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Just bought a few second hand items from a stall holder at Race Retro, mainly because they included some anti roll bars I was after. Unfortunately the didnt know much about them other than he said they worked ? , I know its a k jet system but have no real idea . Any one know how to tell what year / car it could be from . Value ?


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Have you tried googling all the oart numbers like the one on the inlet manifold? Also the Bosch part numbers on the key components like the fuel metering head and warm up regulator? Also check any porsche part numbers against the pdf parts catalogues on the Porsche website. 20 minutes research with a cup of tea should show you what you've got.

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Looks like '75 or '76 2.7 but hard to see enough detail.

From my limited research I think you could be right , will get some better pics up tomorrow and part numbers . On this site http://cis911primer.com/pages/descr_basic.html I found it looks like a 74 2.7 but not sure . Any idea on value anyone? before I get in trouble for not having a price .

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I had another look this morning and got a few more pics , the first one showing a microswitch on the throttle .which looking on ebay an add says NLA and a guys asking £48 for a second hand item .This may help Id the system year of manufacture?



CIS024_zpsac84ed8d.jpg This last pic which is hard to see has Bosch EP/LKW 1/1 and just below first line 0438140001.


so info is ...



WUR EP/LKD1 0438160001


fuel distributer EP/LKM/6/3 0438100004 93 75 329





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I think as already suggested its probable that its from a 74/75 car I guess if someones interestedwith more time they can do there own research , I did call H. Bowers but they couldnt help. So £300 plus postage

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