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  1. My RR Sport TDV8 is brilliant in all conditions other than snow unless you drive very slowly. Doing a pirouette while driving along a straight dual carriageway at 30mph in the snow was not much fun. Not winter tyres though. And £500 tax
  2. That's exactly my point - a totally pointless comparison. If I wanted a cheap winter hack i would go panda 4x4 on winter tyres.
  3. Pointless towing comparison as the gutless jap box couldn't tow its way out of a paper bag let alone a horse box (which was, of course, empty).
  4. Alan Stokes in Cambridgeshire might be worth a shout. He rebuilt my 924T box. I know its not a 915 but has some common internals, is of the same era and has its own foibles and weak areas etc. There are always old 911's in his workshop having engines rebuilt and his reputation is very good. He is a former Porsche trained technician and worked on group C Le Mans cars in the 80's / 90's.
  5. Regarding the dash, might be worth contacting Thomas at Werk924. He re manufactures 924 dashboards which are made of very thin tissue paper and cheese and are therefore prone to crack if you breath on them. He may be able to rescue a 911 dash?
  6. Yes, it certainly was. Mine was red (red is faster as we all know) and almost always had a playing card sellotaped to the forks for added coolness 😎. It ended its days with cow horn handle bars and painted orange (I was a little daft in my youth).
  7. Ha that's so true! I went the Striker / Grifter route but was always secretly enviously of my neighbours Chopper (ooh er). At least gear changes were a more ergonomic affair on the Grifter.
  8. Had mine done by Southbound (admittedly about 12 years ago) and they did a top job. Was very pleased but its wasn't cheap and without lucking into taking someone elses slot when their pans changed, would have been looking at a wait of at least 6 months - their work is in high demand or at least used to be.
  9. I think the value ask was for a project car that needs restoration
  10. Not to mention the physical mess they make of the environment when they get there.
  11. I have to say the GT4 is the first new Porsche model for ages to make me think long and hard about what I can sell off to raise some funds........... The Taycan sends me to slee...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. Can we still come round and drink stella? Asking for me
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