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  1. The time has come after 17 years of ownership to allow someone else to enjoy my lovely 911 Targa, an homage to the RuF Yellow Bird. The car is a 1988 3.2 Targa Sport with 165k miles on the clock. It’s just had a major service, brake overhaul and all sorts of “while you’re in there” work by Lee at Octane Garage. Lee has looked after the car since he was at Paragon, Early 911 and now Octane so knows the car well. The B pillars and sills were done a couple of years ago and fresh paint also to the front wings and bonnet. The paintwork really does pop! If the fibreglass bumpers aren’t your thing I have kept the originals so you can have them if you want them. Mechanically it has always had anything Lee recommended done to it. I recently replaced the front seats with newer units from a 964 which gave electric adjustment front to back and up and down. I’m looking for £40k for the car and welcome any inspection.
  2. Haven’t taken it on track yet but on the road it’s firm but pliant ride, a great gear change - clutch is reassuringly heavy - and the steering is really well weighted. Nose is very low so for a daily you’re probably better off with a GTS. The noise is superb. Set off the alarm on my sons Fiesta when I started it up the morning after I collected it 😂
  3. semprini27


    I’m a lucky boy! I picked up a 981 Cayman GT4 last week. It’s sensational!
  4. How does it measure volume wise? Would it make a 101db track day?
  5. The company was “stickeredup4lemans” but I think they stopped trading ☹️
  6. We use the CL pads on the race Clio. Good shout!
  7. They don't list the 3.2 - no-one seems to anymore ☹️
  8. Hello all, been a while! The old 'bird has been back out to play this year, track days at Brands Hatch GP and Le Mans Bugatti yesterday.
  9. My pad of choice used to be the Ferrodo DS2500 but I can't see any availability for them for the 3.2. Currently have EBC Green Stuff on the car and after 15 mins of track use the shudder from the front brakes means it's time to come in and cool down. What are people using these days for track days?
  10. They were really fun times. Would love to join in again this year but will be at Snetterton racing the EnduroKa. Enjoy chaps.
  11. I went to a Brands track evening on Wednesday. Drove there in a fully liveried race Ka, did the track evening, and drove it home. Passed a couple of Police cars and a van along the way with no problems at all. Sign on and briefings are done on-line, you put your own wristband on when you get there. One car per garage and only sharing of cars is same household. Organisers were wandering the paddock reminding about social distancing and various queueing systems in place for food and toilets.
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