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The old nugget, VALUE

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Hi Guys


Turning my time to looking carefully at insurance for my 89 930 and the question of value crops up, both of the car and insurance.


My 930 is completely standard untouched and showroom condition 36000 miles from new guards red coupe, any gueses what the cars value should be and how much insurance for a mid 50's clean driver should be ?



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The basic rate for your motor insurance is probably only a few hundred pounds. Adjustment for the higher value? They seem to work on around £10 per £1,000 increase over book value, so you can get an idea from that.

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mine was valued by jg for insurance purposes last year at £33,000 and mine is a less valuable '88 with 100,000 miles (although GP White is worth more ;-)


An '89 with that sort of mileage - £45,000 + ? for insurance - would be very hard to replace if god forbid anything happened to it


I pay £184 with a garage and limited 4,000 mile policy

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