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  1. Here is an image of the inside of the 'outlet' side of the valve. You can see the edge of the outlet is a flat surface for vacuum to pull the closed door against. Red arrow points to the sealing surface and yellow points to the outlet.
  2. Timely post. In my never ending leak hunting on my 924T I have been looking at the AAV as an 'internal leak' culprit as I can also pass air when its closed. I spoke to KMI about this and they said that while there is no seal as such, vacuum should pull the moving disk against the 'metal sealing surface' of the outlet to create the seal. Over time dirt and grime build up on this sealing surface prevents this allowing air to pass. Mine allows enough air to pass during warm running to make a 200 rpm difference to idle speed.
  3. Second and current one: Age: 40 Model: 1982 SC Coupe Bought: 2009 Paid: 15k Part ex'd the Targa at Eclectic Cars in Oxfordshire (now called the project shop I think) as I wanted a 911 with a zingy engine and a proper mans gearbox.
  4. Gosh, I had to google that to see what it was in old money
  5. I'm sure that once he caught sight of your boyish good looks, he had second thoughts about rearranging your face Nige.
  6. Age: 35 Model: 1988 3.2 Carrera Targa Where purchased: Privately from a seller based in Hull (oop north) Amount paid: £12,500 Year of purchase: 2004
  7. I need a new set for the 924 and the new Beru ones I bought literally crumbled.
  8. Thanks Ian, will take a look. I emailed KMI to see if these should be air tight or still allow a little air to pass when closed. I also posed the same question on the 924 forum I frequent and so far consensus is a little air being passed when closed is normal. This matches what I have found on the internet elsewhere. Lets see what KMI suggest...
  9. Its a bit red, isn't it? 😎
  10. Well I never did! I had no idea they rebuilt those - don't know how I missed that on their website. I want to understand if mine is operating normally or faulty before splashing out so have asked KMI is passing a little air when closed is actually expected / normal.
  11. Today I warmed the car up and then blocked the inlet to the Aux Air Regulator to observe any change in warm idle speed. In theory there should be no change because the valve should be fully closed when warm. With the AAR blocked, idle speed dropped by around 200 rpm so that shows that the little bit of air I can blow through when its closed is allowing the warm idle speed to be a bit higher than it should. Not sure what the answer to this is to be honest as you cant buy these new any more and I don't think anyone re-builds them like they do warm up regulators or fuel distributors. I also
  12. Welcome and great to see another Bad News fan
  13. Do you mean CV boots or CV joints? Not aware of any difference between inner and outer boots. I don't believe quality is what they used to be as you'll see when you compare what you remove versus the new ones. the steel flange that bolts to the joint is thinner. To get around this I used 'moon plates' that are effectively thick washers that bridge two bolt holes to provider a better surface for the CV bolts to bite into when tightened (rather than just the thin flange). I'd recommend Type 911 for these. https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?Object
  14. Oops, wrong forum 😂
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