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  1. You do see a lot of IBs with the washers upwards, so it’s either choice or lack of awareness
  2. Years ago I picked up the ‘knowledge’ from somewhere that the washers on the engine mounts can fit either way depending upon what sort of effect you want them to have on the mounts. Today is saw this on Pelican which shows that ‘knowledge’ was flawed, or maybe for earlier versions. Interesting!
  3. Well yesterday I broke it and today I fixed it (temporarily). This morning is made a new bracket from a piece of steel and whilst it is a bit heavier (at least twice as heavy) it fits well and the clutch is adjusted. I then noticed the omega spring was a bit slow so gave it a good lube but as it could be the same age as the car it’s probably due replacing, so thats gone on the shopping list with the clutch cable bracket. Happy now! Ian
  4. How do you mean Fraser? Thanks Ivan, I will check with Matt
  5. Thank you, I wasn’t panicking at all but have short timeline for fixing this so need to go for the quickest fix. I will probably order a new one as a final fix but need something that I can fit in the next few days (before Thursday).
  6. Rich at TT has recently built a system for Nige, why not ask what he thinks of it
  7. You could actually shorten the pipe and re-plug it closer to the air box
  8. Today I decided to fit the refurbished pedal cluster I bought 3-4 years ago (Lewis will be pleased to hear this). The refurb was easy and the parts readily available from a number of sources (thanks Matt). Removing the old one brought the first lesson; the cluster does not come out in one piece, or doesn’t come easily. It’s better to partly disassemble it in situ and also to reassemble in parts. The job is easier with a pit as you need to disconnect the clutch (and adjust afterwards) and also remove the plate covering the fuel pump to get at two pedal cluster mounting nuts. Refitting is the reverse of removal as it says in a certain well know car repair handbook, or at least it appears to. Lesson number two is to get all of the parts into place before you tighten any of the many connections and mounting bolts. If you don’t you may find you have to strip parts again because something won’t go into place. Eventually everything was in place so I tightened it all down and the final job was to adjust the clutch cable. The friend whose pit it was helped by repressing the pedal for the final check. It needed a small adjustment and as I winner to tighten the nuts there was that sickening moment when you break something important. The extension of the gearbox casting through which the clutch cable goes had snapped off and at first glance it looked terminal as the bracket looks to be part of the gearbox side plate. (Pics below).i was going to stop for the day and leave it for another day to find out the extent of my error, but my friend said why not have a good look to ensure it isn’t a detachable part. Thankfully it is, so I have options; get it welded, buy a new one, buy an old one from somewhere or make a new one from steel which I can do quickly. Important question, does anyone have one of these brackets lying around? For anyone considering the pedal cluster refurb it’s not hard but it’s not quick either. Call for top tips if necessary
  9. You could follow one of us Shirish, at least there would then be two of us lost......
  10. If it is a secret why on earth would I start a thread😀. You also have mail
  11. I think as Jevvy says you should be able to remove the kink by altering the orientation of the metal part of the pipe by loosening it’s end and repositioning.
  12. I’ve always had a soft spot for these and can see nothing on this one I don’t like, it’s quite tasteful to my eyes http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/04/creating-the-perfect-240z/ And built in Bradford!
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