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Post your POV Cabin shots. A steering wheel comparison.


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Here's my unusual Momo I got on eBay from a guy in France. He said a batch was made for a car company who decided on another model.


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Bit of a thread bump here, but had a few mins spare and thought i'd post a quick photo of my new Nardi Classico wheel.


It's not quite finished yet, similar to the momo wheels, I need to make up a spacer to bring the wheel away from the dash.


It's very comfy though :)

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Finding this thread in the Social Isolation IB Projects thread (thanks, @Silver WT ) prompted me to alleviate today's inactivity, resurrecting the thread with a POV shot of the Momo Corse fitted to my car.


The instruments were re-worked by Julian Reap (Reap Automotive Design), the rev counter being to my own design.

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Thank you.  I had a number of things done at the same time, including a re-calibration, and a different set of clocks done for a mate, so can't isolate the cost of my rev counter, but from memory, getting clocks re-faced was about £1500 or so for a set.  Quite spendy, but it makes me smile every time I look at the dash.

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