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Found 4 results

  1. It’s about time I get started on my hot rod. This project idea started when I found out about the MegaSquirt, it looked interesting and I just want to have an excuse to use one. As 911s have long since been my favourite cars - and of the generations, my favourite has always been the wide body impact bumper - the choice of car was obvious. So, the base car, well it’s a 1974 2.7 which (if I was being kind) I would describe as 'shabby', usually though, I refer to it as the ‘sh*t heap’ (although, with this profanity filter I'm going to need to think of a new name!). It was originally Sahara Beige with an interior in Blue/Black leatherette and Shetland and Twill - I don't know how it would have looked, but I can't imagine this colour combo was all that nice to look at! According to the CoA I got for it, it was built in Nov 73 and was optioned with a rear wiper, compressor and a sliding roof so I can only imagine this car was originally bought by a really sensible (read: boring) person. At some point in its life it has been crudely repainted in Guards Red and left to rot since 1988 (fun fact, its been idle longer than I've been alive). I only applied for the CoA out of curiosity though, and have no plans to restore any of those 'original features' at all. I bought it pre-stripped, with many boxes of parts and without engine and gearbox. I wanted something that I wouldn't feel bad cutting great lumps out of and generally rendering it 'un-restorable'. Now with that fair warning out of the way, pictures of this heap as I bought it are below. Answers to the most common questions I have had on it: Yes, it is as butchered as it looks Yes, the entire tub is adorned with surface rust Is it straight? Good question, I guess I will find out No, I'm not taking it to the scrapyard Yes, I am slightly crazy It pretty much went straight from there into dry storage and judging by the state of it, I think I was the first owner to ensure the storage was dry! The storage unit eventually filled up with replacement panels and other misc. parts until eventually it looked like this: Even if it was something I could just lock away and forget about, I couldn’t abide the mess, so an afternoon of tidying it all up had it looking like this: Short of the occasional visit to drop off a new part or something, it stayed like that for months. During this time I have sorted out a place to work on it, fixed up a couple of parts that should have been lower on the priority list and generally tried to ignore the scale of the problem I inflicted upon myself. Well it’s time now and I need to hammer out a goal for the car and get on with it. This is what I have come up with so far: - Sunroof delete - Wide body (930 wide minimum, considering nearer 993 GT2 RS) - Full custom cage and seam welding - Coilover conversion - Twin Turbo setup (originally going to base it on a 3.3, but recently considered starting with a 3.6) - G50 gearbox - would prefer a 6 speed - MegaSquirt based EFI conversion -- MS3X -- Sequential twin plug ignition -- Sequential injection -- Full barometric correction -- Electronic boost control -- Water / Meth injection -- Flex Fuel capable I would prefer the oil tank to be in front of the rear wheel as well, so currently looking at shoe-horning in a 964 or 993 setup. I also want the interior to be somewhat stripped, but still comfortable as I don't want to go to all this effort and end up with a car I would rather not use for longer journeys. Brakes aren't mentioned in that list because I am undecided whether I want 15 or 16" wheels, but they will essentially be the biggest I can fit without sacrificing balance. I have previously been asked about my power goals for this thing; however that’s not something I have given much thought. If I was to put a number on it, I would be happy with 500s at the wheels, but I am more than happy to just wait and see what comes of it. Anyway, the plan is rough, but refining it is lower priority right now as this heap is in no fit state to receive any shiny bits anyway :mad jg: I hope to keep plodding along with it bit by bit. I want to do as much as I can myself, so I expect this will be one hell of a learning experience and consequently it isn't going to be fastest build on the board by any means. It can only get better from here... right? I was originally going to post this in Gruppe IB as its probably more appropriate there, but I noticed I don't have permission to start a topic there
  2. Hi All, I am looking into the feasibility of getting a few Aussies, their 911's and their partners(in that order :0) over to the EU to be part of the 2016 Classic Le Mans. THe intention is to do Le Mans and of course the museum and a good old fashion road trip. My issue is that i cannot find any details as to where to start and what is required to get the cars to Europe? Is quarantine required? what shipping line? what port? Once i have answered these costs i can then begin the proposal process Also looking for some suggestions as to getting from Le Mans to Stuttgart away from the Auto routs. Time is not a constraint at this point but the most senic is. THoughts at the moment are France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, back through Netherlands Any assistance with the starting point would be greatly appreciated
  3. Just swapped a few emails with Stuart at MSV about their Porsche Only track days & evenings. There are four for 2013: Brands Hatch Indy Evening on July 2 at £129 Oulton Pk on 6th August at £229 Oulton Pk 12th Nov at £159 Brands Indy on 10th Dec at £99 They will do a group rate for 5 IBs or more with 10% off the standard price. Anyone keen on booking should add their name below and we'll have a tally up. I don't know that he can retro-discount days bought and paid for, so the crew doing Indy on July 2nd are probably out of luck. Whizz him a mail or give him a ring and ask.
  4. Brand new set of Michelin TB15 tires for sale. These are gorgeous high performance rally racing tires. The best part is, they are street legal. The set was mounted on NOS 7J and 8J Fuchs rims, but not run on the street. They did not move even 10 feet before being dismounted. They have a great vintage rally quality to them and really stand apart from lesser off-the-shelf 15" tires. Nevertheless, I am going a different direction with my restoration. My loss is your gain. I bought them new from Longstone Classic Tyres in the U.K. in Jan 2013 for $1630 (U.S.). I have the receipt. DOT codes are 41st week of 2011. Will sell pairs for $700. Or, the entire set of four tires for $1300. Price is firm. You will need to arrange and pay for shipping. Or, you are welcome to pick up in person. No returns, no exceptions. You can email me at: jmg240@yahoo.com Or, call 646-217-9225. I live in Glendale, CA 91207. The tires for sale are: Michelin TB15 15/60-15’s qty. 2 Michelin TB15 18/60-15’s qty. 2 They are perfectly sized for early Porsches and Carrera’s alike. Check out the specs on the Longstone Tyres site: http://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/page/michelin-tb15 Thank you! Joseph
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