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  1. Oh the heady days of being PCGB staff............. I used to try and write a technical article based on members experiences each month. That seemed to be quite popular. I hope your editorial experiences are better than mine. I'm sure the, then editor, has moved by now......... I could send you a copy of my old articles and you could just reprint them, no one will notice or remember or care......
  2. The only difference you will notice will be at a standstill where the air flow will be less. On the move there is plenty of puff.
  3. Having done this, IMO, you have to backdate the heat. It will look rubbish otherwise.
  4. I used App Biz panel years ago and did my own. Easy peasy.
  5. What about replacing with plastic tubes rather than metal? Should then be able to push them through?
  6. Thanks Chris, that's helpful. I am going with the new driveshafts and stub axles. I was trying to avoid this due to the extra cost but it has been too difficult to figure out the right gearbox/diff/flange combo especially with the scarcity of parts. There are so many differences. Porsche really embrace the parts bin philosophy.
  7. No good to me as they are fine splined. That pelican thread confuses things a lot and most solutions are based around fine splines and machining.
  8. I think I'm going to have to insist on my old diff going into the new box. This is not going to be an easy discussion. But it is my car.
  9. Bugger! So next question. Are they still 100mm diameter and is the hole spacing the same? Would it be possible to open out the threads on the gearbox flange to accept M10 without hurting the integrity of the flange?
  10. I may have figured it out. Are the bolts on the 85-89 M10 as opposed to M8 on the other type?
  11. Exactly the question I am asking can I use the top item in place of the separate drive shaft and hub flange? Is it the same length? Is the stub axle part the same as the separate stub axle part. Matt says there is no difference in the hubs themselves so in theory it should fit. The back of the hub flanges are 4 bolt pattern which is what ! am needing to lose. (CV joints are not interchangeable on the shaft due to different spline pattern). @SilverWT @jevvy @proporsche
  12. My gearbox swap/repair has been very problematic to say the least Quick back ground - my existing box was put in the car 20 years ago as a conversion from Sportomatic. It would appear that the builder used the Sporto gearbox output flanges in the 915 with the Sporto diff. The existing flanges and driveshafts are 4 bolt 2 roll pin 108mm configuration. The "new" box comes with a 6 bolt 100mm configuration. In short, the simplest way to remedy this ( @PorscheApostle will disagree with this but there are other factors at play here) is to change the drive shaft and output flange to
  13. You're not wrong, I'd love to know how it happened. There don't seem to have been any foreign objects in there.
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