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  1. Red Carerra Coupe, B305... at Shelsley hill climb yesterday afternoon.
  2. My parents bought an Austin 1100 Mk2, Super-de-Luxe in 1968 for £696 and traded in their Triumph Herald Estate for £425 - I was 2 years old! I found the original purchase invoice when clearing out their house
  3. If all these IBs live in Worcestershire maybe we should arrange a socially distanced meet of no more than 6!
  4. I was cycling near Pershore this morning but saw no IB.
  5. Nelly has just auto-added to the playlist with the rest of the Flying Embryos tracks. Always fancied having a personal DJ, although not sure about 'I wanna f..k you' on a family playlist!! Thanks
  6. I'm new to Spotify, trying a free month for the family. Just trying to understand how it works! I clicked your link and your play list is now in my Spotify - if you now add tracks does my playlist also get the new music? Cheers
  7. Chris, looks very smart. Did you glue it in place or just rely on the tabs? Would you have done it without removing the engine bits on top? Thanks Tim
  8. Is it feasible to replace this item with engine and ancillaries in place? Mine is a little scabby around the edges. I assume it is glued in place? Thanks
  9. Matt, thanks for the reply. When you say modify do you mean modifying / changing the plug on the fan to fit the connector on the car loom or modifying the car loom? Thanks Tim
  10. David, any idea if this will fit a 1989 3.2? There appear to be two variants for cars 75-83 and 84-89. Thanks Tim
  11. Free to good home! Any use to anyone before it gets scrapped.
  12. Does this allow bluetooth audio streaming? Does DAB need a specific type of aerial? Thanks Tim
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