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  1. Just base .. simples , over glossy clear is just not right
  2. I like my sun roof .. I say save the sunroof ..
  3. If anyone masked around a shark fin I think they should be shot !
  4. Bicester for me is only about 15 miles away so its a local , just that , a nice drive to get there ish , just a mornings car stuff .. tickets are now quite pricy 3 times the original amount when I first went just owner driver , car passengers are all full price and used to be free .. I wouldn't bother if i wasn't local and probably wont for a while ... it is undeniably a great venue but can get very samey non the less .. Classic motor Hub I find is more enjoyable nicer roads to get there for me personally and only a fiver but they have reduced massively there cars and coffee meets . Depends what you after I guess . I just like a morning out with car stuff , nice driving roads roads on the way there and a few nice interesting cars to look at , owners to talk to , and for me a good bacon sarnie and coffee not the over priced catering vans that deliver low on quality high on price and all about profit , you can get that at any road side layby for cheaper .
  5. As Haith says .. if they could use the runway in some way , for some speed tests customers cars maybe ... that would be a massive draw .. petrol heads like to see cars doing what they were designed to do .. a few revving engines and people are like bees to a honey pot ... prob some crap killjoy insurance reason no doubt .. other than that being less busy made it far more enjoyable for me . not a bad day compared to the over busy meets in the past ..
  6. I found seals etc from Big Red , a few years ago now . Some pics here and page 7 if helps . https://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25266-79-sc-rebuild-with-36-install/page/4/
  7. I am with Classicline have been since building my car my car , goes up about £20 a year so not complaining and they seem reasonable to deal with ,though no claims yet thankfully . Paid £340 last time , 5000 miles , AV and think a couple of track days included or at least they were 2-3 yrs ago .
  8. Just the one .. 1979 SC Bought: 2013 Age : 45 Paid : £ 11,750
  9. Very nice Ian , great present to self at Christmas
  10. I think your right Nige , first thought Aston, then a lancia then Opel manta then ooo not so sure .
  11. Yes very nice .. is it a Fiat Dino ? if so very lovely if not still very lovely whatever it is .. great colour .
  12. Emissions could be halved easily in my view but car manufacturers and governments always take a short term view . We develop more and more efficient engines and instead of banking that efficiency we put them into bigger fatter heavier cars . It pains me these days when trying to park sandwiched between overly bloated and relatively cheap financed modern vehicles. Do we all really need 4x4s and people carriers ... dont think so .
  13. Sorry Ivan , I am no expert but I have been through the process with wheels and door trims . What I know is to ensure all wheels are the same they will all need the same prep to guarantee all four the same . In your case that means blasting all wheel centres if that's the look you want . Just check with the anodising company that they can do the finish your expecting and ask them what condition they want the wheels to arrive are they expecting them to be polished ? or are they happy they have a process to get the desired result . As far as I am aware they will need to be polished where you want it shiny . Hope that makes sense .
  14. Just remember to achieve a bright anodised finish like originals the metal finish must be perfectly polished before anodising otherwise expect a matt finish . Which may or may not be what you want , hope it goes well ..
  15. I would be wary of having them tumbled , may not match others if tumbled they will be shiny all over when I think but may be wrong the inner areas are more matt/ rougher very slightly as polishing never took place in these areas ? unless the slightly matt effect is a result of the electrical fields when anodising . There must be someone who can hand polish near karlovy vary ? Any place that does chroming will use polishers .
  16. The only way to match the others now though unfortunately is as above , you may need to do one side of the car to match , but I think you may get away with just re doing the one bad one and see a right pain. You sure you dont like painted petals/ centres ..
  17. The wheels were fully anodised , fully dipped , if they look duller in the centres its because polishing wasn't easy and needed and provided key for paint . So it looks like you have just removed anodising from the petal faces so you could repaint petals ? but if you want as the other three you will need to remove anodising and polish entire wheel then re anodise . For anodising to look good you have to have a highly polished surface as the anodising shows any faults and dulls the finish . This was one of my wheels prior to anodising super blingy http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w184/henrystokes/HENRY-PC/wheels%20battery/SAM_3074_zpsdip33pyp.jpg
  18. You will need to have the anodising removed completely from that wheel , then polished then re anodised . You can strip the anodising yourself then take to a polisher then to an anodiser . You could try just the one and see if it matches or strip and polish a pair to match on one side of car . Scotchbright on machine ! Ivan
  19. Apologies for having to bail on this too , fitting a floor to a Mercedes sprinter van conversion took longer than planned 😕
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