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  1. Fascinating stuff Lewis. Part of the reason I got rid all together. Might be time to remind you of this comment............
  2. Give these people a call, they are very helpful. They may be able t assist with a picture and some measurements. https://www.advancedfluidsolutions.co.uk/index.asp?function=search In fact if you look at their site they have couplings which appear to be the same.
  3. A little update. When I fitted mine, and then helped Matt fit his, I/we were concerned that the cross member jacking point was lost as the tray covers it and there is a gap between it and the cross member. I can reveal that the tray will take the weight of the car being jacked up. I did it today to bleed the brakes and although it curved slightly it came back afterwards. I did use a piece of 2x4 to spread the load mind you.
  4. Holy Sh1t. So sorry to see that! Gutted for you.
  5. Well then. I succumbed to peer pressure and changed my brake fluid this morning. Used an Eesibleed thing. No bubbles, no change in colour of the fluid and after a test drive, no change in the operation or feel of the pedal However, at least everyone can rest easy that my brakes work properly. But! based on conventional wisdom I have increased my brake fluid maintenance schedule...........I've pencilled it in for sometime in 2024.......it will give me something to do when I've retired
  6. Looks very nice. "Rust free" always makes me laugh......
  7. I had an issue which was caused by the screw coming loose at the back of the lock barrel. Similar symptoms to above.
  8. Yep, I agree, had to look several times to see what it actually said. Minnow is more appropriate at the moment bearing in mind their performance and ridiculous team orders!
  9. Phill

    Backdate Time

    Looking good Matt. Don't like the front over overriders though.
  10. Don't buy one then. If someone else wants to give it a try then let them. That way we all get feedback, good or bad.
  11. You sure that's what it was Might have to make a visit to the Principality, the roads do look good in your pics.......
  12. Not wishing to divert the thread but like the look of these.
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