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  1. I doubt any 2 cars are the same dimensions now. Maybe only a few mm out but after 40 years targas have the tendency to open up, espiecally when jacked up badly.
  2. Yes, correct, Southbound wont do a top without the car, it is a 2 piece affair!
  3. Cutout for the duct and control panel on centre consul, you can see both here;
  4. Just found a set for a non aircon coupe, same deal
  5. I have these available; They are for RHD targa and cabs without aircon These are overmats (not the base carpet) with integrated OEM look heal pad on the drivers side £100 delivered
  6. That set is for a coupe with air con!
  7. Parts about £80 Stevie Wonder could change them.................
  8. The main problem with his wiper stalk will be it wont work the headlights or indicators.................................
  9. Agree with Roy 100%, have a go yourself, save money, learn a lot and have fun!
  10. Glad it all worked out OK!!
  11. £40K car in the spec its in
  12. Sporto gear knob on that car
  13. They look like or very simalair to ours
  14. I would think that the rear valance would need work, I think they would be just under the bumper
  15. Coupe and targa mats are not interchangable if you want them to look decent!
  16. Coupe are different than targas & cabs 964 completely different We do them with "911" embriodered onto them Dont think you will get PORSCHE or the Crest from anyone
  17. Certainly didnt leave the Porsche factory like that, maybe some other factory?
  18. Most would opt for stainless exchangers at least I think, not much more but will last 30 years We offer this kit a bit cheaper and include all gaskets, clamps and fittings
  19. Type911

    Short shift advice

    Swepco is cheaper and will have the same results.................................................
  20. 6 and 8 on an 89 car from factory as the fox man says
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