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  1. If any of you decide to do the route please feel free to get in touch for some tips on things we would change for the next time we do it.
  2. As a consolation for the Circuit des Remparts in Angouleme, France being cancelled (tunnel, hotel, gite and race tickets all bought) we instead headed up to Scotland to see what the SWC300 is all about. It’s apparently a new loop and seeks to do for that part of Scotland what the NC500did further north. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it exceeded what we had thought likely. Such a mix of great roads, some very high speed ((up to 69.9mph officer)some much slower, bumpy, bumpy, twisty etc but mostly very clear. We stayed in Dumfries on the first night and on day one headed anti-clockwis
  3. This is quite interesting and worth following http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/1072944-ssi-goes-online.html
  4. Not keen on one aspect of the update and I don’t know if its iPad specific but it’s not as easy to identify unread posts as it was. Just an observation
  5. I have to disagree with this for brazing or silver soldering. If done properly there’s no reason why it couldn’t last a good long time. I would say they are legitimate repairs, not bodges
  6. I wouldn’t solder it, not enough strength unless it sa temporary repair. Braze or silver solder it and it should last the life of the pipe, no need to fit a new pipe.
  7. Hunting should be either rich or a vacuum leak from what I understand from my recent issues.
  8. I have had a 964 screen and seal in my SC for around 13 years and both the guy that originally fitted it and the one that subsequently fitted it post-bodywork refurb used a sealant to support the seal and close any cavities. They both seemed really knowledgeable and believed that this particular installation warranted a sealant. Quite a gloopy black mastic which took a while to set, but no leaks, wind noise etc.
  9. So Plan B might be that we meet in groups of six anyway and go for a coffee/chat/drive somewhere
  10. Good question. I assumed that as they know it’s for a fuel injection system and they know their stuff that this is the correct spec. They also offered PTFE lined braided stainless outer pipe at £8 per metre. Apparently the PTFE is ethanol resistant.
  11. As you say Matthew the OPC option seems better value compared to Design 911. From the research I did it became obvious that you can do this yourself with a decent hose manufacturer for a lot less money. A1 Hydraulics quoted £11 per metre for Cohlein ethanol resistant hose and between £1.40-2.00 for connections. So that little lot is under £100. After my recent experience it really is worth doing this yourself.
  12. Have you all had the email about cancelling the event but issuing Bicester tickets anyway? Mind you, Bicester might be dodgy now.
  13. Quite like that, a great way to cross Europe when we are allowed to......
  14. That Design 911 kit is a few hoses short of the ones that Chris and I bought, so there are a few more to source. Basically that kit just does the tunnel and then two lines from the tunnel up to the engine. It doesn’t seem to include the pipes that move the fuel around the engine ie Filter to metering head, or metering head to the WUR. IT looks expensive. I’m it sure whether your car has the same engine bay lines as mine but if it helps I will dig out the instructions from my kit and list the replacement lines?
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