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1974 2.7 Carrera for Sale RHD Aussie Delivery


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Morning all,


this car is for sale in Australia from a chap i've been speaking to for a year or two. He has owned the car seven years, never restored, matching numbers and apparently genuine 58000 kms. Here's the link to the advert..he is aware he is asking very strong money for the car but is not in a rush to sell by all accounts. also the aussie market is elevated to uk but as a benchmark my lime 75 2.7 was AUD 125,000





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The car looks genuine enough and very nice. But I'd agree with Phil, not much of that interior looks right.

The door cards are wrong, the colour and grain on the rest of the vinyl not original. The front seats appear to have been re-trimmed (maybe in part).

I seem to recall the car originally had 'safety stripes' too. So it's lost those. And gained a bonnet badge.

Overall it presents very well but I'd imagine over the years a few bits got changed and now - mostly - it's returning to standard.

Certainly wouldn't take much to end up with one of the finest RHD cars.

And that's not a '74 dash top. So what did happen to the car?

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Well spotted with the dash Paul. The seats look original with the Tweed centres and Twill bolsters, the steering wheel is the orginal hub-centric as are the indicator stalks. The rest of the interior is at least 1977 onwards and the rear seats even later with the red release knobs. It would have originally had electric windows as all C2.7 coupes (except the '76) so Phil's hypothesis as a track car could be true.

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a few more details from the owner




Original owner took delivery of the car in Germany

The car sat for approx 15 years in owners garage

Current owner is third.

Changes discussed on the forum to the car were made in period and are fairly easily reversible. The changes were not made by the present owner and he has enjoyed the car as is for the last 7 years.

if anyone is interested in purchasing the car i will pass on the owners contact details with his permission

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is the price differential between coupes and targa very big for 2.7 carreras? i ask as i note that the price difference on carrera3.o can be quite small and the difference in pre IB 2.4S targas and coupes also seems to be narrowing.

Do you have any evidence of the gap narrowing? I would assume a 20-30% drop to a Targa.

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