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Found 95 results

  1. I thought I would start a new thread as I'm starting some bodywork and thought it would keep everything together. I bought my Targa about 3 years ago, it came with 1 weeks MOT so I was expecting the worst! After putting it in for an MOT it failed on headlight alignment! I was a bit amazed to say the least! After making some mechanical repairs I've had a couple of years fun but this year there were a couple of obvious holes in the sill and floorpan so didn't bother with the MOT and decided to have a poke round!
  2. Just been reading about the new Taycan in the PP October issue. apart from in my opinion looking pretty grim, how on earth do they think they’re kidding by calling the flagship model the Turbo S
  3. I just came back from a week's holiday in my 3.2, starting with the trip down to the Goodwood Revival, we then headed to Dorset, then Dartmouth and Dartmoor. On the way back to the North we took in the Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala, coming back up the A49 last night I even got to show a modern 911 kettle cabriolet a clean pair of heels, great fun! The weather was ridiculously good for September, and there lies my problem... I have checked out a bunch of threads where these cars have issues hot starting, unfortunately with a variety of causes, and a lot where no definite culprit ever seems to be found. I'm sure mine is definitely a mixture thing, all week the car has run perfectly, started from cold easily, and last night when the temperature dropped as we came back to the frozen north, she started fine once safely in the garage (several times) in the cooler air, despite being hot from idling outside after the journey, while we unloaded. When the sun is out and the air is hot, however, she spins and spins with not a cough, until finally bursting into life after what seems like an age. Luckily I have a new battery, more than anything its embarrassing as people suck air through their teeth like a builder doing an estimate and give a look that says 'nice car, mate, shame it doesn't go!' It did this the other week when I went to a car show at Capesthorne hall, when it was similarly a mad hot day. I suspect that the fuel is vaporisng in the lines or rails, or the mixture isn't right when the air is hot, however they can't 'all do that' as it tends to be hotter in Germany in the summer, if there were non starting 911s everywhere Porsche would have soon fixed the issue. I posted in someone else's starting problem thread while away, but got no feedback. There obviously is an issue, however whatever I do now or replace the problem is it might not be hot enough to act up again until next spring! Any suggestions as to what I should check in the meantime would be gratefully received. Plugs and tappets etc have been done recently, by the way.
  4. Hi guys my name is Rob Annett and I live in northern New South Wales in Australia. I am new to your site and have also just joined Porsche Club GB. i currently own a few Porsche’s but not an impact bumper car but I hope to change that. my reason for joining Porsche club GB and joining your forum is that my wife and I are travelling to the UK in April next year to road trip around UK and the continent for three months and we plan to do our trip in a g series targa. I am heading over to UK at the end of October to purchase the car (all going well🤞)and will store it with a friend awaiting our return in April 2020 as you can imagine it’s proving quite a task to figure out the pros and cons of buying a thirty ish year old car from the other side of the world so I figured what better way to do it than to ask Porsche guys for any help they would be kind enough to offer. I would be very grateful if anyone could help in recommending Porsche specialist dealers, Pre purchase inspection specialists, insurance company that will cover a non resident driving the car in UK and Europe (I do have a British passport though as I was born in N Ireland) registration and any other help I can get. i have also had a look at your for sale section so if anyone is selling a rhd targa I would be very interested in having a look I am a long time Porsche nut and past president of Porsche Club NSW here in Australia looking forward to any help you guys can give. thanks heaps Rob Annett
  5. £43,000 1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet, Guards Red 159,000 km LHD, Swiss model, no modifications G50 transmission, 15 inch Fuchs alloy wheels, sport seats, black leather interior 2 owners, current ownership 20 years Service history documented by log book stamps and invoices UK MOT valid to 1 April 2020 No track days Excellent condition, regional Porsche show award winner 2013-2018 Inherit an interesting history, such as photos of an F1 driver inside the car and a shelf of show trophies. Pirelli P6000 tyres fitted April 2017 Includes 3 keys, original manuals and tool kit, and both original headlights for use outside the UK Car located in Glasgow, Scotland Contact melindaevans16@gmail.com for additional information and photos
  6. The aircon on my 1985 911 Carrera 2 hasn't worked properly for ages. When I asked a local specialist to recharge it he told me that it was originally filled with R12 gas. It is apparently illegal to use this now and the fittings for recharging it are different. I have been told if I get adaptors on e-bay they can charge it with the later gas 134 Although this has now been superseded you can still use it The Porsche manual says if you have lost gas you should replace the drier unit. The questions are Will the system work OK with 134 gas ? Where are the charging points ? Do I need to change the drier HELP !!!
  7. I purchased the current copy 911 pw as I saw in Porsche post it had an article on the 930 le, being an le owner I like to collect articles on the le. The article shows a car which is clearly not an le, states and shows a front spoiler same as the se, it is not! states does not have the rear wing air ducts, the le does! does it have the le plaque inside, what about the crested wheel centres, the only thing that I can see is the same as the le is the sports exhaust which is the same as the se, the point I am making is how can these so called experts get things so incorrect, I am going to ask for my money back, and the next time I see Clive advise him to invest in journalists who get it right before putting it in print, it is the last time I purchase this mag, rant over regards kev
  8. Now SOLD! Many thanks for the enquiries. I bought this car in June 2006 and have used it intermittently during the following 13 years, as I have spent at least 7 of those years working away from home. It’s never been used as a daily driver and has generally not been used in winter or on wet days. It has always been garaged and at one stage was put into storage when we were between houses. Gearbox I suffered a gearbox failure shortly after buying the car in 2006. So, it went to Matt at Autowerke in Norwich for repair. It was too far gone for repair, so Matt sourced a used replacement, reconditioned the necessary parts and installed it. The invoice indicates that this was done at 80,783 miles. Body work The good news is that on this car the sills, kidney bowls and B posts have been fixed. I took it to Sportwagen in Essex in 2010 and they cut everything away on both sides, replaced it with good metal, replaced the kidney bowls and put it all back together. As they were doing so, they took photos and kept a record of the time spent on the various parts of the work. This is all available for you to see. The sill covers are not fitted to the car. I removed these before it went to for the sill/B post work and when the car came back I liked the way it looked. So, I have not replaced them. This also has the added advantage of removing one more place where road dirt and moisture can gather. The covers are with the car, as are the rubber trims that go with them. Have look at the pics. The rear wheels have spacers fitted. This brings them out a little wider to fill the wheel arches a bit more. The targa top was recovered with mohair in 2012. The car is up for £32,000. Further details and more pictures are available here.
  9. 1982 Porsche 911sc Targa. Completely original and mint. 36,997 miles. LHD. Zinc Metallic (956) with blue leather and carpets. Exceptional engine condition. Original Fuchs wheels. Factory fitted air conditioning. Factory fitted cruise control. Any inspection welcome. This 911sc is very different from many 'normal' 120,000 mile examples with tatty bodywork and interiors. This is the best that I have seen outside of a museum and is an opportunity not to be missed. If you are looking for a mint 911sc this is the car for you. No offers and no canvassers. £42,995 rb887@cam.ac.uk
  10. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to get these door jamb stickers from please. After car re spray I would like to replace them Keith
  11. Forgive me, but posed this question before, but need some more answers. 1 Will a healthy stock 3.2 rev to 7500 regularly? 2 If not, will the stock rods with ARP bolts go to 7500 reliably? 3 Are the stock pistons ok to 7500? If not, who makes a good piston with stock diameter and pockets for (say) S cams? 4 Is the crank ok to 7500, or special balancing? Hope you or some can help me. Here is the car, some of you will know it well. Thanks, Graham.
  12. I don't think we have one do we? It can be yours, or someone else's; it doesn't matter. Here's mine to kick-off:
  13. Just had my first annual oil change on the SC (used Mobile 1) and I turned North London into something out of the Blitz! I've never seen so much smoke coming out of the exhaust - ever!! I hope it might be a spill on the manifold/exhaust and that a good blast up the dual carriage-way this weekend will clear it But I've got a sneaky feeling that doesn't sound right - esp if it's coming out the exhaust Any advice?
  14. Baz


    All I can says is "Want one" You have got to watch Topgear either on play back or at 19:00 tonight. Absolute master piece of German engineering. Baz
  15. I joined this forum to ask you British guys a few question. I live in Miami and have a 77 911 that I have driven for over thirty years all the time and do a lot of my own repairs. I have been watching “free tv” specifically Car SOS and Wheeler Dealers. Some of the cars they fix would be crushed in the states because of the cost of the rust repair and lack of skills. The “specialist” skills I see on these shows are incredible by state side standard particularly panel beaters. There are a lot of rusty air cooled 911 in Miami to be had cheap. I figure with special crates I could ship four cars over and back in a 40 foot container for $1500 per car. my questions: What is the hourly rate for body work in England? Stateside it’s about 100- 125 pounds/ hour What does a good whole car paint job cost here say with PPG paint? Not sure I posted this in the correct section of this forum so let me know please. Miami Ryce (thanks Robinwild for the new tag) My car
  16. There are constant questions on what the IB market is doing and what is a fair price for different models. There is never a correct answer because a car is worth what someone is willing to pay and you'll always get some low and high priced cars distorting the picture. The easiest way to track the market is to build up a picture of asking prices over time. This doesn't mean they will sell for that but it helps give an indication. Hopefully this will be of use to anyone looking to buy/sell an IB. I'm going to suggest capturing: Year/Model/Colour/Mileage/Any major details e.g. engine rebuild/Prviate v Trade/Price and a link to the add (which will be useful when live). If people highlight new cars as they come on (we may get some duplication) then it'll be a great place for everyone to search and track IB's and their prices. Thursday 15th August 1989 3.2 Carrera Cpe (Black) 111k miles - PRIVATE £19,911 (was £17,911) - http://www.pistonhea...pe-1989/1609569 1988 3.2 Carrera Cpe(Velvet Red) - 11.8k miles mint - TRADE (£69,995) - http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-pre-89/porsche-911-930-3-2-sport-coupe-1-owner-for-24-years/1609333 1988 3.2 Carrera Cpe (Green) 170k miles - PRIVATE (£14,900) - http://www.pistonhea...a-sport/1558740 1988 3.2 Carrera Cpe (Black) 112k miles inc engine PRIVATE - £12,995 - (NOW SOLD) - http://www.pistonhea...pe-1988/1612803 1984 3.2 Carrera Cpe (Blue) 72k - PRIVATE £15,750 - http://www.pistonhea...rt-1984/1594719 1982 3.0 SC Cpe (Gold) 200k - TRADE £12,995 - http://www.pistonhea...c-coupe/1620920 1980 3.0 SC Cpe (Silver) 116k - TRADE £18,495 - http://www.pistonhea...e-911sc/1399294
  17. Mahle barrell and piston set 3.2 carrera brand new 10.3.1 euro spec £2200 originally purchased for my rebuild no longer required
  18. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows where one could find a 1975 RHD 3.0 Turbo? I am a very serious buyer who is looking in the 350-300k range (dependant on the condition etc). Just absolutely love this car head over heels and would be extremely grateful for any help with my search! Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Cameron
  19. Porsche Centre Caps for Sale < Snip > Mohiniqbal, please read the guidance for advertising on here. Have a good Christmas.
  20. Again, because I am not tech savvy I feel I need to start a new topic using the correct title. I hope I'm now offering information most of you have read.
  21. Now that my car is finished (ish) and we will soon be moving house, it's time to release some of my collection back into the wild.. Parts can be collected from Southampton (where I live) or Silverstone (work) by arrangement. I will also be going to Simply Porsche next week, weather permitting, so can bring smaller items there. The parts that are untested, I think I have priced them low enough to be able to say you take your chances, I'm not interested in returns I'm afraid! Bumper rubber strips £10 for the 3 shown Rear seat belts £10 for the 3 shown Engine bay heater blower, this came with the car but it's for a 3.2, looks like it's been bought from a breaker so untested. Part No.930 624 151 00 £30 Heater duct flat £5 Centre Console heater control box, untested £30 Heater or A/C control cable 911 612 079 01 £5 Bit of unknown harness £5 A/C? duct longer one £5 A/C? duct shorter one £5 Rear Screen seal new aftermarket from Design 911 £40 Rear 1/4 window seals new aftermarket from Design 911 £50 the pair Pair used sunvisors in brown £5 A/C condensor blower fan untested £10 A/C evaporator untested £20 1/4 Window aluminium strips used but re-anodised black £50 the pair 40mm Wheel Spacers. My car came with 964 design 90 wheels and these spacers on the rear £30 the pair Rear bumper lower trims good used £100 the pair Front Bumper Lower Trims Good Used £50 the pair Sill covers 91155904 painted Porsche Crystal Blue with a touch of metallic. like new, the marks on the back are where the stonechip has been rubbed off, not rust. £200 the pair Steering wheel. the left side feels like the spoke has come away from the rim inside the leather so might need opening up and welding? £50 Rear over riders with number plate lights untested £50 the pair Front bellows £20 pair Rear Bellows £20 pair Which one is which?? Fuel tank. This came with my car as a spare, not tested but looks ok £50 Set of front indicators. My car is Japan market, not sure if these are USA or Japan? £25 Airbox Top half with used K&N filter £100 Vinyl trim piece to go around gauges £10 Centre console in tan and black £50 Porsche Classic number plate holders (from Porsche) new £10 the pair A few more bits that I don't have pics for right now as the Monaco GP is about to start!! Front Bumper £100 Rear bumper £100 Rear engine lid black with SC whaletail has a couple of small dents £200 Condensor stoneguard £25 Engine lid hinges £50 the pair Carpet set new from Design 911 should be £695, I want £200 please.
  22. My SC's original washer bottle, the big one in the left wing has sprung a leak and it's the perfect opportunity to ditch it for the later intensive washer bottle. A quick peruse shows this to be NLA and/or outrageously priced on various websites. Anyone out there have one for me so I have it in time for my MOT at the end of October that won't break the bank?
  23. Hi, I hope you don't mind me posting this but thought you guys would like this as much as i do. I am an Automotive photographer and currently, I am covering the full restoration of a rare oil Klapper 1972 Porsche 911s by one of my clients Golding Barn Garage based near Brighton. I thought I would upload a few shots here to for you guys to have a look at, to show you where it started and where it currently is at. I have been privileged to have followed this through its entire restoration to date which you can follow in its entirety on their website https://goldingbarngarage.com/garage/rare-911s-full-restoration/ Iv uploaded tons of photos and a few time-lapse videos of the fabrication.
  24. Truly sad to be advertising my 911 SC Targa for sale. I've had this car longer than I've had my children, and sometimes have been queried over which I love most..... Bought in July 2005 from the former club secretary for Porsche Club GB following a fully documented, bare metal restoration, including a top end overhaul and gearbox refurbishment. Interior and targa panel also felt the love and were reupholstered by Southbound. It was so good it even featured in a Practical Classics article! The car is very original, even to the point of sourcing its issue registration plate. The only upgrades have been practical: hydraulic tensioners, 3 point rear seatbelts, Bilstein shocks all round and turbo tie rod ends, as well as a sports exhaust. Work of late has been minimal due to no requirement, but work in the last 3 years have included new tyres (Bridgestone SO2), new alternator, battery and horn. Servicing is thorough with alternate year full service at Porsche specialists (SP Autobahn, Stirling, since 2015) and oil drop every year; it covers less than 1500 miles per year. It does not go out in the rain (thus low mileage - I do live in Scotland!!) and has been dry stored for the whole time I have owned it. This is evident in the blemish free body, both surface and underside; there is no rust. The car has covered 150,000 miles, but is still taut with all of its horses in the stable! The power delivery is classic air-cooled 911, linear and progressive with a wild banshee howling in your ears north of 5000rpm!!! A beautiful sound. Open to any inspection - this car is cracking and I am honestly sad to lose it. Offers over £37,000. Mobile: 0780 9473121 Cheers Bins
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