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  1. Contact Rick at http://www.highliftproductions.co.uk/
  2. Type911

    Engine lid / tail

    And it was the correct colour for your car eh? Well it would match some of it..............................
  3. Type911

    Battery flat!

    I think you need to get it up to about 10 volts with a charger and then pop a trickle charger on, trickle chargers dont normally work under about 10 volts but they may get that back going again although it will probably take 3 or 4 days
  4. so many sheep...........................
  5. 91135606607 is plastic 91135606608 is plastic and goes to 91135606615
  6. Carrera 3 (1977 not 1978!) have the rubber hose lines
  7. He wants one without the bullet holes in it
  8. Available to me next day so 48 hours to you
  9. Yup, short wheel base units are different, we do list them in aftermarket form.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VERY-NICE-USED-ORIGINAL-PORSCHE-911-930-INTERIOR-CABIN-SENSOR-W-HARNESS-TRIM-NLA/362666246942?epid=1466935602&hash=item547097c31e:g:9KMAAOSwA29c8cq3
  11. I have one, but Im sure you know, they are NLA and go for mental money used, about $200 as a start.
  12. Type911

    Widebody wheels

    Yuk, no wonder your replacing them!
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