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  1. Is been a while since I played around with guns but I thought "Blue" is actually controlled rusting and aluminum doesn't rust! Not sure it will work on those trim parts
  2. Get some of these! I put 2 in each of my garages about Christmas time, got 3 little buggers so far
  3. Did it he first time I used it, crapped myself, thought I'd blown the brakes apart!
  4. Wow! You've been busy for the last 2 years?
  5. Its cheaper on Ebay, great bit of kit!
  6. You can spend a lot of time googling those questions......................... Its just bonded on from the factory with araldite, gentle heat and hit up from below with the aid of a spanner as you are doing, you just need to break the bonding.
  7. Yes, a few more available of both 911 types
  8. Think thats the selling dealer number
  9. Up to you really, I would go with the pump prime
  10. What car? What Year? What reg?
  11. Really not sure what you are asking; 331 AM/FM Cassette w/2 door speakers
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