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  1. I’ve got the older non digital version, works great and has proved accurate when comparing the results from it with what’s recorded at the MOT station.
  2. Had exactly the same problem. It was a faulty gearbox earth strap, it was split and falling apart, bought a new strap and cleaned the connections. Problem solved !
  3. Bilt Hamber Dynax is what I use for the underbody wheel arches etc. For the alloy bits under the engine eg casings rocker covers, gearbox etcI use Dinitrol corroheat, it’s clear and resists heat.
  4. Hi you mention “two head studs have signs of wear” Did the inspection reveal they were actually broken ? Ie they were loose in the head or missing...you have to remove the valve covers to check. Worth checking what the inspector means by wear....
  5. No worries, might be worth ringing a few engine builders as mine came off an engine that was being built up to a 3.6 litre spec. So you may get lucky that someone has kept them on the shelf !
  6. Hi Ian, I had my 78sc engine rebuilt about 7 years ago, with a good used set of later high compression barrels and pistons, they had about 75k miles on them and measured up well within manufacturers tolerances etc. Mainly because the existing early model SC Alusil barrels and pistons were not worth saving. The replacement set were Nickasil which according to my engine builder said are much harder wearing. He also said the engine would be more “punchy” with the later barrels and pistons. I paid £1000 for the set of used barrels and pistons (a new set of Mahle ones were £2500 at the ti
  7. Have you tried gently prying it between the small gap between the glass and trim ring. Ie working all the way around the circumference to try and separate the trim ring from the headlamp ? I recall mine were stuck on and I used a bicycle tyre lever to pry it off.
  8. Hi I’ll take it. Let me know how you want payment. cheers Phil
  9. Hi Tim, Also worth checking the earths as mentioned above, I had an intermittent starting problem recently and it turned out that the gearbox to body earth strap was shot.
  10. Worth checking all the bulkhead connecting plugs from the ignition switch through the bulkhead are fully seated home. They are located under the dash. You should be able to see them if you stick your head under the dash. Quick and easy check, I had the same problem once and one of the plugs had come loose. phil
  11. I would be interested in a seat bolt mounted version. cheers Phil
  12. Cool car and great stance, looks mean 👍
  13. Nice work 👍 I think I need one of those new Blaupunkt radios ! look fwd to the updates. Phil
  14. Hi, I use a bit of ate plastilube when I fit new pads. Just a very light smear on the back of the pads and on the pins. It’s a clear lube and much cleaner to use than copper ease. You can find it on eBay etc I think textar also do a similar product. cheers Phil
  15. Nice one ! They look great, you've inspired me to have a go at mine....
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