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  1. Phill

    Bodywork recommendation - sills replacing

    I can't make a recommendation for you but don't get caught up in the belief that it has to be a Porsche "specialist". Choose a body shop that has a reputation for good work and timeliness. Others will be along with suggestions.
  2. Phill

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    Weld up the fog light apertures?
  3. Phill

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    I thought GT Racing might do it but had a look and it seems not. Strange since they do everything else. Club autosport in the UK.
  4. Phill

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    What's the difference between that and a normal valance?
  5. Phill

    Painting or cleaning fuel tank and lower trunk area

    Or just wait until you are on the red and let the rest run down the drive
  6. Phill

    Painting or cleaning fuel tank and lower trunk area

    Are you going to take it out to do it? If so then strong detergent and a scrubbing brush. I'm sure you could get a new sticker from somewhere.
  7. Phill

    Triumph ITB conversion

    You're absolutely right and now I have enough to do it properly........ 4 are 0.6 bar and the new ones are 1 bar but hey. Sadly, I have been struck down by a serious case of man flu so normal service will resume in a few days
  8. Phill

    another replacement fuse panel

    Looks utterly cr@p compared to Jonny's.
  9. Phill

    915 gear stick diameter

    I have a feeling.....
  10. Phill

    Ideas for a new exhaust ....?

    Les, is there anything else different about your engine?
  11. Phill

    Sportomatic SC Targa

    Mine came with cruise and was a sporto originally. I really should sell the cruise control bits.
  12. Phill

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Thank you all Today I did a bit of tidying and some more snagging. I then took the plunge and decided to do a bit of balancing. Some time ago I bought a set of Davida vacuum gauges so I started up, let it tick over for a while and then connected ITBs 1 and 6 via the idle control inlets. Before this I put the air filters on as I wanted to balance it as near as what would be standard set up as possible. To my surprise this worked very well and quite easily. I then connected up 3 and 4 (I have 4 gauges) and carried on. Then swapped them about but always leaving 1 and 6 connected (these are the fixed TBs for each bank). Flames shooting out of the inlets when I took the hoses off was a little disconcerting but that happened less and less the more the ITBs balanced. So back and forth for about an hour (maybe less) and I have them all sucking pretty much the same. Quite a satisfying job really, little tweaks back and forth. In fact it worked so well I have ordered another pair of gauges so that I can connect all six at the same time. I'm sure it must be a whole lot easier than using a synchrometer which will only do one at a time. On another note I am definitely going to have to vent the oil catch tank out through the inner wing. There was a lot of oily smoke coming out of the filter and that is just going to get sucked in by the fan. Not a big deal, just need to drill a hole for the hose. I have e-mailed Shaun to find out what happens next...............
  13. Phill

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Whoaa, slow your roll there Mike! First I need to spend most of tomorrow balancing the throttles. I'm going to tidy as much wiring as possible and get everything I have taken apart put back together so everything is presentable. After balancing I expect there will be another remote tuning session like this morning. I shall ask Shaun to come to me and we will fit the Knocktek then. If all goes according to plan. At the moment I am bathing in then glory of it actually working!!
  14. Phill

    RB's 930GT

    Corrected that for you