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Brands 1977


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Seeing the picture of the Guy Allen print every time I log into IB reminded me of some pictures I took at Brands in 1977. I had to go up in the loft today and so I dug them out. The original slides are not bad quality still, but you will have to excuse these copies which I made by holding the slide against the window! I will have to get a proper copier. The slides are from back in the days when I used bulk 35mm slide film stock, loaded my own roles for use in the Praktica SLR, then developed the slides in the kitchen sink to keep costs down!












And lastly, some flames


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Love the pics.





I am particularly impressed with that Jap machine passing the 934 and an RSR around the outside. :lol:

He must be one hell of a driver. :steering:

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Mark outstanding your timming must of been amazing for back then, great pics :ani_clapping:

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This really brings it back for me . 10 years old , my Dad took me to this meeting, drove down in his Elan Sprint. It was my first encounter of racing Porsches . Really made an impression , especially the ones in Martini livery . Good stuff.


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