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  1. If you can pm me your email I can forward my email receipt
  2. I have made the donation , if you can hang on to it until October that would be great , I will pm you my address . Thanks H
  3. Ok cool , I will sort the donation out tomorrow and let you know . Better contact the insurance company and get it itemised ! Nice one , must be crackers but its for a good course , I made a note to self a while ago that I must try and give more when I can and the opportunity arises .
  4. Indeed , I am going on holiday Saturday for a few weeks so I may need to pass ,which is fine if I don't hear by the lunch tomorrow as I have a million and one things to sort at the moment , making payment and not being around to recieve item being a pain . Cheers H
  5. Ha ha , just a slight smell of petrol of course more pops = more power
  6. Anyone else there this morning ?
  7. Ditto with Classic line Insurance .
  8. Its still a dbl room with balcony lake view , just a little smaller than the only larger and therefore more expensive dbles available next door . As far as I could tell you can choose which hotel restraunt to eat in too .
  9. https://www.booking.com/hotel/ch/garni-frohburg.en-gb.html?aid=311076;sid=e5eea233336c95a686324f6453ba7bf5;srpvid=0fb12c36679b001a&;swres=1 I google earthed it , shares same carpark , part of same group , on their site it says you can use facilities in both hotels . I noticed the email retuned from Am See signed off reception for Am see and Frohburg .
  10. Thanks chaps , I have not had a bike for around 15 yrs so well excited . Last one a ZX9R this one should be more pipe and slippers , which suits me fine . A quick start vid , sorry not very helpful with your price Busybee . Sorry no more bike stuff promise .
  11. Here it is , just a few small jobs left and Should be good for a blast just as soon as Dvla send me a plate 😀
  12. I am staying on the 25th at the hotel next door to Central Am see , Am see . I was probably too late , they didnt have any cheaper singles the hotel next door is all part of the same group and shares facilities including the pool , car park etc saved myself about £45 (should pay for eve meal ) in a dbl room with balcony lake view and the hotel is just as highly rated.
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