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  1. Rather not.......................
  2. They are aftermarket, about £100 a set new, Genuine ones are twice that and a bit
  3. Ive lost count of the number of sockets Ive lost in engine bays, behind PU's etc. Yet to find any.
  4. Feck................another bargain disappointment
  5. Dunno My 1980 has 2 clips
  6. Only 2 dizzys, one for the 180bhp & 188bhp and then one for the 204bhp version
  7. Cutoff is in the rotor on an SC at 6600 doesn't matter what year! One from a 3.2 fits & wont have a cutout!
  8. Yes, will fit 2.7 & 3.0 cars too
  9. Dunno, he is a bit of a pain isnt he?
  10. Sorry if this is a re-post! https://youtu.be/ybnEP4XfeeM
  11. WKD473220 is available from Germany. I think the Porsche Classic service book in the link is in the "gift set" you get when you sign up to their service program. I will scan a page from a new book and post it in here so you can all download it and add it to your old books!
  12. The correct warranty and maintenance book (not the owners handbook) for a 1985 car is WKD434623 this is NLA
  13. Indeed single arm caps and SWF are the genuine manufacturers
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