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Prodrive SC RS Pics


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Visited the Prodrive factory the other week and they have a superb display of cars they have been involved with in differing degrees over the years. Here's a few (not very good) pictures of their first manufacturer project which was the 911 SC RS rally car.


If you ever get the chance to do a factory tour I'd highly recommend it....superb ;)













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No I didn't know that John. It looked a bit tatty to be honest, must be worth a fortune too....how much do you


Jeez Louise, I dunno, the values are climbing in multiples all the time. Depends on the chassis number - whether it was a winner or not, whether Toivonen won in it, how many times it was a winner and where. 120K kms on the clock, which would suggest it is a very useful car. I love the 700k's on the trip too, and the temp gauge infill, the 10k tacho, the cue ball gearknob, lots of lovely bits that just scream racer. The dash panel with the blanked out centre vents :cool:


Tatty is good Dougie, tatty makes it original and tatty adds $$$s. I would be unhappy if it was perfect!


edit: still looking - love the black rover covers, the 930 crankcase, the proper calipers, the straight through pipes, brilliant.

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Perfect placement of the kill switch.

Yep I agree, looks brilliant. I would say the one to the side of the column is the engine kill and the scuttle panel and firewall switches are main cut offs, will see if I can get in there to see it up close sometime. Fran has a roadgoing SC RS he looks after and have been in that a few times, no kill switch on the dash or in the cabin anywhere.

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I think you will find tuts did the shells for Prodrive and painted them, the cars were built by prodrive though. or even D.R.A (David Richards Automotive)

You know what I mean.


I recently heard the story of how they bought this car back from Japan - very funny and not a walk in the park.

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CCC was great 25+ years ago

Not to be a luvvie :rolleyes: but was talking about it with Mr Le Mans when we were doing the feature on his 928: Russell Bulgin sat in for the drive home the day DB was given his 924 Carrera. Everyone used to read that mag!

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I've just sent this link to Martin Sharp, I'm sure he'll get a giggle. Sharp and I were just telling someone at a prize-giving on Monday night how there will never be another magazine like triple-C. It seems readers no longer want to 'smell the grease' in the reporting, more about shiny bits than working bits these days. The young generation of racers and rallyists will suffer without the reference info to help them build and run cars.

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