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Air con alternatives

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Was watching Chris Harris' Porsche build at tuthill, and noticed the retro air con he has fitted to his since sold bake date. Looked a bit of a pigs ear but admittedly was a work in progress.





I caught the ferry over to Bilbao with the missus and the aircon in my T5 was very welcome on the continent. should I ever hazard a trip in the 911 this would obviously be a very welcome addition . Question is, has there been any development in this field regarding a bolt on option fitted in the boot?


Ie electric compressor ducting etc.





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I have been looking at developing a 12V DC compressor driven air con system, housing the compressor in the nose where the tool roll lives., so that the whole system is at the front of the car. I was very close to ordering a compressor from China but the shipping was £400! (more than the unit cost).


The other main challenge is where to mount the condensor. The 964 has it under the front wing turned sideways with a fan blowing air down to the road through a vent. There simply aren't any standard condensor that are long and thin for front mounting or mounting a la standard oil cooler. Smallest on the market is Fiat Sciento but still too big. So it calls for a custom unit or mount like 964 and move all your washer bottle stuff.


Still want to do this, would be good to have another IB'er to team up with though!

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Sounds like a plan Johnny, ahem, this a project for my 964 but that said I'm sure many ibers have ditched their washer bottles etc for modern self contained units! Pity the front valance area doesn't lend itself to a stock condenser fitment.


It's on the list of things to do. My front boot does have an electric ps crowding the issue but not massively.


Would be nice to create something clean and compact.

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No standard aircon fitted but I can see what you mean. Was hoping to create a compact unit in the front area ie custom condenser, compressor and the necessary ducting plumbing and electrics to facilitate it. There's an aircon guru local to me so might consult with him ref some possible options.


Was hoping someone else would have done the head scratching for me! Can't be t.he only ones to think of this.

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In your position I'd probably ebay for the standard 964 air con housings/ mountings and buy the condensor and evaporator parts aftermarket - they are not that expensive.


FYI, the compressor I was looking at is part number HB075Z12. Landed in the UK it is $695 USD (shipping was not as much as I thought but still $295) and then subject to taxes etc.


I can help with any electronics/control.

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