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  1. I for one wont bother with Greenwich. Last few years its been mobbed traffic wise. Straight to Clackett for me from now on. I still like the existing format to be honest but will go with the flow.
  2. That's a bit like saying that man evolved to run bare foot through the savanna so why bother putting on a pair of running shoes.
  3. I'l crawl into the attic and take a look - will report back...
  4. I fitted a WOSP starter just before Christmas. I had issues with my starter sticking when hot that was getting worse so need to change / rebuild it anyway. Its lighter than the stock one (but not significantly in my opinion) and is smaller and looks 'trick'. But it spins up way faster and sounds like a tie fighter. Works a treat. Hot starts occur almost before you have turned the key they are that quick!
  5. No, that's just his normal state.
  6. I've driven mine several times in February. And also in January come to think of it. Oh in December too....etc...etc
  7. I wouldn't necessarily rule out the DME relay. The spare one could be bad as well...
  8. Good to know - thank you. I have heard only good things about Lepsons.
  9. What do you mean 'back' on it. Surely after your recent transgressions you're still on it!
  10. Nice work Stephen. No one will ever see that 'pig', apart from you - your eyes will be drawn to it every time because you know its there ! But that doesn't matter at all. Looks fantastic!
  11. I might have a pair in the loft (berber trim, not black leather)?
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