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  1. Lesworth

    Preferred tyre choice

    I did the 2009 Le Mans Bugatti track day on 15 year old Avons. It was hilarious but I wasn't very fast, obviously.
  2. Lovely car! Where in Europe were you planning to visit on your roadtrip?
  3. Lesworth

    Preferred tyre choice

    S02's for me. Been very impressed with them in the wet or dry.
  4. Interesting, I don't recall having issues fitting mine? Its fiddly yes, but not impossible? I seem to remember that the CV's were quite a tight fit on the splines and needed light taps to get them to sit fully home. There was enough friction to hold the CV's against the cup washer with it compressed enough to slip the circlip in (I did lose one of those when it shot across the garage).
  5. I'm waiting for SP to sell me his Martini Momo wheel
  6. Looking good Nigella. This view reminds me of a spirited bimble through the French countryside a while back. 😉
  7. When I changed my starter motor a while back I forgot to connect the yellow wire to it (feeds power to the cold start valve when cranking) and the result is it took a lot longer to start (like 5 or 6 cranks). I was always skeptical about how effective something so rudimentary could be but it clearly does a lot to aid cold starting! Are you getting 12v to the cold start valve while cranking? How about pulling the cold start valve and putting it in a jar still connected and then cranking to see what happens rather than bench testing it? I assume that's possible on an SC, only tried it in a 924.
  8. Only difference I noticed when I fitted a SW chip to my 3.2 was more torque lower down the rev range. I was able to cruise a long at lower speeds in a higher gear than previously. other than this it didn't feel noticeably quicker.
  9. Not thinking of any replacement actually. I have no time driving and no time tinkering (I've actually lost interest in doing that). It pains me to see two great cars sitting there no being used by anyone.
  10. I'm almost certain to sell the 924 next year and I have done something like 100 miles in the last 6 months in the SC (most of which is three miles to my local and back to have a quick pint with Longshanks). So that is at risk as well. And like Longshanks, I think I fancy something different after 15 years that I can sometimes commute in to get the use of it.
  11. It would match those check shirts you like to wear 🤠
  12. That's a good point Mark. My zingy Super Carrera had quite heavy steering but after a proper suspension set up and it now feels very light.
  13. And it is a 'Super' Carrera after all 😉
  14. On my 924 I connect my iphone via bluetooth or usb and then stream chosen radio station from my phone using my data. I have ditched the wing mounted FM ariel. I plan to do the same with the 911 when I get round to it.
  15. +1 - over 25% of the cost of my house extension is on the foundation slab. Its almost a shame its underneath the building encased in concrete as it is an engineering work of art.
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