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  1. Nice to see one without the usual black leather. Great find!
  2. Lesworth

    Running woes

    Lee, are you anywhere near Ramsey? I know you have a specialist already but if you want to try someone else, I would recommend Allan Stokes. PM me if you want his contact details.
  3. I think Canford Classics refurbish Fuchs wheels correctly. Also try contact (PM) @carlbon on here as he used to do it also although he's not been around for a while.
  4. Yes but its improving, 25 seconds is a record.
  5. I managed about 25 seconds before it was too much for me.
  6. Glad all ok. Also had a few scary moments aquaplaning in the SC during biblical rain in France. Not a fun experience.
  7. I would never rely on forum reviews for decisions as significant as this! No substitute for proper due diligence rather than relying on the unqualified opinion of complete strangers.
  8. A nice way to reward yourself after all that work
  9. Nothing as exciting as that - job related. I always knew you were a toe rag.
  10. I did a course in Croydon town centre in 1988 and it was a mess back then.
  11. I'd love to drop that in to an OPC for a service 😂
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