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  1. Why would anyone do a Google search for this..........Gary
  2. Is everyone being invited to see these cars......
  3. Ah I see what you mean, good advice, thanks Ivan All ordered from Matthew.
  4. Thanks Les, I’ve got them on the list
  5. Hi Ian, thank you, which ones do you mean?
  6. This is a useful link for the output shaft seals and indeed all of the others, really helpful https://joe-engineer.com/porsche-915-gearbox-reseal/
  7. I don’t think that’s very helpful Peter......
  8. I’ve just started cleaning up the gearbox and could do with recommendations from experience on any seals to change as an opportunity whilst the box is separated from the engine? There is evidence of oil on the bell housing but I think most of it has come from the triangle of death. However, the is slight evidence on the output flanges and I wonder if it’s possible to replace the seals without doing anything other than removing the flanges? Grateful for any thoughts. Other than that I will replace the fork, clean the outside and change the oil. Thanks Ian, makes sense so it’s in the
  9. Thanks Lewis, Jonny, it’s on the shopping list
  10. I had thoughts about it but it’s not a garage queen, it gets used regularly and the engine is pretty good cosmetically. I may just get the fan refurbished.
  11. The interesting bit will come when it's apart, where, hopefully, there won’t be much wrong apart from the usual valve guides and similar stuff. At that point I could insert some simple upgrades because the budget will allow it. I’m not spending anything on cosmetics, I’m more bothered about internals so wonder, apart from the 964 cams and a bit of polishing, what else is worth doing? I’d be interested in your view on this Lewis as I thought you found yours quite easy to live with in normal use?
  12. I don’t agree that CO is irrelevant after my recent experience which showed that once correctly set the car ran far better
  13. Delivered the engine to Chris at GCR this afternoon that to neighbour enter and his horse box. It will be stripped in the next week and then we can discuss what needs doing. Quite excited
  14. I would go to my local MoT garage and ask them to plug it in to their meter. Check this is right before doing anything else
  15. Have you had a CO test done Les, just to determine where this is as a pointer?
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