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  1. You may wish to consider ticket prices. Hagerty is £25 for two people. Doesn't seem the tickets are out yet though on the BH site.
  2. Phill

    Washing Your 3.2 C

    You need @Busybee ! Haith, you're up
  3. Tickets are available now. I've booked mine. https://carfestivalbooking.com/bookings Website says only 12 left!!!!
  4. Phill

    Phil's CIS to EFI

    So the first improvement modification is imminent. When I first fitted my CHT sensor I considered that it could go where the thermo time switch is located in the left timing chain cover. However, I was still using it with the CIS at that time. Now I have the ITBs and it is redundant I wondered if the heat transfer there is better than in the cam carrier. It would certainly be a more secure solution as the cam carrier is push fit only. Got myself an IR thermometer and today took the car for a drive and then let it idle for a while. Lo and behold the temp at the TTS is a good 10° hotter than at the cam carrier and consistently so. I then removed the TTS to ensure it would come out without a load of grief, it did. I treated it with care knowing it is a £200 part!!!! Having established the thread size of the TTS (thanks @PorscheApostle ) in have ordered a sensor with a 1/8 npt thread and a 1/8 npt to 14x1.5 adapter. Why not get a sensor with a 14x1.5 thread I hear you cry. Well, I wanted one that would deffo work with MS and had a mini timer plug fitting and they seem to be few and far between, if available at all. Next update after the parts have arrived, with pictures.
  5. Update: fresh MOT until January 2021
  6. ^^^ wot he said https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/3350 Many have done this.
  7. Are you talking about a straight through pre silencer or SSIs?
  8. To be fair, probably "removed from floor of garage" where it had been stored since being removed from said car
  9. £20 for an engine lid!! You are robbing yourself!
  10. I am sure you all know the spec of these cars, love them or loathe them, but here goes. 2013 on a 13 plate, 36000 miles, black with black interior with red highlights, 6 speed manual, 1.6 turbo, 187 bhp, keyless entry with push button start, heated leather seats, sat nav, bluetooth, auto wipers and lights, auto electric heated mirrors, cruise with speed limiter, centre arm rest (optional extra), rubber mats front and rear and boot liner, full size spare wheel and good tyres. Bodywork in good condition except for one small door dink on the nearside rear door. Interior is pretty much perfect. Drives superbly and will give my SC a run for it's money. It is comfortable on the motorway and the cruise control doesn't miss a beat in 6th, whatever the incline. It's a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing as far at SUV/crossover/hot hatches go. Bad bits? Other than the door dink mentioned above all four wheels have the lacquer failing to different degrees and the front nearside has kerb rash. Priced to sell at the low end of what this model and mileage seem to go for. £7195 PM me for a phone number if you are interested. Not sure if this is enough pictures.............. I forgot to say we are only selling as my wife needs an automatic and I would like something a little larger.
  11. I'll be pointing out the CCTV on my house and I always write registration numbers down of anyone who comes to my house to buy stuff. I am very mistrusting.........
  12. Interesting, good to know, thanks.
  13. Why suspicious of Autotrader? I considered that, wasn't sure if it was the right place but why not. I'll do it this evening.
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