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  1. Mine arrived today too. I am delighted, thank you. Just wish I could get my car out of storage so that I can try it out!
  2. I'll take one too - msg on the way!
  3. Try me Jevvy, just PM me payment details when you get the chance. Regards John
  4. No rush for me, best stay safe until this is over. Happy to send payment in the meantime. Cheers, John
  5. Hi. I'll take #24. - rear bumper support tubes. Please pm payment details. Thank you John
  6. Also an unregistered car with 41miles on Bringatrailer. Currently at $200k
  7. Might be worth looking at isocyanate free 2k. I tried it recently on a single white panel and although it took several days to harden the finish was pretty good. I brought it on line from Jawel.
  8. jpd

    New Member

    Good luck. Lots of help for you on here. Keep us posted on your progress!
  9. 80’s S class barge bought last year for a 50th birthday road trip with a couple of mates. Built like a tank, Croatia and back without a grumble.
  10. jpd

    Front tow hook.

    Thanks David, payment sent. Regards John
  11. jpd

    Front tow hook.

    Hi David. I"'ll take that please. Please pm your bank or PayPal details Thanks John
  12. I had my top done by Dan Petchel. He did a great job and was really helpful. I only regret that I did not ask him to include one of his bespoke screen seals when it was sent back. I had help with the logistics from a friend in the US, but am sure that it could be easily arranged via UPS or DHL from here. Note you will have to pay duty on the repair cost!
  13. Any owners nightmare. Good luck Doc!

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