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  1. Good job. Some people recommend driving a 100miles or so and then re-checking. I did this on mine and they hadn’t moved but guess it’s belt and braces
  2. From Porsche, just noticed this on ddk https://www.porsche.com/international/accessoriesandservice/classic/genuineparts/producthighlights/additive/
  3. Today I took my V5, V112 and road tax renewal letter into the Post Office and asked for clarity. A very helpful lady searched the system and about 1.5mins later had the answer. She wrote ‘Historic’ in the vehicle category box of the V5 and asked me to sign/date it. She then took the V5 and V112 to send off to Swansea. She stamped the tax renewal letter, attached a £0 receipt and my car is now taxed for another year. My V5 will be back in six weeks or so. I will still have to tax it every year but for free. Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for all of your comments and advice. I do find it a bit strange that it isn’t automated. I guess they would make less money if it was .......
  5. Thank you, I think as you say, submitting the form will be the catalyst. Sorry Peter, my response was to the previous reply. Thank you both, Post Office next stop
  6. My car is now over 40 years old and therefore able to avoid paying car tax and having MoT (I will still have some sort of test done). Has anyone on here done this? It’s not very clear on the DVLA website what you have to do. It says you need to fill in a V112 to state it is exempt from MoT but I have no idea of how you exempt it from car tax. Thank you
  7. Handbrake refurb kit arrived today. Thanks Matthew
  8. The other way is to use jubilee clips
  9. An interesting comment on an old Porsche forum with the many misconceptions around our cars handling traits. Drive it appropriately maybe
  10. Agree on this Shirish, mine still has sixes on the front and the steering is lovely and light
  11. Great, one of those cars that looks like it was just built to go fast, no pretensions.

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