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  1. I am up for this will meet at Clacket route wise happy to go with the flow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Studs now fitted, got the 45mm ones, probably a bit too long, but I have no spacers so that's still an option. Could not warrant the titanium ones, so these are from Design 911, like you Richard needed to grind the small sleeve off them so they fitted through the whole in the front brake discs, bit disconcerting torquing them to the hub at the recommended 30Nm, but its the nut that keeps things in place (well soaked in WD40 to prevent the rust). To keep things balanced I took the 911 out today, still a great drive.
  3. So another track day on Saturday on the Silverstone national, new tyres a lot better as are the brakes with the larger rotors, just the driver that needs improving now. Next bit of tinkering will probably be a geo check/setup, more to see where things are currently as the car feels pretty well balanced to be although some toe and camber will not go a miss.
  4. What length did you get Richard 35 or 45mm? I don't intend on using spacers so the 35mm should be ok.
  5. Good to see some of you yesterday - yep Alex wrong car but it needed a run, your car looks and sounds excellent and Shirish you engine looks fantastic.
  6. Couple more jobs done, got the larger 338mm brake disc kit from Freaky Parts, all fitted a bit fiddly as the discs do not have the holes for the screws so lining up the wheel bolts is a bit of a pain but all together. Also had the wheels refurbished, tyres off, acid dipped and stripped and painted, new tyres PS Cup 2 up front and PSS on the rear (they don't do the PS Cup 2 in 265 40 18 that I could find. Need to bed in the disks, but well on the way to doing that then will see how they perform. Next track day booked at Silverstone on the national circuit on 23rd March so will see how the extra brakes and grip from the tyres is, then get the geo setup. Quite liking the balance of the car overall.
  7. Leaking timing chain oil seal replaced at Fernsport yesterday - only an hours labour its not quite as simple as undoing the tensioner, changing seal and putting the new one in. Bigger brake discs and caliper adaptors ordered from Freaky parts, so will get then fitted when they arrive. Wheels off and away being fully stripped at painted £60/corner cash seems good as they do a proper tyres off front and back job. Just need to decide on new tyres, options are; Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 if I want something N rated (which I am not that bothered about on a car this age) Michelin Pilot Super Sport which I can get for the rear but not the front, so was considering the Michelin Pilot Sport cup 2 up front (they do not do 265/40/18 for the rear) Any thoughts on if it matters having different front and rear? I like the Yoko AD08R but will get Michelin this time.
  8. Seems that the GT4 is based on the 981 and that may be where the issue come from, but reading over this not enough examples to conclude anything and I would think you need to hit a lot of kerbs hard for this to happen. On the brakes I wrote to Carbon Lorraine asking for disk recommendation that will work with the CL5+, this was their reply "Anything without holes really. To be honest if you want more bite go more compound." not keen on a more aggressive compound as its also used on the road and I need to cold stopping, will try different discs Sebro are £160/pair from ECP currently and I will see what Freaky Parts say. Overall RB - you are right expectation vs reality and perhaps PF or Pagids next. Will update when the new discs are on, there is another Silverstone event on 23rd March so plan to have this and the tyres done by then and will probably get the wheels refurbed as they are looking rough.
  9. Jevvy - good point I am sure I can get another track day out the tyres. Yes seen the GT4 top mount failures when reading up on the early cars there was no mention of this so not seeing it as a problem I hope. Only other update is not exciting - just a couple of new exhaust clamps.... Brake discs next and then just drive it..
  10. First track day in the car at Silverstone on Thursday on the GP circuit. Initial thoughts are plenty of power (for me anyway, especially coming from the 200BHP Clio) and makes a great noise, engine and transmission were great. I just need to adjust my driving coming from the Clio which had no weight at the back and be more patient with the throttle to keep understeer in check, but a great responsive and balanced car, however it seemed to lack grip - I am putting this down to tyres (currently on fairly worn 5 year old ContiSport Contact 3s all round), so that is easily solved just need to decide what to go for based on the various posts but likely Yoko AD08R or PS2s, I want to see how that feels before doing anything with the geo. Brakes were disappointing - CL5+ pads all round decent new ATE 200 fluid, GT3 brake ducts and braided lines, the pedal is there (not spongy) but they lack bite, someone else drove the car and described them as 'wooden' so I am looking at discs - options seem to be the 340mm upgrade as per RB (going to drop Freaky Parts a note) on his Boxter or the Sebro ones, but again an easy job once they are here. Overall pretty pleased. Small oil leak on the timing chain adjusters - so going to get Fearnsport (who are local to me) to sort that out.
  11. Sounds good I will have a trip over more for a nose and a gossip than anything else. Paul
  12. Just to confirm the 3.3 Ohm resistors as in the picture and from eBay worked in mine - I had to reset the airbag light with a SnapOn Zeus, but all good now. Ordered CL5+ pads for the back, hopefully get them in at the weekend. Booked Silverstone GP on 21st for a shakedown, so will see how that goes.
  13. I have a Momo boss for one of these to fit on an IB if anyone buys it and is after one.
  14. Richard - sure I used a MOMO boss which I got from Design 911; https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod134705/Steering-Wheel-Boss-Fitting-Kit-MOMO-for-Porsche-997-2004--/ Looks like the fitment is the same for your Boxter. To remove the steering wheel, (disconnect the battery first) there is a small hole on the back of the wheel where you insert a screwdriver (smaller flat blade) and fiddle about to pop out the airbag module, I watched a couple of YouTube videos that were helpful. There are 3 connections from the wiring harness to the airbag module one for the horn and 2 for the airbag (high and low speed as I understand it). The wheel is held on by a 12 spline T55 torx (I had a 12 MM splined tool that was spot on). To fit the boss you do need to Dremel or use a small hacksaw to remove part of the clock spring, torque to 50Nm, you need to feed the wiring through the boss which is fiddly with the wheel attached so I fitted the wheel later using the 6 small countersunk allen bolts. The wheel was on my 911 so I had the Porsche horn push and made up a couple of wires from the loom connectors onto the horn and then got some 3.3Ohm resistors from ebay as only one was supplied with the hub; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251653436475 I did use some other resistors I already had, but these are obviously wrong as I now have an airbag light I need to get reset (standard OBD reader does not do this). Will let you know how I get on with the new ones and ensure that the airbag light stays off for MOT purposes. MOT is another point as I understand that a car that had a factory fit airbag in the wheel needs to have one for the MOT, so non airbag aftermarket steering wheels are a fail - but that could be hearsay.
  15. There was some air in the caliper, probably from when the braided lines were fitted, all bled through now and much better pedal feel. Fitted my Sparco wheel as well that was on the 911, not sure if it will stay or not, but will get the original wheel re trimmed in Alcantara. Just going to drive it now.
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