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Brake switch installation


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Some months ago I suggested that the brake light switches on the master cylinder may not always react a quickly as you like. This had raised it's problematic head on Pelican and several had installed mechanical switches. I had been meaning to get around to this for some time and had secured a switch for the purpose.


First of all to get the switch in the right position under the brake pedal I fabbed a simple bracket. The switch is an original Porsche item as fitted to cars without assisted brakes. I got this one from Ebay and because it was advertised as a 914 part I got it cheap ;)




Swich mounted on bracket.




To secure in the car I used Super Steel rather than drill holes in the floor. It's as solid as you like. I know what you're thinking :o - don't worry it's not as bad as it looks and the pedal box will come out over the winter for some TLC and the floor cleaned up as well.






Now to just add in the necessary wires and I will only have to breath on the pedal to get the lights on - obviously not recommended while driving :D

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It's got to be better than being rear ended in slow traffic when you only need to brush the pedal.

Took me about an hour to get this far. Wires tomorrow hopefully.

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Wires done. Of course the colour of the wires in my car bear no resemblence to the colours in the Bentley manual so a little educated guessing........ But, once established which wire did what it was a simple matter of splicing into them near the master cylinder switch. No doubt they will need a little adjustment but now I have the peace of mind of instant brake lights - just like a modern car ;)


Another job down, a million more to go.

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