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  1. 😁 I believe this one has a carburetor. I'm sure I smelled wee when it started up😂
  2. Friday we took Number One Daughter to University in Manchester. A 230 mile trip on some of the dullest roads in Britain (what is the deal with the M6 toll road? £6.40 for a short clear run only to grind to a halt moments after you come off it, for road works!!). Moved NOD into what can only be described as the Colditz of Manchester, a monolithic monstrosity that barely passes for anything more than a battery farm for students. Cramped, dingy and bakingly hot. It still amazes me that, in this modern age, students have to pay £15k a year for courses and accomodation and yet are expected to live
  3. BB has got the nail on the head there. Hamilton, undeniably one the best drivers there has ever been and I support him fully and hope he wins the championship. I would like to like him as a person, but just can't. Who would I rather have round to dinner? Hunt (rip), Button, Riccardo deffo. Sports and politics do not mix and that is why there are rules against it. The OP did make me laugh.
  4. Are you going to print in Carbon or cut one out?
  5. What you could do is buy one and draw round it........
  6. No not really. I design what I would be happy to put on my own car. Consultation rarely gets anywhere in anything. Too many conflicting ideas and opinions never achieve anything whether it be IB 3d printed parts, building design or anything really. If it were a one off for someone then of course what the client wants......
  7. The problem with a blanking plate is that I think everyone's aperture is a little bit different. I bought one for a fiver and modified it to fit mine. It was a little more involved in mine as I do have a cubby hole in place of the radio and a mount for a tablet connected to the dash. The blanking plates available are quite a good match for the finish of our dashboards. As we have see previously there are loads of usb charging ports available and they are quite small and discreet. Add a standard phone mount to the blanking plate and you are there. There is no market for a custom made alter
  8. I can't imagine it would be very difficult. Interference fit in the hole would probably do it. PM me the dimensions of the hole and a picture of the hole/where it is located and we will see what we can do.
  9. 8:31 seems to be few and far between and more expensive that 8:35. 8:35 is about £1800. Yes economy down on CIS. When cruising probably by about 4-5 mpg.
  10. Thanks for that. I had seen the end results on Pelican but being able to enter the correct numbers is very useful. Although it doesn't give cruising rpm for speed, per se, you can follow the graph lines to see what you will be doing. Having filled out the data it bears out Peter's calculations 👍
  11. I've just noticed "product reviews" under my activity. What's that then and how does it work? I'm guessing I can review products but who sees that review and where?
  12. I doubt if it's insecure. I'm sure John is all au fait with GDPR etc. Let's face it Kenny, you were happy to give me your addresses and phone number..........what could possibly go wrong........😁
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