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  1. Henry

    Battery flat!

    Recently recovered my oddssey pc950 battery succesfully after fogetting to disconnect the battery . I firstly tried an a trickle charger from Aldi for two days , no joy then put my old optimate on .The Optimate got it to 7v over a couple more days ,it may have carried on further butlthen borrowed a Cetek MXs 5 with a recovery mode and am glad to say its been fine since .
  2. Good choice of pub too ! Had a nice meal in there in Charlbury not so long ago
  3. It seems very odd that the specialist doesnt know both SC and 3.2 are platic (aramid ) through the tunnel . I am sure he must do
  4. Oh crumbs , didnt want to upset things , I can always make the next one which would be fine . I can do next week though
  5. Hmm weather is looking a bit crap , shame its not next Thursday ... 🙄..
  6. It was 3 yrs ago , but it wasnt much , certainly less than 150 for pipe and to be crimped may be half that , Not sure on plating cost as I get it free , shouldnt be too much though . You dont need to get the fittings plated of course ,under the cut off old hoses mine were nice nick anyway .
  7. The original crimps are easy enough to remove , you do have to be very careful however not to nick the barbs of the fitting or it could create a path for fuel to leak back as told to me by the guy who did mine . I used a steady hand and a grinder then tin snips , then cut the hose off with a knife not scoring the fitting , did I say dont nick the fitting 😉 New old pipe fitted below . Downside is the possible downtime getting pipes plated crimped ,winter job ? oh and you might find it hard to get yeloow crimps
  8. Fittings re plated, ready for sending I think to Mr injector but cant be sure or tbh any decent fuel hose /hydraulic place Pertec probably or Monach in Witney . There is one fitting least on a 64 engine that some crimping dies wont fit due to awkward access of the tool so check . I have one which is still clipped a bit disappointing but a decent clip had been put on and the guy was confident it would be fine , I added another to be sure . If I was doing again take your fittings to shop to check their crimping tooling will work . Note pic includes old hoses for lengths also one pipe has fittings at diferent orientation to other end so needs conveying to guy doing the crimping .
  9. Chop em up re plate get em crimped thats what I did with my old engine lines simples ish ..
  10. Sounds a great idea to me , count me in .
  11. Nice Super Carrera 😉 Sc are the best of course , welcome to the forum .
  12. Well done for organising Lewis , I should be able to make it .
  13. It was a few tears ago now when I took mine apart tbh , trying to remember . Looking at my pick closely looks like it just slides on and is retained by the nut . Bit of wd and a tap ,nut on to protect threads or try twisting with grips should give a result . Good luck
  14. Does this pic give a clue ? On mine a shaft fitted over main bolt may need to remove this ? Yo may have this part off already though.
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