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  1. So I fitted the splitter and used the same dab ariel connector adaptor. All working now.
  2. Nice job Kev. They shouldn’t move with the schnoor washers but some paint marks will allow a simple visual check after a few miles.
  3. What Nige said. Got some. Urged needles and the right thread off eBay for less than £10. Loads of YouTube videos that show you how to do the right cross stitch. Quite therapeutic 👍🏼
  4. Early one for me too. Would have to be manual and have pascha which would limit things significantly. OK I could live with non pascha and auto How nice does that 928 look alongside that american car in Docs post above!
  5. After watching a few of his videos recently I realised he's very local to me, or at least the roads he drives on.
  6. Its pouring down Next Thursday? Maybe will be more than just the two of us (no offence )
  7. I could do this evening. Why not the same pub as before in Farningham I think?
  8. Ditto - will be ripping out the dab ariel and binning it when i get a chance. To say I am disappointed with this head unit costing £400 is an understatement and I wish I had just spend £100 on a generic unit that would perform just as well. Period looks and a zx spectrum era operating system are not worth a £300 premium.
  9. Nada for me. I did get a few stations at first but nothing since - given up in frustration. Maybe its where we live Paul.
  10. Great work Jamie! That must feel very satisfying
  11. Not quite as dramatic as that but my wife wont ever contemplate us owning a green car either. She says they are unlucky.
  12. Wow. I have that in my SC and the seats are quite badly faded but there is far more pink than the above!
  13. I googled and this came up for 1979 911. I couldn't see anything remotely close, even if faded? Are you sure its '79?

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