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  1. Henry

    Outer CV boot

    Is there a current thought on best replacement CV boot (100mm) ? Other than the originals, Seems my GKN's are all but doomed managing a poultry 5000 miles , still I guess I should consider myself lucky in that they lasted that long ! Did people have luck with these ? https://www.prolinx.biz/pages/Products/ViewProduct/MRB-86-9304-BOOT/Filters/f2o7/
  2. Very well done , all looks lovely under there now .
  3. Henry


    +1 , They will probably throw in a free GPS speed restrictor in 22 anyway so may as well get a Ford Focus ! God life can be depressing , regulated to the end good old EU Ha ha
  4. Shame the photographer couldn't even show us what the complete engine bay looked like , I hate these arty pieces with style over substance no real information but then again I am just an old grump
  5. Hey my thoughts to Rb ,must be too much hp gone to the brain
  6. Ha Ha Doc, someones got to do it they even had grid girls last year
  7. Drat and double drats , was looking forward to this , seems I have double booked myself and need to be in Hockenheim that weekend , so Clive Pm me although not sure if there is a physical ticket to pass on ?
  8. Henry

    915 diff lock

    You planning some off roading Axel or a normal diff required
  9. Well done Phil , I thought yours would be on soon .. a man of action good job to you sir.
  10. Thats probably the sort of thing I will make for mine eventually , I like my crab but at times it can be overly noisey ,depends what mood I am in
  11. Powerlite on my 3.6 very happy 3 yrs use , spoke to the powerlite guys at a show , seemed good , just send it back to us near Birmingham for repair if it was ever needed . Nice to know you have a contact with the manufacturer if it goes wrong .
  12. No problem alls good as they say , the Tuthill one looks tbh about the same amount of work , less folds similar amount of welding with the added box sections . Pricewise no comment but where else can you find one I guess .
  13. That's because that was not the intention , these provide a reasonable amount of added protection for road use and as a replacement if your original needs it . Adding further structural elements would probably double the weight and make it more suitable for rally use like the specialized Tuthill item , not many rally drivers on here ? Jaseaton maybe
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