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  1. pstarkey

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    PCH with maintenance for me over 24 months like djf67 I get board, dont do many miles < 12K not bothered about balloon payments as can budget on £x/month for the term. I apprecaite they are rigid but as I said earlier work for me and a 'cheap' way to get in a decent motor.
  2. pstarkey

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Roy I returned my Golf R in May after 24,000 miles and 2 years. The chap from BCA came out and when round the car highlighting everything and asking me to sign to say I would pay £550 for 'damage' I refused and put it all into dispute they sent me an invoice, but with a well worded email to the return department at the leaser company quoting the BCA fair wear and tear guidelines they waived any charges. I did look after the car well so most marks were legitimate wear and tear so less of an issue, or I may have been lucky.
  3. pstarkey

    Bicester Scramble Oct 7th

    Good to see a few of you on Sunday and catch up, company, cars and weather were spot on - seems I am not the only one with the ownership itch and maths going overtime, so its time to move the IB on and do something slightly different. Chris great quality pictures as always.
  4. pstarkey

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    I don't get the option of company car or an allowance, its kind of part of my package, but this is what I did on a personal contract hire; Vehicle: AUDI SQ5 3.0 V6 TFSI QTR TIPTRONIC Extras/Options: Metallic paint Electric folding door mirrors Profile: 2 year contract (Initial as below 6+23) Miles per annum : 12000 Initial Rental: 3411.36 Inc. VAT Monthly Rental: 568.56 Inc. VAT per month Admin fee: 239.99 Inc. VAT Road tax Inc.: Yes throughout contract period Delivery/Notes: Factory order TBC / 25.97p Inc.VAT per excess mile Based on Maintained (Service, Maintenance & Tyres) Personal Contract My man maths says I have a £55K car which will cost me £16,500 over 2 years (depreciation and cost of money would be more than that if I purchased one) all I need to do is insure and put fuel in, at the end of the term on a PCH I just give it back, may not work for everyone but currently works for me, but I don't do that many miles as that will be the killer as it will hit the residual and therefore push the payments up. When I was researching is found the best deal with www.nationalvehiclesolutions.co.uk Audi/VW finance were £2,500 more over the 2 years, but then when the lease paperwork came through from the broker the finance was through Audi/VAG so that did not make sense.
  5. pstarkey

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Good timing TC was discussing this exact topic with Les earlier with respect to the Golf GTD he has had on order. I ordered an Audi SQ5 in January and manged to get mine but i hear later models especially with new Diesel SQ5 have been impacted by just the same. As you say considering the size of the VAG Group and the levels of compliance they must be familiar with (or just lie/ignore)...
  6. pstarkey

    987 Cayman - any good?

    Thanks all, I think for me Gen 1 987 with some brake upgrades initially will fit the bill. RB - have read your post thanks very informative. Paul
  7. As some of you know I have had a couple of Renault Clio cups that I have used for track days since deciding I no longer wanted to use my IB on track. I am now at the point where I could do with more power than the circa 200 from my Clio 200 Cup (the green one some of you have seen - pic attached) as well as fancying a change and was therefore looking for alternatives and based on a few comments and the positive noises in relation to the Boxter in this section was considering a Cayman 987.1. I have done the usual review reading and stories related to the bore score, intermediate shaft and RMS issues suffered by the early Gen 1 987 cars but they still take my fancy over a M3 and make a pretty good track car to replace the Clio. So what are your thoughts? Prices seem to vary wildly and a Gen 2 cars are £22k plus which is more than I want to pay and Gen 1 cars range from £10-£20K from dog to minter, or do I spend a bit more on a Gen 2 car, more refined and extra 20bhp? Would it be better to go for a higher mileage car with history of having engine work in relation to the liners, RMS and intermediate shaft sorted? Or on a 10 + year old car is it a lottery and you just need to have a few grand spare in case you need an engine rebuild? Either way a quick look on Autotrader, eBay and PistonHeads shows there are loads of 06, 07 and 08 cars around so I am sure there is a deal to be had. Any do’s and don’t’s, thoughts? Thanks Paul
  8. pstarkey

    Bicester Scramble Oct 7th

    I plan to be there. Paul
  9. I have booked the 18th as I was off work anyway, but will come to the annual event as well when date is confirmed. Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ok let’s wait for VT as it’s his event. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ok Wednesday 12th or Thursday 27th? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. VT are we on for this do we need to get booking? I may do it anyway as I need my annual Snetterton fix. Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. pstarkey

    Meet at BSMotorsport - 18 Aug

    Still plan to come along to this. Paul
  14. 18th works for me. Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk