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Fuel Injector cleaning

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Hi All


I was wondering if anyone here has had their injectors cleaned?

If so, is it a worthwhile exercise and what differences should I expect?

My car is fast approaching the 100k mark, and I would like to make sure they are working OK.


The ultrasonic cleaning process is described in this link :





Any help would be appreciated





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I had my injectors ultrasonically cleaned back in the summer. I had a misfire noticeable driving to and from Le Mans and it was one of the things I did to resolve the problem.


I went for the 'sport' service from www.injectorcleaning.co.uk


Good, quick service from them. Not used anybody else so can't compare.

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Yes, removed myself.


Simple one I'd stopped trying to 'remove fuel rail with injectors' attached as per Bentley. Removed the fuel rail and then removed the injectors individually. They are only held in by the friction provided by an 'o' ring.


I did look at replacing some of the fuel lines (as a 'while I'm in there) but the costs are quite frightening.

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