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  1. Going to struggle with this now, will get there if I can/catch you up as I know the route well, but its doubtful.
  2. Ok let’s schedule a new date before the summer holidays. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Next Wednesday 19th works for me if tomorrow rained off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes I have a Gen 1 2006 good little car for the money and with a few mods an engaging driver, still have the 911. My thread below shows my upgrades, but the suspension and exhaust etc on your seems to be the recognised ones. Worth looking at the Cayman OC forum, MarkJ on here has a Gen 2 Cayman R.
  5. I have a SQ5 2018 so the petrol engine, very quick and still pretty nimble for something so big, get around 30mpg but I don't nurse it. Good build quality, but I do it on a PCH so not sure about detailed running costs and diesel likely to be different.
  6. Very tempted by the exhaust mod... Yes I see what you mean about the revs hanging on, I put in down to the flywheel being heavy but not sure it is bilppy on downshift, perhaps lightened flywheel, underdrive pulley mod (which I recall you have)?
  7. So had the geo looked at and get the most I could with standard top mounts etc Rear Camber -1° 47' Front camber -1° 06' Rear toe +14', also went for some 12mm front spacers and 5mm rear, feels more pointy, but I realise this is just a start and I could go over -2° or more all round. So thought Thruxton was be a good place to test and it was. Not sure whats next maybe exhaust, deeper seats would help on track, but I like the car as is so just a few cosmetic jobs for now and more track time.
  8. Lewis sounds good to me, I am going to pop up there later today and see what all the hype is about, will let you all know.
  9. Frazer - very sorry to see this, anything that can be done to help out just shout I am sure the IB collective will support. Paul
  10. Do you have a 915 or G50 box? I have a pair of ones from my 87 3.2 Carrera G50 box, but think you will have a 915 box so the number of splines is different?
  11. I am up for this will meet at Clacket route wise happy to go with the flow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Studs now fitted, got the 45mm ones, probably a bit too long, but I have no spacers so that's still an option. Could not warrant the titanium ones, so these are from Design 911, like you Richard needed to grind the small sleeve off them so they fitted through the whole in the front brake discs, bit disconcerting torquing them to the hub at the recommended 30Nm, but its the nut that keeps things in place (well soaked in WD40 to prevent the rust). To keep things balanced I took the 911 out today, still a great drive.
  13. So another track day on Saturday on the Silverstone national, new tyres a lot better as are the brakes with the larger rotors, just the driver that needs improving now. Next bit of tinkering will probably be a geo check/setup, more to see where things are currently as the car feels pretty well balanced to be although some toe and camber will not go a miss.
  14. What length did you get Richard 35 or 45mm? I don't intend on using spacers so the 35mm should be ok.
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