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Cool idea. Nice to see the variety of motors from members on here.


Here's my 997 and the wife's Cayenne. Currently in the process of having the 997 engine rebuilt due to the dreaded bore scoring. I took it out and stripped it down and Redtek are doing the build. So these modern cars still need spannering!! Happy to share pics and details if anyone's interested.


The Caynenne is awesome and we love it. Really nice to bomb around in.





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No problem. Basically I brought the car about 2 years ago now and when I did I had a PPI done and it showed what looked like very early signs of scoring on cylinder #6. It was very slight and could have been oil smear it was so light. Anyway, I initially rejected the car but in all other respects it was spot on. After a few days the guy got in touch and knocked a decent amount off the asking price if I was prepared to take the car on. Seemed like a good deal so I went for it. The plan was to monitor it with the garage where I take it and see how it developed.


So 2 years later and around 10k miles, a further inspection showed it had gotten worse, but was still not burning any oil and was driving great. I was planning on running it until it got worse and started smoking but work, study and home commitments meant that if I didn't tackle it now I may not get chance over the next year or so. So I started making some enquiries and bit the bullet.


I dropped the engine,




Including removing half the rear end to get to it all,




Once out I stripped it down to a long block,






Even the obligatory engine bay shot ;)




I decided to take the engine to Nick at Redtek. I did consider Hartech which seems to be a very popular choice but I didn't really get on with the guys there when I discussed options and Nick seemed to know his stuff. Basically I went for 6x iron liners, new rings, new bearings, new tensioners,, ramps, chains and IMS bearing, and head refurbishments, valve seats etc.. Also a new water pump and clutch. Basically a full rebuild.


Nick suggests its the running temps and close tolerances that cause the issue so he gives more piston/liner tolerance and picks up the difference with the new rings, along with minor coolant passage alterations. You use standard pistons and just replace any damaged ones. Still waiting to get the engine back in the car as I have been busy, but its been straightforward so far.


Only issues are while you are in there plastic pipes, some corroded coolant pipe connections that I have replaced and a few other bits and pieces.


In terms of mods, there isn't much you can do without spending a load more cash, and this was expensive enough as it was. There are some small gains you can get with X51 manifolds etc. but that can wait!


I did install a front radiator from the X51 cars. This is a great mod as it keeps temps down and the whole kit is only £85 from porche including the brackets, rad, hoses etc. also fills in the centre vent hole with something useful.






So, hopefully the car will be good as new. I think I could have had another year or two at least out of the car, maybe more, but at least now it's sorted.


My friend has just brought a 57 plate Cayman S and its got signs of scoring in #6 but he is planning on running it until it dies, so we will see how long it lasts!!!

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Been eying up 997's since Slovenia, but the whole engine issues thing has put me off.


Saw a couple of scored bore motors at Dom's and read the report off the Hartech site ....that piece should have had a warning on it stating "If you have a 996/7 in the garage, don't read this in the dark, alone, late at night". Scary stuff.


Nice work indeed Anthony. Still scary though.

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It's nice not to have to use loads of plus gas when working on these though! To be fair, with the prices of 997's and 3.2's coming ever closer, I know that this is far easier and cheaper to sort out than all the rust issues I sorted on the old car. No paint for starters.....


Plus on the 3.2 I was heading for a rebuild, ring gear and clutch so probably only similar expense. Obviously if you have to pay for the removal of the engine etc it starts to add up, and it really is bad news that the engines are no longer as bullet proof as they used to be. Hartech know how to write a scare story all right. I probably know that stuff off by hart now, but I am still not convinced by all of it.


Having said that, there are plenty out there without any issues so don't let the Internet put you off ;)

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Cheers guys. I do all the work at my dads house as he has loads of tools and the pit in the garage. Very handy.


I have purchased a tool for helping with the coolant fill. Basically pulls a vacuum on the system using your compressor and then you flip a lever and it sucks the coolant through into the empty system. Basically a DIY version of what I am sure Dom uses. Hopefully should help to minimise the air in there.


You are right about coolant going everywhere. Even when you think its all gone you leave the car over night and find a puddle the next day!!

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Hi Richard. It's a Draper version and cost around £50 on eBay. Here is the same thing on Amazon:




Looks like lots of companies do them when you start looking but the Draper one was a good price so went with that one.

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Here is the other love of my life:






On the basis of the Cayman being considered the natural successor to IBs and the number of Caymans posted on here, perhaps this should become the IB & Cayman forum?

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Good to see the Cayman SV in print Dom. Looks ace. Need you to turn your attention to some 997 mods now ;)


As an aside, I received some pics of a damaged water cooled engine today that has been 'upgraded' at Hartech with one Nicasil liner and the others strengthened. Not sure of the full story but its now in pieces after scoring in 3 cylinders.


Not good.





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Certainly interesting to see. Especially after all the self promotion from certain parties.


Will keep my eye on the SV developments. A friend has a Cayman S and he is also impressed with the SV mods, especially the suspension set up. Mine has PASM but suspect that they are getting a bit tired and I may sort something out maybe next year.

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My second 3.2 Carrera went in 2010. I'd had it for 7 years and was using it daily and doing time on the M25.


A BMW 535d Touring replaced it as a daily, but I got the itch for another Porsche this time heading to the dark side - watercooled!


I finally picked up my car in April 2012, I bought a Porsche 996 turbo (X50).


My cars spec:


• Slate grey

• Manual

• Standard seats

• Black leather

• 36k miles

• 52 plate

• X50 pack (so 450bhp, instead of the standard 420bhp)


Here's a few pics:













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