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  1. The OPC's vary in quality. I had superb service on mine on two occasions (OPC Cambridge).
  2. It was great to see so many old Porsche basting around the lanes close to my house on Sunday.
  3. Lesworth

    Short shift advice

    915 shifter is on back order at the moment with Twinspark. Don't know how long for.
  4. Lesworth

    Short shift advice

    Proper suspension set up was the best money I have spent on mine so far. Oh, and a cup holder which comes a close second.
  5. All done now - thanks! Send me a PM when a good time would be for me to bring it back - same place as last time?
  6. Although the cold and warm starts and idle are now great, It still has some hesitation for the first few minutes of driving from a cold start. Using a gas analyser, the fuel mixture reads 0.5 which is right at the bottom of the 0.5 to 1 range according the the workshop manual. One thing I noticed is that when I was trying to measure and adjust the mixture using this analyser a few months back before a lot of the work I have recently done, I could not get a stable reading at all. This time it was completely stable and adjustment was a simple process. A little tweak to 0.8 has had a noticeable positive improvement to warm running. It might be the placebo effect but it seems to perform better too, especially on boost. Also noticeably less popping on overrun given its not running as lean as it was. Next I just need to try a cold start to see if the cold running hesitation has improved. In other news, just awaiting a quote for the repaint. Hoping to have that done early winter if possible.
  7. What, it has mirrors on the ceiling?
  8. Just watched this - very useful but hard to imagine how some of that could be done with the engine in place, even if it was lowered slightly, even with my small ladies hands.
  9. The WUR should have power all the time. From the moment you start it gets power to heat the bi-metallic strip which increases control pressure and holds it there for warm running. Do you mean the cold start injector? That should only get power under the right conditions, controlled by the thermo time switch (i.e. power is only applied when the TT switch says its cold and power should be cut after a set number of seconds after starting).
  10. I think trading standards might take issue with the new one saying the Kingdom is united.
  11. I would go with whatever you think looks best and will last longest.
  12. That's what I did on my SC. Ignition on, battery off, have a cup of tea, ignition off, battery on, away you go.
  13. Lesworth

    Which Steering Wheel??

    What size is the stock 3 spoke wheel, 360mm as well?
  14. @Ian Comerford, your grille badge has arrived
  15. Lesworth

    Which Steering Wheel??

    I might be interested in a 300
  16. Lesworth

    Which Steering Wheel??

    PET shows 3 spoke as an optional 'sports wheel' over the four spoke
  17. I love how the Stratos replica is his favourite. There is another video from Johnny that focuses on that.
  18. We just need the front runners to get past the first corner and actually race!
  19. He looked pretty finished up on the podium compared to Esteban and Sebastian. I don't recall seeing a driver so on the verge of passing out recently. He even had to be helped up onto the top step for the photo. really hope that's not something sinister like long covid.
  20. If it wasn't for the Silverstone Classic, I would be going to this. It makes a refreshing change in my opinion!
  21. Ran a last test today with a start from cold. It now fires and idles strongly at 1200 rpm and slowly lowers to 950ish as it warms. Sorted! In fact it runs better than the 911 now. This car has taught me a ton about CIS. Now to start planning the next phase - paintwork.
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