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PDF manuals download - all IB years


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OK just download below file is approx 500mb and contains:



911 72-83 Porsche Workshop Manual

911 72-94 History

911 74-89 TSBs

911 84-87 Tech Spec Book

911 84-89 Bentley Workshop Manual

911 84-89 Porsche Workshop Manual







If the download link dies just pm me and I can refresh it.

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Nige I'd be careful hosting stuff like this - I know its freely available elsewhere etc but you really dont want Mr Porsche going all copyright on your a55


I hear what you are saying and it did cross my mind as I was uploading the stuff, but as you know Jev I like to live on the edge.

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not used this facility before.....safari download failed. Is it possible to download to an ipad and do I need to sign up? thanks

Might be answering a different question, but I downloaded the bits I wanted and then saved them in my iTunes folder where books are kept, sync'ed with my iPad and iPhone and access them all through iBooks. Handy, when I am bored on the train and feel the need to read through parts codes or check how the spangle bracket should be installed (obviously next to the keighley trunion).



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