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  1. Type911

    Light weight undertray

    They look pretty dam good in the brushed finish, is it necessary to paint?
  2. Type911

    Cleaning Fuchs

    But do not Google "Rim Wax" and hit images............................................
  3. Type911

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    That was no anorak.............................and the drivers base is 50% longer than the passenger one
  4. Type911

    SC/ Carrera Parts

    A true Porschephile would have known the were RHD........................
  5. Stop it with the seats already
  6. Type911

    Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

    Just purchased an orange job off eBay for 125. Tyre weld always in the boot
  7. Type911

    77 turbo rebuild Q&A's

    The correct number you wanted was 911 628 915 00, think its NLA though! I take you bought 911 628 256 01 ?
  8. Type911

    Main Beam Wiring Problem - Help

    No, its under the floorboard, not sure what it actually does apart from causes problems! Dim/dip relay
  9. Type911

    Main Beam Wiring Problem - Help

    Wotcha been smokin SP?
  10. Type911

    Seized Parking Brake

    Ok, maybe not if in the garage then! Wheel & discs off I would think
  11. Type911

    Seized Parking Brake

    Drop the clutch at 5K
  12. Type911

    Various 81 SC Engine issues.

  13. Type911

    Various 81 SC Engine issues.

    Maybe on a phone the photos I posted arent too clear, they are fine on a PC
  14. Type911

    Various 81 SC Engine issues.

    Female pins have a hole in them (like females do) and the male pins have a round end to them (like males do) Dusty is saying the one on the fuse/relay board is the male one, the one that comes out with the engine is the female one.