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  1. Spotted on the M3 tonight. A nice E-reg 3.2 Carrera Coupe in black with a flat rear lid. 🖐️
  2. Just cut off the right section of the picture and mount in a square frame!
  3. Great thanks. Would like another nice 3.2 (ideally silver) or 964 C2. Had I know the event was on I'd have given the 996 turbo a run. 😊
  4. Where've I seen that IB before.
  5. Speak to Nick Moss @ Early 911. Fuch refurbishment
  6. The Tahoe 964 C2 sounds interesting can you send me details.
  7. Greg P

    The future?

    Certainly not on an aircooled Porsche. Part of the charm is the smell and sound. However on other classics I can see the appeal. Golf GTI Mk1 Convertible or VW Camper Van which are both underpowered would be quicker and still look period.
  8. Thanks Busybee. To be honest it was a bind letting them go as I'd love them on another 3.2 Carrera. I'm not sure if that will happen (I may look for a 964 C2) so felt like it was better to sell. End of one chapter and hopefully the beginning of another.
  9. SOLD for £3k. Thanks for all the feedback and advice, much appreciated.
  10. Yes they were fully refurbished with the anodising redone and painted. The tyres went on in 2010. The fronts still have plenty of life the rears are more warn but still legal. Will give them a clean and probably put them up for £3k and see what interest I get. I may regret selling if another tempting 3.2 comes up!
  11. Hi All, I have a set of original Porsche 930 turbo Fuchs alloys in 7" & 9" with Toyo Proxes T1R tyres fitted. When I bought then I had them refurbished by Nick Moss @ Early 911, before they went on my 3.2 Carrera. My 3.2 Carrera is gone and I held onto them thinking I'd get another but that's now looking less likely so I'm thinking about selling them. Can anyone give me a steer on what these sell for? Thanks, Greg
  12. 1989 3.2 Carrera Cpe (Black) 68,802 miles - TRADE (911V) £64,995 (SOLD) - Mint. http://www.911virgin.com/porscheforsale/1135/9113.2Carrera/ ‎ ‎ ‎
  13. I was out on the road bike this morning a spotted a nice red 911 coupe coming down from Dunstable Downs towards the roundabout for Whipsnade. Probably an SC rather than a 3.2, you were past before I could get a good look. Sounded lovely. Number plate started with DDV....
  14. Walking home from the station this evening and a nice white late G-registered 3.2 Carrera coupe passed me heading up St.Peters St away from St.Albans centre. It let out a Cayman from a side street before turning right before Devdas. Sure it's local, looked and sounded lovely.
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