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  1. Lesworth

    another replacement fuse panel

    I'm struggling with this as well. At no point ever have I though I need more heat in my car. I use it in the winter and have no engine bay blower motor either. It must be for specific applications, cold climate etc?
  2. Lesworth

    911 SC Black Pasha Sports Seats

    Nope, I still have the sideburns.
  3. Lesworth

    911 SC Black Pasha Sports Seats

    I agree - I have them in my SC already (red and blue tartan). These are for my 924T which has non sport Pascha seats already. 👍
  4. Lesworth

    911 SC Black Pasha Sports Seats

    Saw on Pet and black grey is listed as FD8 as opposed to 4ZP so different but looks so close colour wise. I have a reason for wanting to understand the colour for matching purposes... I'll have 'em anyway 😍👍
  5. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    Tesco 95 ron 👍
  6. Lesworth

    911 SC Black Pasha Sports Seats

    Matt, when you say black and brown, is it like black and grey? Dont suppose you have the actual interior colour code / German name do you? eg this is what I have for my 924: interior GM=leatherette black/checker-velours grey-black Looks identical in colour to your seats.
  7. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    No, and its never been apart to my knowledge. Currently sitting on 120k and pulls like a train. 230 bhp was at the AMD dyno day which I think was in 2009 or 2010.
  8. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    Bingo - that was always my assumption anyhow. SC's seem to often make more power than official figures and also seem less susceptible to power loss over time compared to 3.2's. All very subjective and based on a couple of Dyno days and comments i have read on here.
  9. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    No noticeable increase - I haven't dynoed the car to see. but with the stock exhausted it came out at 230 HP so I don't expect a number higher than that! Edit: I haven't dynoed the car after fitting the SSI's, the dyno session mentioned was before this when the car was on the stock system.
  10. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    SSI's are an earlier design, equal length either side into the rear muffler (i.e. 2 in). The flow on the stock 3.2 carrera and SC systems is routed around the houses so to speak and then combine via an extra silencer and then the muffler (i.e 1 in). Benefits to the SC and the shorter and equal length flow. Supposedly more power although I have never felt an improvement as such in power delivery. SSI's are also perhaps not best suited for the 3.2 engine in terms of portsize etc (too small) and some feel this is a backward step on the 3.2 although plenty of 3.2 owners have fitted SSI's. SSI's for a 3.2 have a diffierent thickness of flange than the SC and earlier version too so something to watch out for. To me the biggest plus of the SSI is the sound which apes the sound of the earlier 911's, more raspy. Mated with the splendid free revving and zingy 3.0 engine its a match made in heaven. 😍 Edit: I have more heat from SSI's than the stock system
  11. Lesworth

    915 gear stick diameter

    Only if you tell us why....
  12. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    Yes very true and it changed (improved) the sound once I had massaged the heat exchanger seam with a club hammer to ensure clearance.
  13. Lesworth

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    SSI HE's and Dansk 2 in 1 out. Very happy with the old school sound and not at all 'max power hooligan chav yob' sounding. I'd love to try an MK with the SSI's though like Simon (Mean in Green). His car sounds epic.
  14. Lesworth

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    Allan Stokes Automotive Engineering near Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. Done lots of work on my 924 and wouldn't hesitate using him for the 911. There is always at least one 911 having an engine rebuild there and lots of other classic exotica. You don't get a coffee, courtesy car or flash waiting room but you do get old school service from an old school trained Porsche mech that used to maintain Spice group C cars. And a really nice chat to boot. No website and doesn't advertise - all his work is repeat business or word of mouth recommendation. You do need to manage expectation with regards to lead times for work though.