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Shell - New Nitro+ fuel


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. For any given compression ratio I think the the higher RON/Super formulations will generally burn more uniformly and provide a more optimum flame path/pattern at point of ignition = more power / smoother running..

Andy, I'm sure that you're right but presumably any better burn, like friction or cleaning, is down to the additives? I don't know, but would guess different blends use the same base fuel, at least for the same providers? I read all the blurb on their websites but can't remember seeing any evidence to substantiate claims which makes me think the gains are small. David

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To add some more fuel to the fire of internal combustion conundrums :descojono2: ... a higher octane rating means the fuel will burn slower.


All else being equal, it will have the same calorific value (and therefore the same power potential) as a lower octane fuel and burn in an equivalent way, just slightly slower which reduces the potential for detonation (knocking, or pinking in old money).


As has been said, an engine with sophisticated sensors and programming can take advantage of increased octane in real time (e.g. advance the ignition, increase the boost, change the valve timing etc.) and make more power. Less sophisticated engines like ours can be pre-tuned to take advantage (e.g. changing ignition timing, increasing compression, increasing boost, etc.) and also make more power, but risk damage if the higher octane is not used constantly.


I would not dream of disagreeing with someone who says it seems to make a less sophisticated engine run better, but the reason for any improvement is not down burn rate or calorific value.






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Fred / David, I know it's off topic but what exhausts are you running as I'm trying to find out if Turbo Thomas's design will fit the 3.3 Turbo (his has the x-over pipe at the rear).




I'm still on standard but i will probably go with Turbokraft when I get around to do it. It's not staying stock thats for sure

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Just put this in my car at £1.409 per litre and can conclude that it feels absolutely no different whatsoever.


I didn't actually realise that it was just a direct replacement for the optimax that I used to fill the old gal up with and to be honest even if it was 2% better I very much doubt I would be able to tell anyway.


Still, the nice man at the pump reckoned that it made the world of difference to his 1.2l Clio so that was me sold.

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