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  1. pstarkey

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Well deep sump arrived from Porsche Shop but not the one I ordered which was this; https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/deep-sump-oil-pan-kit.html I have this and it looks like no extender for the oil pickup, with their comment being it does not need one, despite there being one in pictures from other sellers of the same product, so not sure what to believe. https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/deep-sump-pan-oil-baffle-kit-1ltr-996-997-carrera-boxster-cayman-1997-2009.html This looks the same thing. https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod6303/Deep-Sump-Oil-Pan-Kit-Porsche-996--997---Boxster-986-987--Cayman/ Don't want to risk oil pickup on this engine so will get this sorted before fitting anything. On a good point pads, braided lines and new bleed nipples have arrived so will fit them this weekend and try to sort this misfire, but need to diagnose first.
  2. pstarkey

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Thanks yes have joined that forum and seen your profile, useful articles and track build threads are a good reference. Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. pstarkey

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Had a day off yesterday and got a few more bits done, changed the plugs and coil packs which has sorted the misfire, one bank did seem to shutdown for a bit but now seems ok? Despite the invoices with the car showing 4 coil packs replaced by an OPC only 3 had been, so 3 looked original. Plugs had only done a few thousand miles, but had been in for 4 years so it seemed wise to do those as well, now drives much better. Changed the gearbox oil for Swepco 201, can't notice a changed yet, but the oil in the box was like new with no traces of metal which is good. Brake fluid was also due based on time and changed for ATE 200, the pedal still feels vague at best although the pads and disks are new, so I am going to put some CL5+ on the front and see what that does. My view is along the same lines as RB currently regarding brake performance, certainly not confidence inspiring. Did a coolant change and fitted a low temp 71 degrees stat, all went well except an airlock, despite using a vacuum tool, this took ages to sort and was not helped by the gauge not working, sitting on 0 with a red flashing light, corrected by disconnecting the battery and leaving for 10 minutes and running the car and topping up the coolant. New charcoal cabin filter, Aux belt change and cleaned all the crap from by the radiators, got the radio wired into the fuse box properly and a good clean and thats it for now. Still waiting for the deep sump kit and them I will do the oil change to Millers 10W-50, fit the new pads and braided lines which are on order together with new bleed nipples as the currently ones are looking a bit rusty. Will need new rear tyres soon for just looking at what to get based on RB experience, Michelin PS2's seem to be pretty good value as well and of course once I am happy with it getting a track day booked probably towards the end of January.
  4. pstarkey

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Well first job done, found the engine and changed the air filter for a K&N one, some very handy videos on You Tube on how to do a lot of this stuff. Engine needs a clean.
  5. As some of you know I have been considering a Cayman as a replacement for my Clio since selling it and have looked at a number of cars over the last few months, with a variety of mileage, extras, prices and condition. This week I purchased a private 64000 mile, 5 owner car with 12 months MOT which I found on eBay, good history (but service is due based on time), very clean all round, many £ spend by previous owners including nearly £10K with an OPC in the last 4 years doing all the common jobs, no sign of the usual issues that blight these cars, so will see how it goes. Contisport N1 tyres all round, aftermarket head unit (I was not bothered about sat nav, but the Bluetooth will be useful), it has PASM which is firm, but should be handy on track. It has a misfire, which was a good negotiating point, based on fault codes looks like a coil pack, plan is to replace them all anyway. Immediate jobs are a major service so I have had a delivery of the basics from Type911 (pollen and oil filter element, K&N air filter, magnetic sump plug, Swepco gearbox oil and a oil filter housing wrench, low temp thermostat) and from others Millers Nanotech 10W-50 oil, Performance coil packs and Aux belt, as I missed this from the Type911 order. Its had pads and discs in the last 3000 miles but is due a fluid change so this will be done and a BK deep sump kit is on order that will be fitted at the same time as the oil change. I will probably use the same independent garage that did the work on my Clio's as I can get involved. May drop some CL 5+ pads in as well and a few mods similar to those RB has done on his Boxter and the other fast road/track Cayman builds along the lines of the Stuttgart Classica Club Sport. So next up likely to be suspension bush refresh and perhaps the additional central radiator, but I will see how cooling goes.
  6. pstarkey

    Bicester Scramble Sunday Jan 6th

    Yes I will be there, I expect the usual contingent will also be going. Paul
  7. pstarkey

    The Old Guard.

    Great pictures and memories, from the equinox trips, Cadwell and Donningdon track days (I think) to the SVP visit and BBQ... I still (just) have the IB.
  8. pstarkey

    911 3.2 Carrera 1987 Guards Red

    Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera SE Sport Well looked after and maintained clean original condition car, well know on this forum and by many members. 1987/E Reg G50 gearbox 135,000 miles Guards red paintwork Sports seats Owned by me for over 14 years MOT to 12/07/2019 Recent work includes Underside stream cleaned and Waxoled Tuthills July 2018 Rear suspension refresh with new bushes Tuthills July 2018 New battery, fan belt, cam feed pipe Tuthills July 2018 Front end repaint and full paint correction June 2017 Clutch, rear main seal, input shaft seal, release folk conversion, starter motor and ring gear - August 2014 @ 125161 miles Service history (last serviced by Auto 2000 in Bedford 12,000 mile service January 2018) 4 good branded tyres Desirable 9" Fuchs wheels on the rear with 7" on the front - fill the wheel arches out nicely 'fast road' setup by Tuthills (Bilstien sport front inserts, rear Bilstien Sprint 310/155 shocks and 27mm turbo rear torsion bars, slightly lowered), gives the car a nice stance Totally original interior Stack of previous invoices and paperwork for works undertaken, as well as original receipt 2 keys Everything works and car drives as it should Lots more information available, just get in touch Car located near Milton Keynes £50K 07971 981764
  9. pstarkey

    987 Cayman - any good?

    I think it was featured in a magazine, I am planning the same mods for mine re keeping the engine cool, brakes will do pads, braided lines and decent fluid and suspension will depend on if i get one with PASM or not.
  10. pstarkey

    987 Cayman - any good?

    Looks a great low mileage car but too good for what I am after and knocking on Gen 2 money, which I would have to consider if stretching to that £. Paul
  11. pstarkey

    987 Cayman - any good?

    Quick update - thanks for all the tips above and the magazine recommendation Chris, I will be following in a few of RB's footsteps from a modifications perspective. The Clio sold today, so the hunt is on for a Gen 1 Cayman S to be the next toy/project - one I find one I will start a new thread. Paul
  12. pstarkey

    old vs newer - do I make the jump

    This is exactly the jump I am about to make - going to move the Clio and IB on and get a Cayman S and follow RBs route on the modifications front. The Cayman should be light and nimble enough and still mechanical to enjoy day to day and on track.
  13. pstarkey

    987 BoxsterS 3.2

    Following this all with interest RB, both here and on the boxa forum. Clio now for sale and the IB will also be shortly, then its on to a Cayman S for me and as you say many of the mods are identical. Out of interest which deep sump did you go for? As that's one of the mods on my list.
  14. pstarkey

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    PCH with maintenance for me over 24 months like djf67 I get board, dont do many miles < 12K not bothered about balloon payments as can budget on £x/month for the term. I apprecaite they are rigid but as I said earlier work for me and a 'cheap' way to get in a decent motor.
  15. pstarkey

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Roy I returned my Golf R in May after 24,000 miles and 2 years. The chap from BCA came out and when round the car highlighting everything and asking me to sign to say I would pay £550 for 'damage' I refused and put it all into dispute they sent me an invoice, but with a well worded email to the return department at the leaser company quoting the BCA fair wear and tear guidelines they waived any charges. I did look after the car well so most marks were legitimate wear and tear so less of an issue, or I may have been lucky.