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  1. Took the old Trumpet out for a shakedown ride today , 30 miles from rebuild . I thought Porsche’s needed regular oil changes . My first is due at 50 miles then every thousand . Not the quickest bike I owned but easily the Prettiest loving it so far .
  2. I snapped these two within the same week . The baby Muntjac I spotted out the corner of my eye 10ft away when I left the stables just sat there calm as you like , its become a regular and have seen him/her there twice since early morning sheltered under the tin roof . Three little fox cubs began crossing the road whilst out for a bike ride they scampered back sharpish but captured one of them ,felt very lucky .
  3. Nice pics Rich , it’s nice to see nature benefitting in these times .
  4. +1 looks brill
  5. I can probably make most Sept dates work . Well done RB a lot of extra hassle , appreciated .
  6. Well raked out that man , having a good fine tipped hammer is a must . I would put my money on 70's pointing as it looks like sand and cement , not the original lime which may or may not have been struck but probably was . Your certainly doing a comprehensive job on the spalled stones , many would just chop out the face . After damping and pointing in with trowel I always use a rag to push mortar in and rag off flush or just below then brush off a little later to clean up face either wire or stiff bristle but looks like you ahead of the game . All looking great
  7. Henry

    Coco Mats

    Just found the order email , $ 254 2017 may be import tax on that .
  8. Henry

    Coco Mats

    I have a set as I thought they looked great in Longmans car , ordered from the States . Great quality but be warned they are not for weight weenies and expensive think mine were £200 plus just for two fronts . I love them though . Think I made a template for them or sent sise info cant remember . https://www.cocomats.com/porsche-gallery/
  9. Thanks Nige , I know how much work is involved . So I am out 🙂 . Good luck Rocketcar , recommendations is the way .
  10. Wings came out well , still need flatting with 1500 then polish , probably take me nearly a whole day but should be a near perfect finish . Lots of paint shops don’t polish traditionally as time consuming relying more on a better gun finish combined with good dust free booths and a quick wizz over by machine . A lot of paint jobs are left quite orange peely if you look closely , Just depends how fussy you are .
  11. Cheers Nige , thats my car ! . One I painted earlier . Getting paint has been a little tricky , had to order some sundries on line , but my brothers paint supplier is now back up and running to a degree . Online suppliers , Metalflake .co.uk , Brighton paints , carpaint warehouse . I think around 3-5 k may be fair , depends on quality of repairs , all repairs usually need filling and is time consuming .
  12. A quick and very approximate list of materials used off the top of my head . Of course 911 is a little different ( easier than an A ) 2.5 l Lechler epoxy primer 2.5 l Lechler green TI filler primer 5 l Mipa colour thinners plus clean up thinner 2 tubes seem sealer 3 rolls 1" masking 1 roll 2" masking 1 roll 600 masking paper ,some left around 15 sheets 3m p400 around 15 sheets p800 around box 80 grit DA discs 1/4 1box 180 grit DA discs 1/3 gal slow degreaser body filler stopper
  13. Painted my MGA at the moment , lechler epoxy primer base , green Ti filler high build primer , Mipa topcoat as wanted colour matching . Body is finished and painted all four wings today . After extensive repairs , new sills wheel arch repairs etc And everything bare metal . Painting is very labor intensive if you want it done correctly to a standard .
  14. Henry

    Sunroof frame clean

    Long sections are extruded /forged /formed ally , corners are cast ally
  15. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/03/walter-rohrls-personal-porsche-356-has-a-911-turbo-engine-and-a-wild-story-to-tell/?fbclid=IwAR0ooyVmCqdb2nLgBQdUS_FQ2K02atFudKhVfXsJOV_tlzL5HbSvCAu69VE Apologies if its already been seen
  16. Thats cool , glad C of G liked it , cheers Bob
  17. Henry

    IB Grille badge

    Will dbl nut it for security ! can get rid of my DDK badge now, Are they worth £125 too ..🤣
  18. Henry

    IB Grille badge

    Just the one Phill , at this price it will remain that way maybe you thinking of the Dr R .
  19. Henry

    IB Grille badge

    Thanks Shirish , enjoy the ride , nice motor indeed 👍
  20. Henry

    IB Grille badge

    Yes please Sp
  21. Everyday is a learning day , mine came with the coils so a no brainer , prob 40 yrs old and still going fingers crossed.
  22. Yes 64 coils and ignitors , I decided to go with the factory cast alloy heat distributor pipe shojld see it somewher , like in silverWT latest hall of parts , they work well with my 993 manifolds as intended . The drawback is they are a bit on the heavy side , I believe Mark talked about chemically lighting his ... you are fitting diferent manifolds so alternatives may be more suited , best to get the exhaust and tin where all mounted and see possible routings for pipework options .
  23. Should be some pics here or here abouts that may help https://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25266-79-sc-rebuild-with-36-install/page/12/
  24. The plastic ones may be a bit more mouldable with a bit of heat but ugly imo . You May not have the fit issue as not sure everyone does .

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