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  1. It's been a while since I did more than peek in here, but after selling my last 3.2 in the UK in 2010 and a detour via a 996 Cabriolet that gave its life protecting me (OK, a bit of pathos, I got run off the road by an arctic right into a nice concrete barrier - car ended up written off, but I escaped without a scratch) I thought I was done with 911s. My ownership experience with both my old C3.2 and the 996 had been anything but cheap - the words "money pits" came to mind - and I thought I'd get something sensible like a Honda instead. Well, like a first generation Honda (Acura) NSX. The
  2. I don't think we have one do we? It can be yours, or someone else's; it doesn't matter. Here's mine to kick-off:
  3. Johan

    New member

    Hi there, I'm a new member living in Sweden and driving a 1984 3.2 Carrera. The car is new for me. I sold my - 59 356A Coupe this fall for this, couldn't keep both. The car is Clubsport modified with 1/2 rollcage, lowered with Bilsteins and new heavier torsion bars and Turbo spindles. Recaro reclining sport seats made up in Pascha pattern as original. A have a question about Exhaust, I know it's a never ending thing but I have decided to go for TT Exhaust GT3 muffler and Richard have recomended the straigth pipe extractor but I'm afraid that is to loud and thinking of of the extractor with si
  4. There are a few of us, mainly DDKers, flying over to Stuttgart next weekend for the Retro Classic event in Stuttgart. Just wondered if any of you folks are going. Of course we'll be hitting the Porsche museum as well (and I'm going to Stuttgart Harley Davidson, just to get a T shirt). The show is over 10 halls and the exhibitors list goes on for over 24 pages so reckon it's going to be Mega, I believe it was started up to be in competition with the Essen show and Retromobile in Paris which is high on my bucket list.
  5. I had bought a nice CD/radio for my 356 but when I got my wide body it didn't have any music in it so I nicked the Sony out of the tub and fitted it into the Carrera. The first problem was no music in the 356 so I temporarily re-fitted an old Pioneer radio cassette which came out of a previous 911. It was only for the radio as all my cassettes are long gone with the flared jeans and tie dye T shirts. Still got yours have you? The second problem was that there was absolutely no radio signal in the Carrera. There is a signal amplifier in the car but the manual showed it was tucked up behind the
  6. Hi guys my name is Rob Annett and I live in northern New South Wales in Australia. I am new to your site and have also just joined Porsche Club GB. i currently own a few Porsche’s but not an impact bumper car but I hope to change that. my reason for joining Porsche club GB and joining your forum is that my wife and I are travelling to the UK in April next year to road trip around UK and the continent for three months and we plan to do our trip in a g series targa. I am heading over to UK at the end of October to purchase the car (all going well🤞)and will store it with
  7. Hi all, my name is Alan Brown and I live in Carnoustie on the East coast of Scotland, I am married to Jill, we have 1 son and 1 grandson who is the the apple of our eye. I have just bought my second air cooled Targa air. I sold my last one after 4 years ownership last year and had massive sellers regret. I have now purchased a 1988 Targa turbo and I am not sure I have done the right thing. When I test drove the car all seamed well, I had it delivered by car transporter up from London. The car arrived safely but would not turn over, a new starter motor fixed that problem. It the
  8. Looking forward to picking up this one in the week. 82 US import I will have lots of questions
  9. Just purchased '87 911 3.2. Will likely only use if during the warmer months (not often) for touring European Apls etc. Not sure what to do with the original AC, I was thinking to remove it and do without so I can gain more power but at the same time I don't want to be too hot. Any advice? Tx Chris
  10. I purchased the current copy 911 pw as I saw in Porsche post it had an article on the 930 le, being an le owner I like to collect articles on the le. The article shows a car which is clearly not an le, states and shows a front spoiler same as the se, it is not! states does not have the rear wing air ducts, the le does! does it have the le plaque inside, what about the crested wheel centres, the only thing that I can see is the same as the le is the sports exhaust which is the same as the se, the point I am making is how can these so called experts get things so incorrect, I am going to ask for
  11. Afternoon gentlemen, About 18 months back, I experienced some starting issues on my '78 SC, where the car would turn over , but just wouldn't fire up to start. After much head scratching, the fault was traced (I think) to a faulty relay that prevented any fuelling. In the end, RH Classics, who maintain my car, pulled one off another car and normal service was resumed. Well, after around 1000 trouble free miles, I took the car out this afternoon and as soon as I pulled out of the safety of the B roads where I live, the bloody thing cut out and no amount of cursing could get it to sta
  12. Anyone else going to Donington this weekend? I was going to go tomorrow and Saturday, but now only Saturday as the wife is working and I have to dog sit whilst she is out earning a crust.
  13. Hi. Need to send off my Fuchs for refurb on my 86 Supersport 7’s on the front and 9’s on the back could do with a temporary set of wheels. Any ideas what will fit ? Don’t need to go on th road with the, just to keep the car mobile in and out of the garage etc
  14. Just had my first annual oil change on the SC (used Mobile 1) and I turned North London into something out of the Blitz! I've never seen so much smoke coming out of the exhaust - ever!! I hope it might be a spill on the manifold/exhaust and that a good blast up the dual carriage-way this weekend will clear it But I've got a sneaky feeling that doesn't sound right - esp if it's coming out the exhaust Any advice?
  15. Since fracturing my wrist in late November , although the cast was taken off early January , I do not have enough strength in my right hand yet to be able to drive my 911 . The lousy weather meant that it didn’t overly bother me, however, the lovely weather over the past week or so has found me itching to take the car out and it is now starting to upset me seeing the plethora of recent pics of you all enjoying your cars while I can’t. It just shows the unhealthy effect these cars can have on you 😉 in the meantime I’ll just have to resort to sitting in it making “broombroom” noises 😥
  16. Hi I have a Bentley Manual that needs to be put to good use now I don't have an IB Porsche any more. It has been lightly used and there are a few oil smears on a few pages but overall it's in pretty good condition. I would like £40 plus postage if anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks D
  17. Evening All New to the forum. Glad to be on board. Days away from taking delivery of my newly restored 1981 SC. Interior and exterior refurbishment by the very excellent Whisper 911 near Maidenhead. More pics to follow once on the road..
  18. I used to own this ice blue, non sport beauty back in 1986 and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about its whereabouts ? Nick.
  19. Hi all...my first post here on your brilliant forum 😉 I try to use my SC Coupe for commuting as often as I can but yesterday whilst going down my lane there is a very shallow ridge which I slowed down for as normal, but despite that, I heard a loud ‘scrape’ noise from the front end. I had a look and both front tyres were vertually touching the wheel arches. I nursed her back home and noticed on the garage floor was a small pile of rust where the o/s/f wheel would rest. If its torsion bars would both sides go at the same time ( coincidence ) or could it be something else ?
  20. Hi there, New to forum but hopefully this area still active I’ve had some money burning a hole in my pocket since selling my London flat in the summer and moving to the midlands and made my mind ups that I would like a turbo bodied red 80’s Carrera Sport Coupe to replace our 987 cayman. (We used to have an MGB GT so I appreciate classics are not always convient etc) Anyway whilst being shocked at the price for a turbo bodied car I convinced myself ‘you could almost get a leggy turbo for that money...’ and then I got stuck on a train for 3 hours Thursday... then registered for
  21. Hi I have some books for sale, all in good condition. The calendar is pretty much untouched. The Bentley manual has some stains, otherwise pretty good order. Husche von Hanstein book is in german. Asking 50£ plus postage. Regards Geir
  22. Has anyone got any good experience of getting their targa roof recovered? Mine is starting to split on the leading edge, and the temporary fix I applied last year won't last for ever... Recommendations of good trimmers/body shops within a 25 mile radius of Evesham preferred. Also an idea of costs would be helpful
  23. You may or may not have seen this, but as it covers some of our cars it's of interest. Looks as if there might still be a few grey areas but it's reasonably straighforward. The key seems to be to have a sensible MOT tester. best to all john c see: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/670431/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substantial-change-guidance.pdf
  24. Hi guys I'm just trying to work out if mine is a sc sport or has it has bits put on after.. As I'm wanting to get it back to what it was like when it came out off the show room.. Part from joining the Porsche club to get the run down on the specs is there any other way to find out if it's a sport or not.. It's not got the two gas engine hood lifters or the fog lights. I'm told the tea tray was damaged and whale tail put on.. Has rear wiper. Any help picking through the car would be welcome. As I'm restoring a tea tray but would sack that off if it wasn't on it before it has the front air spoil
  25. I'm just taking the breaks off as the cars been sitting for a few years and want to give them a service. I bought the car from a friend but I've contacted the owner off it be4 him which was great as he gave me a full run down on what he done to the car over the 30 years he's had it. He said I should up grade the breaks . So I'm looking in to that. I'd imagine I just need to change the break calliper with the shoes in and keen the big bit with the rez on it at the front. So I'm thinking it wouldn't be such a massive thing to do.. Prob just involve longer break pipes being made up. S
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