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Post your POV Cabin shots. A steering wheel comparison.


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Now the 3.2's running I suppose I'd better get it all together and turn up for a critique.

Ive got a few options, and bought a Momo for it about 3 years ago on ebay, then stashed it in a cupboard.

Ive had a couple of these wheels.

The first I bought in Australia, and despite treating it several times over days, I couldn't get the right texture back into the leather, so I sold it on.

The one Ive got now has never been on a car. I bought it for twenty >thats right< euros off a guy in Italy. He didn't have an idea what he had, and I was the only bidder. I haven't got a shot to hand but its the Ferdinand Porsche designed Momo.

Same size as the current one, the flat 86 wheel.

Im toying with buying a prototipo.

This plethora of thought has led me to here.

So here's what the cabin looks like now.

Bear in mind this was a cover pull back, the cars been standing five years, so it needs a little tidying.








Heres the wheel.























Here's what they look like fitted.




















They come with a removeable shroud, I like the bare unshrouded look better. Theres a thirty mm dish to them.

What do you think?


Lets see a few alternatives if you have some for comparison, and the feel and difference its made to you.


Non pas 911's are so different to drive, and I like to grab the wheel and feel connected.



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FFs WT, Ive just checked out the price of the horn push on that wheel, let alone the hub adapter!

It looks ubercool. Nice with a silver Prototipo I reckon.



That Nardi wheel, very Monaco old boy.

Prototipo, hmm, nice.


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The horn push on WT's wheel about E140.

The boss is another approx E140

The wheels another circa E350.

Yep, it looks good.


Im off to get an allegro Quadrangular wheel from the seventies. Now then, now then, jingle jangle, oop the gary glitter, now then .

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This is mine: 911R wheel available from TwinSpark Racing. 1cm smaller diameter from stock but it feels fantastic as well as looking great :twocents:




Your wheel and centre cap looks great Fraser,nice job :cool:


Still got my prototipo to fit with porsche centre cap. Tried to fit it the other week but couldn't get the old wheel off. Yet another gorilla tightened nut and missus was too weedy to hold wheel while i yanked on a ratchet :rolleyes:

Can someone bring a breaker bar to danson? :whistling:

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