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  1. I had a similar problem with my SC and Jonnny was very helpful but it was difficult diagnosing at distance. I eventually fashioned a work around to get the car to GCR for them to fix. Their electrician (slightly ironically called Lukas but very clever) noticed I had a couple of wires in non-standard positions. I had transposed everything accurately but my car's wiring had been changed slightly at some stage in its past. Lukas figures out the best way might be to return the wiring to standard, part of which was removing a bridge, and it it worked straight away. It may be worth checking to see whether your car's wiring is all in the standard positions.
  2. Not at all, it’s not mine and spreading this type of thing helps all sorts of people
  3. Hi Russ what do you mean by the billet one? Mine came with the standard one which I later replaced with the much much lighter drilled one (you should have heard me explaining to SWMBO why I needed that one.....)
  4. Added to the job list of new Brise starter motor and omega spring. Need to use my neighbour’s pit for these jobs and he has said it’s ok but it doesn’t quite feel in the spirit of lockdown so will have to wait.
  5. Thank you both, appreciated. Another little project to add to the list.
  6. Thanks for explaining, makes sense. Where did you get them from?
  7. They look ok, is there a positive lockout to hold at a certain level or is it all resting on the hydraulic cylinder?
  8. Thank you, I thought no one had noticed and considered moving it to somewhere nearer the top of the forum
  9. You can’t help but love that rear three quarter view, so focussed on going fast. At the time Mercedes knew (I suppose any decent aerodynamicist knew) that rear spoilers only work effectively if they are in the air flow. Look at many supposedly fast cars of the time and most of their rear spoilers can’t work. Sierra Cosworth excepted. So they made a spoiler tall enough to work, but knew the rules at the time did not allow a rear spoiler that impinged upon rear view. The solution, reduce the size of the rear window by fitting a screen over the top portion. Genius!
  10. I was just about to recommend the cheapest option for this kind of thing, big axle stands of the kind I used when we dropped a neighbour’s 930 engine and gearbox out. I think I showed a couple of pictures.
  11. I knew I had seen the design before but didn’t think that zip ties were quite appropriate in this instance. For me it just raises questions about what else has been done in this way.......
  12. Interesting modified oil cooler arrangement on the second car, seems to be held in place by zip ties.........
  13. It also seems way too cheap for a 72 S
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