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stalling at the lights & other idle related fun

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hi guys,

as mentioned in another thread i have an issue with my engine idle speed that needs sorting out. relatively unlikely that i'll be able to sort it myself but in case anyone has had similar with their 3.0 SC i thought i might as well ask....


car had a top end rebuild last year, it didn't do this on the test run but when nick picked me up from the station (i was getting some body mods at early 911) he mentioned it stalled when free wheeling up to some lights. it's literally a couple of miles from nicks into east grinstead so the car would have been cold but not stone cold if you know what i mean. it did it maybe 3 times more on the way back & then was fine.


after say 20 mins i set off on the long journey back home & whilst stopping say a couple of miles in for petrol the car did it again, this time after filling up & starting the engine the car fired then when the engine should have dropped back to idle it stalled, did this twice but with a bit of throttle it was ok.


on the toll road on the way back it didnt stall but i did notice a little hunting on the idle speed say going from 800-900rpm every second or so when i stopped at the toll booths.


so something's not right, the list of works carried out last may on the engine wereas follows:


* New valves, valve guides, piston rings.

* Valves re seated

* Valve clearances, Bosch K-Jet

* Oil fed cam chain tensioners and new chains fitted.

* New lightweight clutch, clutch cable and all pedal box components

* New engine heater ducting

* K&N Maxflow™ air filter and filter shroud. (Produces similar engine acoustics to running Webber carburetion).

* Air emissions pump removed and inlet manifold ports correctly blanked.

* New 24 x Porsche Dilivar head studs fitted.

* New Porsche RSR rocker shaft seals

* All new gaskets

* Engine rebuilt and oil leaks completely eradicated.

* Engine tuned and run in


am i right in saying the 3.0 doesn't have an idle stabliser valve as per the later cars? anything simple i should be checking before i book it in?


thanks in advance :)

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Just thought I'd update this one as the car was over at my local Indy today & thankfully it was a cheap fix :)


All that needed doing was the mixture control unit sensor plate, perhaps it had been knocked out of position by a miss fire but Mike Bainbridge got it all sorted.


Mixture has been tweaked to improve drivability (I'm taking mikes word for it here as it's a bit of a black art to me?!) & all the hoses & pipes checked to make sure they're all in good nick.


Happy days & luckily the weather stayed fine for a good blast back through the lakes :)

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