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  1. If you need the long sill rubbers there is a set here for sale https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325322635093 Completely affiliated
  2. Fabulous work Mr Tea Doctor. That wiggly bit is a work of art
  3. That is a challenge! So far you have shown you are up to the task but I wonder if the part is available new? keep it coming Mr T , it’s so inspiring
  4. I love this thread, absolutely superb work. Keep it coming please Mr Tea
  5. Phill

    Last MOT and Tax

    Took the log book in to the post office, having filled out the relevant section to change the status, along with the MOT exemption form. They sent off the log book. To be honest they didn't even look at the exemption form very closely. Same for the 911 when I did that really although to get that done I got a proof of build date from Porsche as it was earlier than the date of registration and that saved me a years wait.
  6. Phill

    Last MOT and Tax

    No you don’t. First thing I did on the BMW was change it to historic status and it hasn’t had an MOT for more than 10 years
  7. Good shout Jonny, thanks. I'll give them a call. Must be neighbours of yours.
  8. Does anyone have any knowledge of these people? Alternatively can anyone recommend anyone in the south east who would be knowledgeable around older BMW engines?
  9. Many many things have been done with the BM and it now looks presentable. New Minilite wheels in anthracite, brakes all refurbed, all trim and bumpers back on, front seats from an E91 on custom subframes (made by me after chopping out the original runners) , new custom SS exhaust among a lot of other stuff. Much more to do including change the diff to one that will allow sensible revs in each gear and possibly some brake upgrades. Still some body work to polish and sill trims to go on. I've booked it in for an engine go over to try and sort some running issues, mainly very rich (see my enquiry in general). https://photos.app.goo.gl/DtpPx5vnPtscDfo79 https://photos.app.goo.gl/2YiQczv3PTtRwbTe6 Don't think I can insert pics anymore
  10. I'm dipping in and out occasionally. I'm glad the car is getting the attention it deserves, that paint looks fantastic.
  11. Your maths is off. 6p a litre.
  12. Gary's car hasn't been started in 10 years, full stop........
  13. I ran the same battery as Mark for years too. No issues at all.
  14. Thanks Ciarán, PM incoming.
  15. Thanks everyone for your comments and support. Some work has begun. I’ve refitted one gutter trim, relatively easy once I had straightened it up. The other is going to be a different story I think. I took the day off work today to get the brakes off for refurbishment. It is the most convoluted, over engineered braking system ever! All came off quite easily except the MC. I’ve never known two nuts so badly rusted on, I had to dremel them both off. To rebuild 2 servos, 2 four pot calipers and the MC is £900 and a 4 week turnaround. But then look at this……. Gratuitous engine bay pic. I’ve found that at least three of the cam cover bolt holes are threaded. I presume that will be a helicoil or timesert repair. Plenty more to Be getting on with
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