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Ouch! Mine failed its MOT unexpectedly today, due to bulging of all 4 flexible brake lines.


Ive ordered a new set from Type 911, I'm tempted to try myself to fit them, can anyone advise what brake line spanner I need, or whether to let the garage do it? I'm worried about having to faff around with seized unions, and no ramp or lift, leaving me with a car with no brakes, a long way from the MOT station.


The flexible pipes are 30 years old, and a combination of new fluid followed by a track day last Autumn was probably the final straw. I'm rather glad one didn't fail though!

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Can't remember what sizes, but I'm sure if you've got a decent selection between 10-15mm you'll have it covered. It makes it a lot easier to cut the hose so neither end fights each other, you can then get a ring spanner onto the inner union.


I don't recall having any issues removing the original ones from mine with the car on axle stands.


If you are struggling on time I doubt it would take much labour time for a decent garage to perform the task.

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Thanks all. that sounds a good idea to cut the pipe to stop having to fight the twist, although burning one's bridges a bit.


I'm still tempted to DIY it, expect me to show up here if I hit a problem.


The guy at the garage had never seen a hose bulge like that before, but then that's why they check these things. It is 30 year old rubber, after all. I normally treat MOTs as a bit of a bind, but finding this keeps me safer.

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