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Aircon Charging Connections

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When I got the car I had the AC system flushed, and a new dryer and expansion valve fitted, and rechagred with R134A. The chap who did it for me filled it using the old R12 connections, as he had hoses to suit. He has since retired and moved away, and the system needs a recharge.


I want to fit some adapters for the standard R134A, and would like to know which is the "High" and which is the "Low" side port. Can anyone help?



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I saw them here at a decent price: http://www.aircongas.co.uk/index.php?main_...dex&cPath=7


There is a company called Autocool who are cheaper, but out of stock of one of them.


By the way, the steel pipe connected to the B branch in my photo is 15mm and the one connected to A is 12mm. Anyone know if I am right in thinking that the larger pipe is the suction (Low) side?

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Well I figured it out, but for anyone else who needs this:





The low side pipe is the larger 15mm one, and the high side is the 12mm.


The connectors required are the 90° 1/4 Flare High and Low Retro-Fit adapters shown in my previous link. (7/16 UNF)


Edit: The old valve inserts will need to be removed, and the adapters are supposed to be torqued to 10-12Mn.

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The adapters arrived, but I'm not sure they will work. The ports have a coned end, and the adapters have a flat rubber seal at the bottom. I'm a bit concerned the tip of the cone will cut through the rubber......







Has anyone ever fitted the genuine Porsche adaptors, and can comment?


Edit: emailed aircongas, and they told me that's how they are supposed to be.

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