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  1. Very disappointingly I am out. My gearbox has yet to be repaired. We were discussing coming in the Golf but I think it would be more of a chore than a fun few hours. I hope you all have a great time. Might see if I can get to Clacketts to wave you off
  2. Good vid. I like the bit where he does either side of the boot, low down, I didn't know you could get in there. My kidney bowls have drain holes at the bottom which just about accept a nozzle which is a bonus.
  3. These are lovely, another £1500 for parts and that will see the CIS or whatever is on a 3.2 ditched. Well worth it.
  4. Nothing wrong with being old, I'm in the same age group, just a little ribbing
  5. Holy Moly, that's me!! for posting Paul.
  6. I agree with Fraser. On a car this old with an unknown paint history you would be very lucky to get a perfect match. £1000 is a good price too, really.
  7. Well after all that I went Bilt Hamber. Cheaper than Rustbuster and they don't rip you off on posatge
  8. So, therefore, for all those who can't be bothered to read the whole thread (and who can blame you ) it is.......drum roll........... Saturday 26th June 2021. 3pm at the Greenwich Observatory car park for a 3:15 departure or for those of a more sensible disposition 4pm at the clockwise Clacket Lane services (M25).
  9. Not long now. I'll make an executive decision 4pm at Clacketts. (Although for full disclosure I'm not sure I'll have my car back by then) Who's coming?
  10. My rustbuster had had it. Shelf life on the website is12 months. I think that would be far more aggravation than the saving would be worth but a good thought.
  11. Over the years I've read just as many reports on the various forums about failed new bars as old ones. It's a very rare thing either way. I vaguely remember @SilverWT putting how thread about it but could be wrong.
  12. I am going to go with the Rustbuster again. I would go with the Jotun but the minimum size is 4.6l and a lot of that will end up going to waste through sitting on the shelf.
  13. There always seem to be second hand ones knocking about unless you specifically want new?
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