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Holy Moly! Works 1977 London Sydney car, parked in Bowness

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Apologies for the awful photos, local IB members already know how pants my iPhone is at taking pictures...


I was in Bowness, Windermere on Saturday when I spotted a heavily stickered up 911 parked at the side of a shop - one minute the wife was saying something about shopping, the next I've walked straight across a busy main road to get a better look.








At first I thought it was just a tatty old 911, with a dented rear wing and a 'sticker job' to make it look like a rally car, then I noticed the Godwood FOS stickers - thery don't invite home made 'replicas' as far as I know. A bit of research when I got home and it turns out to be the factory London - Sydney car from 1977, described by Coys as 'the most rallied Porsche in the world'. its done that rally twice, and the Safari Rally as well, as well as being rallied around Australia for a few years.




Its for sale, or recently sold, I don't know, I'd love to know what it fetches.


What the heck it was doing there I've no idea, but Grizedale Forest is only a short ferry ride away.

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It's owned by a friend of mine, Dava Cavanagh, who bought it in 2004, and has rallied it extensively since then, sometimes with me in the co-driver's seat. He had been with me on Friday, looking for an estimate to restore it back to original works finish. He has just returned with it from Poland where he met with the original co-driver from 1977 and they went together to the Porsche Museum.


It can be bought now for something north of £350K.

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