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  1. Phill

    Tickety boo hoo :(

    I just tighten by feel. It never feels enough but no problems so far and I can always tighten a bit more if necessary.
  2. I don't wish to state the obvious but have you checked the timing when warm and adjusted the idle itself?
  3. I'll be there regardless 'cos the best bit is meeting up and having a chat.
  4. I was thinking about this, funnily enough. I'm going to be a bit negative unfortunately. It does seem to have turned into a bit of a parade. Not much fun for those at the front and only slightly more for those at the back. We've done that route and those roads to death. We need a new route on new roads to somewhere different.
  5. Tinware does prevent crud but also that crud getting sucked in by the fan and induction. Also correct about heat. RSRs run without tinware but they get rebuilt regularly. Get a fibreglass set.
  6. Phill

    Cruising Rev Range

    Do you want a sensible answer (much as I agree with the above )? When I had Cr@pInjectionSystem I would deffo be changing up before 3000 but probably over 2500 for bimbling about.
  7. I'm sure my car has fuel filler earth. I will check.
  8. The pics I can find on Google show the adjuster as being the other way up?
  9. Phill

    Pub meet today

    Sorry, no, didn't really catch my attention. I like bright colours!
  10. Phill

    Pub meet today

    And this But best of all this but this sold it to me....
  11. Went to a country pub meet this morning at the Surrey Arms in Newdigate. Saw this and this and this funny little thing. 348cc 20hp.....
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