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  1. Ian Comerford

    Should there be water coming in here ?

    Not only that but galvanising slows rust, doesn’t stop it. Many cars have rusted without having accidents.
  2. Ian Comerford

    Rear ARB Mount Options

    Thanks Nige, sounds like a good fix. You mentioned that you might try to strengthen the new ones if it was easy, did you bother? Ian
  3. Ian Comerford

    Collapsible oil return tubes

    Well it’s about 800 miles from here so anyone fancy a road trip?
  4. Ian Comerford

    Cleaning Fuchs

    I think the wisdom with the Vaseline is that the longer you leave it on the better. I usually do mine in winter when I’m not expecting to use it for a few days/weeks. Ian
  5. Ian Comerford

    Rear ARB Mount Options

    Any update on this Nige?
  6. Ian Comerford

    Body panels wanted

    Here’s another option. https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod134626/Porsche-911-Rear-Bumper-Lower-panel-91150517101/
  7. Ian Comerford

    Could it be that The Sherrif’s secret is out?

    Can you actually get your leg over that? Or have I just asked something others stayed away from......
  8. Ian Comerford

    Rear ARB Mount Options

    What do you have on yours Fraser?
  9. Ian Comerford

    Body panels wanted

    Not sure if you have tried this but rear valances are not expensive from Porsche, or weren’t last time I lookedl
  10. Ian Comerford

    Rear ARB Mount Options

    Given yours are probably the later, updated 3.2 ones you might be better going for something stiffer. Wevo, Elephant Racing and Jerry Woods are options but I believe Jase may be along with another one. I need to do mine too
  11. Nearly....... It won’t slow me down if I haven’t fixed it by then though
  12. Greater chance of most of the cars getting there then.......Murray
  13. Ian Comerford

    Restoration Costs in England

    Even a Sportwagen isn’t that much and they’re very good I think that as long as you are able to reasonably accurately quantify the damage and the numbers work out then you could make this work. If you don’t know what to look for, don’t bother
  14. Ian Comerford

    Early Style Sports Recaro's

    Sierra Madre has a set for $5690 here https://sierramadrecollection.com/911-930-74-89-/Interior-Upholstery/Seats/Turbo-Seat-Set-911-74-84-p54428.html