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New Speedster owner on IB


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9 hours ago, swift911 said:

Your annual mileages are worse than mine 😂 

My problem is too little time and to many cars. I love driving anything so often jump in my companies van, if not I have a V50 T5 which I love as a daily and my children love it too as it is the car we take on family adventures, if not in the above I nick the wife's Merc or fly about in the 968 which I love too. I also walk a lot as hate traffic :) 

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3 hours ago, billy74 said:

good to see you fella... i know exactly! how you feel.. 

It got worse last week I just bought a gti to add to the list so even less time to drive the speedster. I would love to catch up with some of you this year so will keep an eye on the events section. 


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56 minutes ago, Fred said:

Hey Aldo, good to hear from you me old China. Which GTI?

hey my old mucker :) One of my hippy customers was selling his low miles mk5 gti that he has had from new so it was an offer I could not refuse :) I love my T5 daily so it kinda feels like I am a happily married man that has everything he needs then went to the pub and fell in love with the bloody barmaid so went and complicated his little life :) . 

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