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  1. +1 more than enough heat ,I did combine the factory cast alloy heat pipe , works well with a happy crab although as we know somewhat LOUD , when I get time I will redesign my silencers. Congrats on the 3.8 purchase Haith will be super quick when installed . I
  2. Thanks for all your kind words and pm,s much apreciated at this dificult time . Life can be at times all to short sadly so we need to make the most of it with those precious loved ones and friends whilst we can . I rather move on from this topic as I find it dificult right now I am sure you understand just wanted to thank you all . H
  3. Thankyou Fraser , we had 18 good years together for which I am greatfull ..
  4. Thanks SP Yes, I dragged myself there , my brother also in his 328 persuaded me . Life sucks big time right now my lovely Lorna sadly died unexpectedly 5 days ago so any distraction right now helps the day pass .
  5. Henry

    Door speakers

    I have Focals , like that door card set up jonny
  6. A Jig only gets the eye pick up points in the correct place which is of course very important if major reconstruction is undertaken , panel gap is down to the attention and skill of the builder . I know how you feel mine was shiny once
  7. I am also had to book Hotel Bernina on the 24th, looks ok and not far at all . Also wondering if I need to book Relais Reid ? I may well end up travelling a day early so could be tempted to a museum visit if time permits .
  8. Mark may be right about the solvent based solid , he often is ! 😉 Fairly sure they used Gasurit but possibly otheres as well . I painted my BM tii polaris silver in 54 line early to mid nineties in my brothers then paint shop .
  9. Glasurit 21 line 2k, you can still buy it , or equivalent possibly 54 line but it more expensive than most , no real point in your case unless painting whole car . No real short cuts in painting if you want a quality result .
  10. The lechler epoxy is good stuff , no need for etch primer these days in most cases , the rich zink content of the first coat provides good adeshion and is waterproof protecting the steel . Thats exactly the paint system in that order that I have used in my last two resprays and will use again in a month on my MGA , also used it on my Triumph . Certainly dont put the compressor in the same area as you are spraying in !
  11. Something like this would do . You can then use normal 2k probably cheaper easier to apply . https://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/index.php/masks/airfedmasks/devilbiss-vizi-601-air-fed-visor-outfit.html#sthash.xic8B5Bz.dpbs
  12. Why dont you just get a air fed mask and use 2k ?
  13. I was 24 , just finished doing up my first house , the cheapest I could find and driving a 2002 tii ,great car but maybe a little uncool for a 24 yr old at that time .
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