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  1. No worries David, all's fair in love and selling. If Panasonic changes their mind I'll take them. As long as it happens before I take the car in on 14th!
  2. @David Gander OMG!! Did you just sell these to Panasonic for £425 including postage?!? Now I am frustrated.........(for want of a better word).
  3. Seems a good price? http://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=65485
  4. Get it inspected properly and potentially save yourself a lot of money and grief.
  5. Having weighed all the options, cost of parts, storage, time and then doubling the realistic time it would take me to do the build I have provisionally booked it in with D9. I know, I know but it has come at the wrong time. In 4 years I would have all the time in the world and money would not be an issue but at the moment I just do not have the time to do it. Even if life stopped and I could spend 2 hours a day and weekends I would be looking at 3 months but life doesn't stop and puts paid to all that spare time. There we go. As frustrating as it is I am looking at the positives, quick turnaround, professional build and a 2 year warranty. Also it forces me to drive it more to get the run in done and out of the way. Why didn't I buy David's ARP studs. I spoke to D9 and they replace all 24 with Dilavar for less than David's price. Nice to have but not essential even at David's good price. The support and offers of help has been fantastic and there is no doubt I will need it in the future for something else, like when I do it again to change the cams
  6. Pop Quiz. I need two bulb holders to fit this hole. The original headlamp is from a Mini Metro and it is the side light hole. I can't seem to find a match anywhere.
  7. Came across a "friends of Kent Ferrari owners" Fezza Yawnfest in Sevenoaks today. The stand out car was the 308, all the rest you could keep. It was immaculate. Do it @Dr Rock
  8. Nothing happened, the deal was just not right for me at the moment. David hasn't yet confirmed what he will sell for but I'm sure it will be up here soon
  9. Sadly not. These will still be for sale.
  10. Thanks Guys, all your support is great and hugely appreciated
  11. Mine please David. Can we discuss price by PM.
  12. Thank you, looks like I'll be doing a round robin of the home counties to collect tools and accessories before I start the job (if). Something occured to me. How long are the head studs? Matt @Type911 could you measure one for me please? Two of my broken ones seem like they may have snapped off flush judging by their length. This would make removal a job for a machine shop? The ruler is aligned to the end of the stud inside the nut.
  13. You nailed it there, very good point.
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