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  1. I went to this nice, low key event last year and really enjoyed it. It’s on again this year and is free to enter (as a spectator) if you’ve got the time. https://mastershistoricracing.com/events-and-results/test-day-2024#:~:text=Donington Park will set the,cars on Tuesday%2C March 19th.
  2. I guess they have invested quite a lot to develop these sites for our enjoyment and most of us are grateful. £5 doesn’t seem bad. Each to his own though…..
  3. I’m sure my postcode must help too if you’ve been reading the news……
  4. You’ll be even more stunned when I tell you that was an increase from last year’s…….
  5. Sometimes but I thought we were keeping that between us Les……
  6. That seems a lot of money Chris. My last renewal with Carole Nash was£149 with agreed value a little below yours, 5k miles a year and Euro breakdown. I am a bit older of course…….
  7. Yes and it’s known to shrink over time.
  8. It’s slightly fiddly but not difficult from recollection. The strip has something like press studs built into it that press fit into socket or holes in door. I removed mine by lowering the window glass and inserting a plastic wedge tool normally used for removing car interior trim to ease the old strip out. I then used a piece of sheet steel against the glass to support the glass and prevent damage and manoeuvre the new strip into location. You then need to go along the press studs one by one and use something like a large flat blade screwdriver to lever against the sheet steel and push each press stud into its socket. Hope this makes sense. Ian
  9. https://www.speedhunters.com/2024/02/up-close-and-personal-with-a-kimera-evo37/
  10. For this interested Opie has a special offer for the VR1 20/50 at £29.99 for five litres. Buy, buy, buy!
  11. Good run out to Gaydon today for a small meet up instead of Race Retro, better to go out than not bother. The picture below is what a 911 should look like in February, used, slightly dirty but very happy.
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