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  1. Alex, that sunvisor one is NLA and worth a fair bit of money. @PeterK was after one.
  2. Phill

    Sweet Rides

    I was looking at the Minilite website. Those Image ones are expensive, I'd rather have Campags at that price. Engine is feeling strong, looking forward to being able to give it the beans. In fact looking at the Image ones they are not the same at all and actually look a bit rubbish compared to the above ones.
  3. Phill

    Sweet Rides

    They don't seem to come in 16" though? I do like the bare stud look. I might get some steel wheel nuts. Cheaper than wheels
  4. Great stuff. So clean and neat, essentially a brand new car!
  5. Phill


    Getting there though At least now you know it's not completely non functioning.
  6. Another painful 62 miles this morning, took over 2 hours! It is just amazing how much traffic there is in the south east. I do refer, however, to my signature below, something needs to be done about these people 437 miles done.
  7. Managed 145 miles today. Should have been 170 but road closures and weariness set in. All A and B roads (apart from stopping in Winchester for lunch) with lots of accelerating and slowing down under engine braking. 382 miles done.
  8. Holy Moly, really? That is an advert for reliability if ever I saw one.
  9. Clearly not the in the same league but the same premise, we have a Toyota Aygo with an automated clutch and it is horrible. The last clutch, under the previous owners driving lasted 25000 miles and this was because they did not lift on the upcharge. Not lifting, on this car, causes huge slur in the clutch. Toyota recommend lifting on the upcharge, and! not even using the "easy" automatic mode which is it's primary design function. Needless to say they don't make these gearboxes any more. Also, changing the clutch costs north of £600. Sometimes if the drivers method is that bad the actuators and the ECU need replacing and then you are looking at anything up to £2500!! I truly hope BMWs design is more robust.
  10. Porsche is like Star Wars, you can buy anything in any guise. Lucky I like both
  11. Phill

    Sweet Rides

    I've never liked them in silver but they look great in gold.
  12. Phill

    US goods duty

    Seems like you got off lightly. Duty is based on the type of goods you are importing but %10 is a good rule of thumb. Then add 20% vat on the goods and the shipping cost and then add on courier charges.
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