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  1. Thanks Rich, Form follows function. This is the first sketch that started it: To shelves of stock: Collector tooling range is vast now, and growing. You should come up and see the new shop, don’t forget cake. 😊
  2. Morning all, just to answer a few questions related to the new mufflers. Firstly a couple of links to sound clips: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzFgnxsFDrb/?igshid=15x4m83p9j1bz https://www.instagram.com/p/B2LudWmFuYS/?igshid=zb3qo6x4jt9o The internal design on many of the mufflers is identical to what I’ve always made, so sound is as they always were, I’ve just developed a 2 piece case to make manufacturing easier. With regards the case shape. I’ve not had many raised eye brows about this but I appreciate the questions as to why the rectangle shape. The 6” round cases limited me to a specific internal design. What I class as a sport muffler. The move to an 8” x 5” oval allowed me to build much better working internal designs but manufacturing times were horrendously time consuming. The move to a 2 piece case solves 2 problems. They allow me to build the internal design I want to, more efficiently. We first designed the internals in CAD. The cases were then designed around the internals, tooling was also designed in CAD. The rectangle shape fitted around this perfectly, and they’re different from everyone else’s. The ability to press banana boxes is in place with the machinery in the shop but the banana box wouldn’t allow me to build anything other than a sport muffler so tooling up would be pointless. The new mufflers took a year to develop from an idea to a working product on Nige’s car. If anyone is interested in the process, it’s all on my Instagram page @ttexhausts. There’s also a few videos of the new mufflers on various cars. Thanks Richard
  3. rich, sorry, forgot the plugs, doh!! as andy says, they are 18mm x 1.5mm. just remember dont use stainless bungs. when you come to fit, just put a smear of assembly paste on the jonts... cheers rich
  4. alex, weighed one today and its 8kgs cheers rich
  5. thanks rich, we just need to re-do that muffler you have
  6. no please dont... im having enough grief of turbo jnr with his 'want list'!!!
  7. hi al, i wouldnt dream of such a thing!! i didnt mention headers did i??? im sure the kids wont mind, one year missed wont hurt, will it??!! cheers rich
  8. al, rich is right to point but with some work inside the muffler its do-able... give us a bell when you need to... cheers rich
  9. rich, shame the journey home was rubbish weather wise. i'll have to drop you a mail with the muffler spec, with an explanation which you may have gathered from my attempts at descriptions may baffle you. geddit, baffle you!!! i'll get me coat... glad the heaters are ok, they may be better once the hoses and clamps have been replaced... let me know if you do another sound test once you have some miles on the muffler... another point i forgot to mention yesterday was that when fitting early style headers to a later car, the distance between the headers is wider than the early cars due to the longer crank. after i fitted the headers and cut the inlet holes in the muffler, i put it into my jig so i could weld the inlet pipes and they were too far apart, like about 7mm a side. with yours i had to tack the pipes in place on the car. this may be a point considering for anyone else going this route. anyway, let me know how its goes with progress on the car... cheers for now rich
  10. hi rich, good to hear the legs good now. and again, bad news on the targa. the new car looks great, lovely colour combo. the new puppy looks fantastic, any pics on what they look like fully grown? (sorry for taking it off topic!!) and thanks for the pic of chops, like i dont see enough of him!!! rich i have people like yourself to thank for the exposure, and who could forget nige, my resident internet pr manager!! cheers for now rich marquee, as sladey says, the website is being updated and moved to a new host so may be down for a bit, well, at least till i can gwet my a55 into gear!! drop me a mail or give me a bell if you need to discuss anything... cheers rich thanks mark, dont let nige see you doing this!!
  11. mark, the cross over pipe is the same dia as the part its replacing so the stock ring/clamp will fit...
  12. mark, the pics lex has attached is what you need for the cross over... although if you can get away with re-using yours then happy days... if you do use exhaust paste, dont use repair paste, make sure its assembly paste, the bosal stuff is the best ive used, comes in a handy, easy to use tube and should be available form any decent motor factor... just dont use too much... hope you get the car back soon cheers rich
  13. stunning kev, absolutely stunning... your gonna tell me you painted it yourself arent you? my phone is sorted now if you wanna try and resend what you were trying to send today... cheers rich

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