with an Impact Bumper. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année
  14. Sounds like a good idea, would be in depending on date.
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