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Hello Baddading

Reading the ad, it looks like you could get it imported to your door all in for around £20k. If rust really isn't an issue (does it not rain in Japan?) and you categorically knew that to be the case then even if it needed a fair amount of engine work and suspension etc ... It could work out ok for you, but ... it can be a very expensive game buying a 930 without getting it inspected by a trustworthy source. Many, many questions would also need answering alongside any inspection. ------ Why are both the rear windows missing? Also, it looks like both the rear and front screens aren't bonded in place; merely held in with tape - has the car not been reassembled following an accident, a resray? what else does that indicate?

I imagine they can't start the engine if 'engine believed good' is the line they use to describe it, but at least the interior looks good.

It definitely a project, but one that could easily cost you £15-20k on top of the purchase.

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One of the buttons could be ABS - Auto ball scratcher........................lol


To many unknowns, could be a real bargain or a bottomless money pit, would defo need ot to be inspected and HPI cleared (Assume Japan has an equivalent)


My question is with so many good rare Porches going to Asia, why isn't this one being snapped up over there!

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