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  1. Have I been naughty?
  2. Phill


    Red convertible in Sevenoaks about 4pm. Spotted by my wife.
  3. Want to gauge interest. Nothing new but my version plus a different option. Standard seat rail fitting but offset to avoid the angle of the tunnel. This fixes with the seat rail bolt. Of course this limits how far the seat slides forward but unless you are tiny it shouldn't matter too much. Also, it's designed for the passenger seat and how many of your passengers want to sit with their noses pressing on the windscreen? The version here has a 75mm hole and is shown with large and small Nero cups. I made one with an 80mm hole but the cup sat on the carpet. I thought this might be an advantage to stability but changed my mind. Of course those who prefer water might want a larger diameter hole. The alternative I am working on is a dash mounted one. Under the dash is a strip of bare metal. I have my tablet mount fixed to this. We initially thought a magnet would be good so we bought the strongest magnet in a suitable size but it simply couldn't hold the weight of a large coffee. So the design will mean two small holes drilling in the metal strip. Not printed yet but the magnet version gives the idea. I will also try a water bottle version for the dash with a support below to stop the bottle sliding through of course. Its looking like they would be £20 posted for either version. Thoughts?
  4. Phill

    Bumper tubes

    Yes, Matts are crush tubes not oil filled as per my post above. Thanks Shirish but I think you missed the caveat in my first post - cheap.
  5. Phill

    Bumper tubes

    Presumably brand new for that?
  6. Phill

    Bumper tubes

    Ideally I want the oil filled ones. If need be I can use my existing and replace with new crush ones I suppose. But I'll try for oil filled spares first. There must be people with these languishing in sheds. They don't have to work or even have oil in them.
  7. These have all been delivered now. If anyone else wants any please let me know.
  8. You knowing makes sense........ Alternatively my son has a selection of Ferraris, F1 cars, Veyron and various others..........all 1:18 mind you........
  9. Phill

    Bumper tubes

    No, what I have I mind is much easier with originals.
  10. Phill

    Bumper tubes

    I am planning ahead for winter projects and I am likely to be needing some bumper tubes. Any type will do but not aluminium. I need two fronts and two rears. The overriding consideration though is that they must be cheap please.
  11. That's wickedly cool. What is it?
  12. This is my original, 134mm diameter. Different part no. too.
  13. I'm reasonably sure my original pulley is different to the one I put on when I fitted my crank sensor wheel. I think this because I had to fit a different length fan belt. However, the bracing holes are in the same position on both.
  14. Made a noticeable difference in mine but as Paul says, new oil, old oil. Much like new tyres, old tyres.

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