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  1. LHD units can be adjusted all the way so they point straight ahead, with the RHD lens on and the standard shyte 55watt bulb in them most places would pass an MOT
  2. Might be worth trying 944 613 259 02 1DB A fiver from OPC
  3. Correct, the bulb H4 holder is welded onto the reflector in a different spot
  4. Bottom left Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  5. Sorry, thought you had taken the end off! That should be the easy bit, item 24; This was the same for all 915 up to 1986. If your end piece isnt as per the diagram its not factory. I cant remember seeing any aftermarket versions though
  6. The 2 bolts that hold the main housing to the floor pan hold that bracket too, these need to removed then the bracket will slid along the rod and the bush easily comes out and a new one easily goes back in
  7. Just jack the front of the car up as far as you can, drain out a few litres of oil and there wont be any in the pipes
  8. If your not going to replace, all other options are really just a bodge. Easy bodge is; https://www.jb-weld.co.uk/waterweldep
  9. That kit is available from your OPC for about £350, no idea what RosePassion will supply, be careful with them though as I have been ripped of by them by being charged full Porsche retail for Chinese aftermarket parts!
  10. They are good for any flared wing IB from 1974, ie Carrera 2.7, C3, SC, 3.2. Basically not early 911.
  11. Targas, cabs & coupes all different. £305 is very cheap, worth a punt maybe if you're not a concourse entrant?
  12. Post the direct link please
  13. Sleeping! But now Im awake, 964 are not the same. correct!
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