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Hi all,

Saw this nice looking black SC, and it caught my eye. Has anyone here seen it?

The 'regularly waxoyled' comment is a good thing if it's true.

In my opinion, the fact that the pictures are taken in a recovery yard are a bit off putting, although that's probably just me.


I must explain why I'm still asking about cars yet haven't bought one yet. I'm in the middle of renewing the kitchen in our house, and carrying out other changes at the same time, while extremely busy at work (and I'm self employed). That's not all, as my wife is expecting our number 2 child in January so the spare room has to become a proper bedroom. There's alot going on, but my enthusiasm for IB 911s is up there, and I will own one by the spring. I look forward to being more active on the forum and possibly meeting up with some of you guys for some events.



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go look at it if you can , the waxoyl spiel may well be just that , no doubt you've seen the rust threads here so know how to look.. block out the steering wheel if poss in further pics as it hurts my eyes .. :rolleyes: , good luck in your search

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Apart from that steering wheel, the interior is wicked. Manual sports seats in a cool colour rule OK. Change the tail to something better and you've got a sweet looking motor there. Go and look at it. ;)

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