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  1. I think he means make sure the head studs are all sound (none broken) as part of the inspection. These are a known weakness on an SC but I wasn't aware they were an issue on a 3.2 to be honest.
  2. Nice! No idea what my parents were driving when I was born in 1969 but we collected my son from hospital in a Peugeot 309 GTI which is quite cool 😎
  3. You don't need to remover the front wing to drop the oil line. Issue will be trying to undo the union at the thermostat end.
  4. With new injectors and all your fiddling mayhap you need to adjust the mixture screw as well as the ICV? I remember from my 3.2 days that you bypass the ICV as Longshanks says and you adjust the mixture and idle speed at the same time to get it all in spec and running smoothly at idle.
  5. Lets hope the new restriction on gatherings of more than 6 people is lifted by then. I think the next Bicester event is at risk now.
  6. Lesworth

    SC Tyres

    Bilsteins on mine and a firmer ride than stock since a Center Gravity set up. No issues with the ride but then I haven't tried Conti's.
  7. Lesworth

    SC Tyres

    Bridgestone S02's here as well. I don't do track days and find the tyres grippy enough for brisk progress and no issues in the wet. They seem to have a 'square' shoulder profile which helps to fill the wheel arch as well.
  8. Mine was photographed by a professional photographer in the country lanes around where I live. I got to keep copies of the 350 or so high res digital images in return for him being able to use the images in advertising, mostly car insurance ads in magazines and on the web. Have yet to come across one though...
  9. Pretty sure they were about 10k just a few years ago.
  10. Pretty sure that's what I used last time too 👍
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