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  1. I think you should probably stop going to those nudist camps though Gordon.
  2. And as everyone knows, red cars are faster, aren't they Ian...
  3. Its just a shame it didn't still have the mattress strapped to the roof
  4. Yeah that's eye wateringly horrible as is the X7. It even makes the bangle era 7 look attractive. My daily is an 18 plate 420d MSport and I love it. I'll be doing 100k in it over the next 4 years and its a very pleasant place to spend the commute.
  5. I got a bucket of bits and bobs plated for £50 cash a couple of years ago, left it with them for a week to fit on between jobs.
  6. Lesworth

    Turbo specialist?

    I used these guys to rebuild the turbo from my 924: https://www.turbodynamics.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKCAjw__fnBRANEiwAuFxET1VuI2i5oalBNJM_gsMNrqm0gCFXs7-KFnlfo9jLwToTe8oxGMllYBoCUvMQAvD_BwE Great service and communication and were flexible enough to build a hybrid turbo for me from my old turbo and another used one I had sourced.
  7. What's the reason for this Ivan?
  8. I drove my SC hard and far for a week in temperatures approaching 40c with no issues.
  9. I am getting closer than ever to not bothering watching this any more. I've said it many times and always come back to it though. Lost interest in WEC when all the big LMP1 teams started pulling out. Whats left. I can't get on with that sclalectrix rubbish, despite it apparently being the future.
  10. Nice work Lewis. I used shims from there top adjust system pressure on the 924 👍. I know its thinking ahead, but my cold control pressure was almost zero (too rich during warm up I think - still struggle to get my head around this!). I adjusted it following instructions from Luke I think. It was straightforward to do and it fixed my cold start idle hunting issue a treat and also a stumble that I used to get when warm at around 1800 rpm in a high gear. It was straightforward if and when you need to do that.
  11. Lesworth

    Few niggles

    + 1000000 It will take days to get the smell out of your nostrils if you spill it. 😲
  12. Golly gosh, they don't park your old smoker next to those beauties, do they?😲
  13. This is great and one of the few of these kind of programs enjoy. It does have the fake crisis aspect (they only have five workshop days because they have given up their jobs to try and make a living and have limited funds etc etc) but look past that and its good. They are also clear that the only work they are doing is enough to flip it for a profit - they are not doing concourse restorations and I find this honest approach refreshing.
  14. Looking Great WC!. With the quality of the brickwork I am starting to wonder if you are in fact married to Jimmy Nail
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