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  1. No, not been but fancy either this or a round of the Italian hillclimb champs which has some great cars
  2. Lovely. I had one for seven years before I bought the 911. Very underrated, but beautifully made and well engineered with fine balance.
  3. Just over 1000 miles to San Marino but a worthwhile trip to watch this http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/10/5-ways-that-rally-legend-blew-my-mind/
  4. I had to use mine in a similar way to you Richard and stuck to what seems to be the standard speed for a spare at 50mph or so. When I was deflating mine to put it back in the car I noticed it is limited to 160kmh or 100mph......
  5. I do but the difficult part is the connectors, which take some time to source or develop and manufacture. Knowing what the US is like for litigation I would expect Len's product to be well developed and made
  6. Lewis, it includes the tunnel lines. Please see below Good Evening Ian, I sent a pm a bit earlier. I have copied my email reply to you and hope this goes through. I cannot send photos, but much or what I offer is shown on Pelican. Here it is: For your 79 911SC here is what I offer: Supply Hose, 12mm $ 25 Norma Clamps, (2) $6ea $ 12 Front Hose, Feed Pump to Tunnel $ 75 Copper Crush Rings, 12mm, (2) $1ea $ 2 Front Hose, Return Tunnel to Tank $ 75 Tunnel Lines, (2) w M14 Male Cone F&R $100ea $200 Grommets, (4) $5ea $ 20 M14 Female Coupler N/C Rear Hose, Feed Tunnel to Accumulator (Reqs Fem 160) $145 Rear Hose, Return Eng to Tunnel $ 90 ____ Total Parts $644 Priority Postage $ TBDApprox $40 by First Class Post _____ Total $ *Please Note: the Banjo at the Fuel Pump has (2) possible sizes, M10 (Original) or M12 (Update) You must measure & verify the size when ordering. To do this without disassembly, the M10 has an OD of 17mm and the M12 has an OD of 19.8mm. First Class Mail shipping for the Tunnel Lines with any combination above is approx $40. My hoses are made to order for you specifically. The M14 Female Coupler is included at N/C. This makes for a much easier install and saves a great deal of mechanics installation time. I ask that payment accompany your order. For International orders I accept PayPal if you pay the fees. I hope this meets with your approval and I look forward to working with you. Thank you. Len Cummings
  7. I’ve been in touch with Len Cummings on Pelican, he makes a complete kit for our cars. I’ve not idea how much the original” Porsche parts would cost but Len's complete kit is $644 plus $40 postage. Not sure how this feels though, part of me thinks it’s not cheap but then again it is ethanol resistant hose and all of the new fittings that he has had to spend the time identifying and sourcing. Thoughts?
  8. This was how I did but I did have my friend keeping an eye on the angle of the drill from another side to ensure it went down the middle. So if you decide to use a hand drill see if someone can help ensure you get the drill straight
  9. It’s just the latest fad in car tuning, think of the stuff we used to do when we were young(er)
  10. I’m with Mark. I’ve just done seven studs on my neighbours 89 Turbo and the job is easy with care and the right technique. A good central centre punch, small pilot hole and then gradually enlarge out to the core diameter. Then gently use a tap set to clear out the remaining thread. He did have some very good, sharp Milwaukee drills which helped a lot. They now sell them in Screwfix
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