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  1. Good to see you lads, if only briefly.
  2. I can do the 18th, brekky is good too
  3. Brilliant, RB's blog made me jealous and that has made it worse. Top work Doc!
  4. REX

    ecu repairer

    As per my PM mine was the coil driver. You can check the line from ecu to coil for a signal, if that isn't there it is ecu.
  5. REX

    ecu repairer

    This firm were very good and reasonably priced for the 635 ecu which is very similar http://www.atpelectronics.co.uk/pages/ecu-testing.html
  6. Cheers Steve, never had much luck with them to be honest. At Brands the week before so I'll see if I can get it tested then.
  7. Be up for this if I can get the car noise tested before then.
  8. This place did a lovely job on a XJS rad re-core for a mate. EPC Radiators 01708455720
  10. Looks like you got in before the 'Magnus' effect took over Les.
  11. 24th Aug 2008! Last run was a Kent meet and back through the tunnel side by side with dad, we may have been a little silly!
  12. Completely agree tank. Harris is going to be telly gold. The above line made me snort out some bubble and squeak! Reminds me of Spa trackdays.
  13. That's lovely Mark, nice choice. Will you bring it to Dansons or the next venue? I'll get over to one when life slows down! For me it's certainly life getting in the way. Still visit here occasionally and once it's back together, hopefully this decade, I'll be back to trackdays 100%. It cost me not alot and I'm not in it for profit.
  14. Thought RexSnr was down for an unannounced visit. Anyone on here?
  15. If Martin doesn't want them I'll have them Dave.
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