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  1. Are you working on getting your car roadworthy Gary?
  2. I would treat the internals of the A arms with a cavity wax as they rust inside and you don’t notice. This can be done either off the car or when fitted.
  3. I prefer the curved profile to be honest and bought one from Pelican a year or so ago. The curved profile works really well on a soft jack pad. https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/PELRWSP.htm?pn=PEL-RW-SP&bt=Y&fs=0&SVSVSI=792
  4. I wasn’t sure whether to post in the For Sale section or here, but as it’s not me selling ..... For a bit of practical engine bling what about one of these which I saw on ddk. https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=68157
  5. Thank you. What model is it Gary?
  6. In addition to the above relating to the master cylinder I have also heard quite a few people say that pushing the pedal to the floor during bleeding can cause a problem with seals in the MC. It seems that normal operation of the pedal movement is in a limited range on the MC but when bleeding if the pedal is pushed to the floor it can causes seal damage because the piston and seal are operated in a range they are not normally used to. This sounds very logical to me and I now only press the pedal half way down or use a pressure bleeder. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks Nige, you’re only jealous because I have a full head of hair and need lots of product
  8. Thanks Ian, a couple of people have recommended this one. My only concern Is the configuration of it in terms of where the motor sits, it’s not very slimline. I like the layout of the Sealey/Silverline ones but their power output is lower than some. I need a smallish machine to access some areas for a particular job. Decisions, decisions!
  9. That’s a lot cheaper than Stringfellows though
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