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  1. Ivan is right it can be done by feel. Once I had done a few I was checking them by feel as it was easier than with the feeler gauge. Then only thing is you need to set some with the feeler first to get an idea of how they should feel, if you see what I mean. @Type911 TBH I think it's worth buying the feeler and the spare blades so you can get an idea about how cr@ppy a job it is and learn your way round how it all works. Think of it as paying for a self taught lesson. I bent the buggery out of my feeler by the end of the session (just for you Matt )
  2. I might try the backside method next time. Seems like it may be easier. Anyone here used it? https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/911_backside_valveadjust/911_backside_valveadjust.htm They don't break, just bend - very easily.......
  3. Not quite that simple Haith. You will also need spare blades. I went through 4 doing my valves.
  4. Facebook is for stalkers and busybodies who hide behind pseudonyms but I'm sure one or two of them have Porsches Definitely like the emblem though, would look great as a sew on cloth badge, I'd buy one.
  5. Well, I just re read it and yes there are a few commas and esses missing but overall it is miles better than most. Maybe my link is going to something else but I don't think so. TBH I can't see the issue, if you accept it for what it is and it does have a turbo engine in it, then not could be a bargain, as I said above. Honestly, sometimes I think I've logged into PCGB
  6. Phill


    Mine was yellow. Got stolen when I left it outside a play ground in the park, unlocked. I was very naive when I was 8 (or so)
  7. As above, without access to classic car insurance I imagine it would be non viable. My kids are insured on our Fat 500 1.2 and with Admiral (have been consistently the cheapest) they gain NCB as named drivers as long as they insure with them when they get their own cars.
  8. Not really sure why that could not be legit. Horribly converted and misdescribed car but if it is a turbo then it's cheap. You can see where it is and you can even see most of what is possibly the seller. Written in English with no spelling/grammar mistakes like so many of the conmen out there. Go to Hounslow, have a look, use your brain, could be a bargain. If it's not there, nothing lost.
  9. Nice bit of kit, would complement Henry's front one well. What does it bolt to?
  10. Parcel 2 go if your friend. Either drop off or have them collected. Probably cheaper than post office too.
  11. Don't worry, another month of lockdown and everything we own will be worthless......... When I was at college a friend had a company 205 1.9gti. He let me drive it round the college grass car park. At the end it was smoking from under the bonnet, he was very upset 😁 I still like them. If I ever sell the SC I think my stable will be a hot hatch and a 50s American pick up.
  12. 😁 Perhaps another thread - Comedy Coordinated........ For my contribution I refer you to my avatar <------
  13. I can connect my Megasquirt ECU to a tablet and using a Megasquirt program called Shadowdash I can have all the readouts displayed in various formats. The second picture is the one I use.
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