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  1. B - who cares what colour they are - they'll be black and grimy in no time if you use the car as it was designed to be used
  2. Brilliant Jamie! Perfect timing to have it back on the road as weather and lockdown starts to improve.
  3. If you do the NC500 anti-clockwise is that the same as reverse polarity?
  4. + 1 on the wet vac. We have a domestic carpet cleaner with a hand held extension so you can use it in the car. Does the job.
  5. Does anyone know the thread size / pitch of the brake line fittings at the master cylinder?
  6. Looks good but I bet it sounds better
  7. No, that would be Paul, Les. Works for me
  8. Cracking motor that Nige - not surprised it went so quickly. What's replacing it?
  9. I think that's one view but others may disagree. I love Sunday Scramble because of all the assorted old cars that are there. I get bored very easily when confronted with rows of 'aspirational cars' because they are done to death on Instaweb and Facetube etc. Highlight of my last Scramble was a Hillman Avenger. Haven't seen one for decades. And Ian Tyrell got loads of comments to feature the Citroen BX GTI in the background to one of his Lambo videos. So there is a place for nostalgia when it comes to classic cars 👍
  10. I have my first booked for a week on Sunday and the second booked in June. I'm a young'un.
  11. No, its staying. Fairly certain I'm going to finish it now. Just cosmetics really..
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