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  1. Type911

    Backdate Time

    Sounds like a plan!
  2. OK, for 1976-77 cars these are the same LHD and RHD for 1978 on they are not. This one will fit all Carrera 3 cars and 1977 cars with brake booster, it is also for all 1978-89 cars that are LHD. Sorry for the confusion, I can see the OP has a C3!! which it is correct for!
  3. Type911

    Backdate Time

    Trims back from Nick Moss, windows in, looking like we may finish next month!
  4. that they have 'sold and installed several dozens of identical units over many years' Thought they started in 2017?
  5. Probably worth contacting your card supplier and letting them know the situation and ask their advice too
  6. They did an engine top end on Nicks SC, he was well pleased with the result! His post is on here somewhere
  7. https://uk.interparcel.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwzPXlBRAjEiwAj_XTEZ6mR0in76D4188kt_lTITGsytLAvyM4SwYZUUTh1tFHLuWZoHx5iRoChJ0QAvD_BwE Under a tenner
  8. Those ones on Ebay are just painted by someone, the only Genuine Porsche ones are the ones we list with the gold line around the rim.
  9. We have the NLA Bosch sensor in stock about £50 saving
  10. Never seen a race car with centre caps
  11. As Jonny says, air injection, needs to be plugged as the rest of the system has been removed
  12. They should actually point to the valve stem.................... and Im not even a Doctor
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