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  1. pstarkey

    Meet at BSMotorsport - 18 Aug

    Still plan to come along to this. Paul
  2. 18th works for me. Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. September should be good for me, you know I will be there if I can Steve. Paul
  4. pstarkey

    2018 Equinox Cruise

    Good to see you all 330 miles top weather and company. Paul
  5. Steve as discussed 16th good for me. Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. pstarkey

    2018 Equinox Cruise

    I will meet you lot at Clacket Services. Paul
  7. pstarkey

    Meet at BSMotorsport - 18 Aug

    I am up for this nice and local to me as well. Paul
  8. pstarkey

    2018 Equinox Cruise

    Yes up for this, will probably meet at Clacket if there is the usual stop there.
  9. I will be going over to this, would be good to catch up.
  10. Wednesday 15th Aug for me Steve, away on the 2nd. Paul
  11. pstarkey

    Midlands Midweek Meet

    arrrr5e - will be away skiing, but up for another meet.
  12. pstarkey

    Bicester Heritage Scramble - 7 Jan

    Nice and local so I plan to head over, ideally in the IB.
  13. pstarkey

    Introducing paid memberships

    More than happy - go for it John. Paul
  14. pstarkey

    Lovely looking SC on eBay

    Lewis - yes does look like the one, the guy does not live there anymore so he may not even own it now, but he certainly spent a fair amount of time and money on it, however the asking price to me seems strong - especially taking into account other comments.
  15. pstarkey

    Bicester Heritage Scramble -01 Oct

    I am planning to come along with my daughter tickets booked, just down the road for me - would be good to see you all. Paul