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    Harston, Leics
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    Mountain Biking, Classic cars, Skiing

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    1979 911 SC
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    BMW E92 M3, Audi A3 cabriolet
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    Ferrari 250 SWB
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    Pete Tong and the Ibitha Classics, Lungs, X&Y, Out There, Rattle & Hum, Renaissance, Blue Lines,
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    Red Wine (Merlot), Gin & Tonic
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    The drive home from buying my 911 in 1998

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  1. Ian Comerford

    Jack in Colorado

    I could be wrong but I think the Stomski shifter is quite new so you may not get much comment. Assume you have considered the Wevo and others?
  2. I need to say this as it feels a bit off that your first post on this forum offers some sad words and then says three times that he owed you money/cars, whatever. Doesn’t feel quite right
  3. Interested to hear your feedback as my M3 wheels need a refurb and I’ve just put my winter wheels/tyres on.
  4. Have you had problems with your steering Lewis?
  5. It’s just mild steel so could be safely welded
  6. I had a smoke silver 2.3 -16 for 7 years. Great quality, balance and handling.
  7. Just seen this over on ddk https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/mans-body-found-staffordshire-canal-17577825
  8. Agreed, also in the same place the reaction of the Ferrari test driver in the FF seeing at least ten cameras pointing at him was worth it.
  9. I wouldn’t choose black but I can see why that was hard to refuse.
  10. That looks nice, tell us more.....
  11. Heck, hadn’t seen him for a few months but that’s quite a shock. His engineering knowledge generally made me feel like I should have worked much harder at school.... RIP Chris
  12. As has already been said, stick around Shirish. A car is just a piece of metal after all, the memories are of the person.
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