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  1. Nice Bob. Only just seen this I've been away for a while. Hope all is well.
  2. Before winter sets in Ooh! Where was our summer? I've been keeping an eye on these meets, just cant get time out from work, kids etc. Shall try harder.
  3. As mentioned earlier, Matthew must have sold plenty of these. Any one on here? Quality Vs opc supply? Where do they come from? At the moment I'm going opc approx £300 for both.
  4. Noted. Never dealt with Design 911. As to the quality, has anyone used these OE parts? There must be plenty IBs out there using these?
  5. Design 911 cheapest at the moment.
  6. Used the Dremmel came off really easy. Ive been trying to upload some pics from photobucket but cant get it to work. Any idea on price of line from OPC?
  7. Removed my oil lines today, the ones under the rear arch, tank/engine to stat. All went fine thanks to the info on here. Any tips on replacing them? Where to go for new ones? OPC?
  8. I've been thinking of one for mine, need to see how many pins I have. Chris, did you notice much difference when you installed it?
  9. Struggling to make this gents
  10. May not make the windmill weds. Anyone up for crashing PSCM on the next meet?
  11. Little lads b. day shopping today. Gona try and get out more this year.
  12. Should be ok for that.
  13. Have a look at Bobs post. Here http://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20888-rust-under-b-pillar-striker-plate/
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