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  1. Pure coincidence just saw an advert on Facebook for Snetterton with Opentrack 2nd August £149 so have booked it as that price is limited to first 50 spaces. Would be good to see some other there. Paul
  2. Ben - yes I am up for this if we can get a date. Been doing a few track days in the M3 - below is Thruxton but not done Snetterton in it yet. Will have a look at availability. Paul
  3. Very smart - expect the issue was sorted by 2014.
  4. My misses had 2 of these (58 plate Cooper S and a Roadster - 2 seater rag top) runflats do not help what is a stiff chassis. Depending on age there can be issues with the timing chain tensioner (oil feed to it) and when it goes it can damage the engine - we had this on the 58 plate one we had, luckily BMW rebuild engine as a goodwill for a small payment. But they were great cars and did a good job.
  5. Good to see you all and Fraser for making the trip. Will try not to leave it so long until the next one. paul
  6. Sounds about right - see you at Clackets at 16:00. Just to confirm Clackets Westbound?
  7. I plan on coming will meet at Greenwich 15:00 for old time sake.
  8. Looks like they are dissolved Ben, but could be trading under another name; https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/07980963
  9. I had a 987 Cayman so same as Boxter and just used the basic two person method, never had any problems, but like mentioned I made sure the fluid reservoir never ran dry so no air got sucked in.
  10. This is so true, perhaps lots of people still working and not spending on travel to work holidays and going out so buying cars, been looking for a Peugeot S1 Rallye £5K for a dog, prices have gone mad.
  11. I joined the Facebook RetroFordsForSale group to see what was about the early MK1 XR2s are going for serious money as are some of the other Fords as I expect there are not many left and demand is driven my people wanting to relive their youth...
  12. There is a 1994 106 Rallye sat on a driveway just round the corner from me, not moved for years. Stuck a note through their door couple of days ago offering to buy it. They have not called me yet, but you never know after a couple of Clio's I like a French hot hatch.
  13. HNY Ben, hope you are well - managed about 3 trackdays in the Cayman last year and 2 in the M3. Had Silverstone booked on 30th January, but thats cancelled, but lets hope to get something together at some point. Paul
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