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  1. I went to a Brands track evening on Wednesday. Drove there in a fully liveried race Ka, did the track evening, and drove it home. Passed a couple of Police cars and a van along the way with no problems at all. Sign on and briefings are done on-line, you put your own wristband on when you get there. One car per garage and only sharing of cars is same household. Organisers were wandering the paddock reminding about social distancing and various queueing systems in place for food and toilets.
  2. There is word from the industry over here that showrooms will be allowed to open - with suitable distancing and PPE/VPE measures - on May 11th. Nothing confirmed but coming from multiple client sources. Most are gearing up for larger scale opening of workshops for servicing from now / next week.
  3. Hahaha - don’t know why the photo is orientated that way!! I can assure you my numptiness hasn’t extended this far!!
  4. Started the front brake refresh today. Refurbished callipers and EBC pads. Discs are Ok for now so the new ones on order will go onto the shelf until the pads are worn out.
  5. Any phone mount recommendations? The one's that suction mount to the windscreen or dash are relatively useless.
  6. As I ponder using the IB more for everyday driving this is tempting...
  7. +1 Been using them for over a year and never had one go rusty.
  8. I know one of the guys involved in the collectingcars.com website auction thingy. One of my fave sites. Not allowed on when drunk for fear of what I may buy!! Nearly bought my sons' first car several times over.......
  9. Having brought the Targabird out of hibernation and fitted one of Jonny’s fuseboards - complete with mystery immobiliser wire puzzling - the main issue is a sticky front Calliper. It’s been an advisory on the last 2 MOTs so with another 3weeks of lockdown coming I’ve ordered a load of bits from Matt at Type911 to do a front brake overhaul. Refurbished callipers, new discs, pads and pipe work, clips and pins on their way.
  10. How about this: https://www.classiccarstereo.co.uk/classic-car-stereos/autosound-classic-car-stereo/
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