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Pictures of my CS at last.......

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Please may I introduce 'Petra' - so named by my daughter! I've had her since September last year but only just got around to posting pictures.


She's living in the garage most of the time over winter up here in northern Scotland but will get plenty of exercise once the Spring comes on some of the great driving roads we have - she's certainly not been bought to just sit around! Also hoping for some longer trips including maybe to Wales in 2014.

















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The car is near as dammit original; I've even fitted new rubber suspension to the original speakers in the doors which had perished rather than fit replacements.....getting very sad!


The only non original modification that I've done is to put on a Clubsport steering wheel but keeping the original to replace if I wish. I prefer the chunkier nature of the Clubsport wheel rather than the somewhat thin original. The Clubsport wheel is marginally smaller in diameter (36cm vs 38cm) which slightly increases steering effort at parking speeds but the nicer rim more than compensates.


I also do intend to use the car when the weather permits - I really don't like the idea of having a great car and not using it particularly when we have such amazing roads on the doorstep - that would be a real waste in my view.


The G-Wagen (G500 SWB) hiding in picture 1 noticed by Rob is my daily runabout - great vehicle up here particularly in the winter.

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