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  1. Swap that injector over with another one to see if its the wiring or the injector itself
  2. Take a look on Design 911 and let me know what type you're after!
  3. 24.1mm on the rears from factory, aftermarket ones seem to start about 26m and up so they will be a bit firmer, about £500 a pair
  4. If they are original sensors then replace them both, they have a good run if they are still working and are probably the cause of your problem anyway
  5. Dansk not OEM but seem good quality
  6. Ours are OEM German, not pattern or aftermarket
  7. It would be good to know if Classic Line offer this level of cover
  8. Standard pre 1980 250kph speedo
  9. In that case I would say yes, go 23mm
  10. Nice one young man, is the green one up for sale now?
  11. 2 options as noted, probably the ate oem version is the best bet unless you feel an upgrade is wanted then go for the 23mm version
  12. I would take the caps out, chuck them on ebay and you should get £50 or £60 for them, then drop the wheels to £200
  13. Sarcastic? ......................
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