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  1. bought on 25/10/97.twenty two years plus, but still brings that smile.
  2. Try rob @ racing restorations although he is generally very busy.
  3. My 1985 930 came with the sqr45 fitted as standard.
  4. Too right,penny wise pound foolish,two months in a car park with no on site security, and expecting to find it still there,i would have been surprised if it was still there,never like leaving mine where i cannot see it and its worth only a fraction of the rs.
  5. Plenty of secure manned 24/7 parking in central london,try windrush w12, and as for driving it,he drove it once in 2 months,so 6 times a year he uses the car,i use mine once at a week at least,50 plus times a year.
  6. He last saw/used it in december? and paying over £9000 per year just to park, no valet,no weekly start ups, etc,half a million pound car in normal gated car park,no 24/7 security, i scratch my head at this, just saying.
  7. welcome to the world of 930 ownership and i hope you do not have many initial issues.
  8. best music is from that flat 6 behind the rear bulkhead,just my opinion.
  9. Rob@RR carried our kidney b post and sill work and you will not get better, to re paint correctly you really need to paint the entire side and then blend over front wing,the painter he uses did this,i should add i have no affiliation whatsoever with these organisations, i am more than satisfied with the quality of the work on my car.
  10. I have owned my car for 19 years now,and its not cost me £19,000 in costs,slightly less,my own view would be budget around £1000 pa to allow more some years,that is assuming nothing major is required !!! this is very important, please get an inspection by a porsche specialist before buying as you can be seriously out of pocket to the tune of several thousand at the start of your ownership.
  11. Rob @racing restorations carried out my kidney bowl, b post, sill work,with genuine parts,and i could not fault his work, also, as for the guy who did my paintwork, who rob also uses, i do not believe you will get better work anywhere else,and i am quite fussy,the car is a mettalic and the finish is superb.I should add i am in no way associated with either of these organisations in any way whatsoever.
  12. what are they smoking at scom.?
  13. Are you certain it is the gearbox? i had this noise and it was rear wheel bearing on the way out.
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