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Did I mention 3.4's? .... no I didn't :P


I seem to remember plenty of dyno days with happy 3.0 owners and naffed off 3.2 owners.

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Great cars but crazy figures, where will it end? These seem to have leapt a 100k within a year!


Remember one turning up at our spa track day and having the wheels driven off it, left a lasting impression and always loved the stripey seats. :cool:

I'd have a 964RS over a CS though if given a choice.

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I agree with you Mark, the CS in period was slated for not having any more than the standard (I know thats not strictly true) but because they are limited numbers the prices have gone nuts. I looked at one that was pretty mint only a few years back for about £20k from memory, we were talking of maybe agreeing at £18k ! Wish I had done the deal, but then again, wish I'd bought the Rubystone 964 about the same time for £28k.


Ooooh, lads do you remember when a pint of beer went up to £1 and when you could buy a row of terrace houses for £10,000 and have change for a bag of chips and something to feed your whippet ??


Just jealous really, I was too risk averse at the time. Cleverer people than me have made a lot of money out of these awesome cars and good luck to them !

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