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  1. I am also had to book Hotel Bernina on the 24th, looks ok and not far at all . Also wondering if I need to book Relais Reid ? I may well end up travelling a day early so could be tempted to a museum visit if time permits .
  2. Mark may be right about the solvent based solid , he often is ! 😉 Fairly sure they used Gasurit but possibly otheres as well . I painted my BM tii polaris silver in 54 line early to mid nineties in my brothers then paint shop .
  3. Glasurit 21 line 2k, you can still buy it , or equivalent possibly 54 line but it more expensive than most , no real point in your case unless painting whole car . No real short cuts in painting if you want a quality result .
  4. The lechler epoxy is good stuff , no need for etch primer these days in most cases , the rich zink content of the first coat provides good adeshion and is waterproof protecting the steel . Thats exactly the paint system in that order that I have used in my last two resprays and will use again in a month on my MGA , also used it on my Triumph . Certainly dont put the compressor in the same area as you are spraying in !
  5. Something like this would do . You can then use normal 2k probably cheaper easier to apply . https://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/index.php/masks/airfedmasks/devilbiss-vizi-601-air-fed-visor-outfit.html#sthash.xic8B5Bz.dpbs
  6. Why dont you just get a air fed mask and use 2k ?
  7. I was 24 , just finished doing up my first house , the cheapest I could find and driving a 2002 tii ,great car but maybe a little uncool for a 24 yr old at that time .
  8. Great afternoon for a blast
  9. Just use wire wheels ideally a cupped one on an angle grinder as others have said , wouldn't bother with the flappers , may be able to manage with a decent drill ideally mains with a bit of power and rpm . Plenty of advice here 🤣
  10. The classic air cooled IB of course
  11. Henry


    The above and or insulate your garage and install a oil workshop blower heater keeping it nice and toasty all year by a thermostat protecting your growing colection
  12. Henry

    Wanted a E.C.U

    If you have one already that needs repair try Frazer parts , they rebuilt mine with new boards and cloned my custom mapping after water damage very happy around £400 , years warranty
  13. Think it was mainly down to his lack of skills as a driver , far too much throttle and over steering , he was an old bugger , come to think of it probably only a couple of years older than me 😂. He lives in our village so had to follow him home .. he also owns an old jag knackered sc and an 928 . Now I wouldnt mind goi g o a road trip in a 928 gts ... oops wrong thread . Nice one Haith got to love tax free vehicle , every bit helps .
  14. Not for me it won't be , in my 79 should be exempt this year , sorry for gloating , got to love a classic though knowing my luck there will be a policy change . Helped a guy in the snow last year in a jimney jeep getting out to push him twice completely useless , kept getting stuck . I did smile , i was making good progress in my nemo van at the time untill I caught up with him .
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