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Anyone suggest a sane price ?

Kieran T

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Hi All


Would appreciate any wisdom from IB as to what reserve would be appropriate for the following bits prior to Fleabay


1973 IB Coupe Front Torsion Bars Bannana LHS Bannana RHS Hubs ( Set ) Brake Resevoir Front stabiliser Bar Coupe Door Trim ( Chrome ) RHS Coupe Door Trim ( Chrome )LHS Door Handle Black ( LHS ) - no lock /trigger Door Handle Black ( RHS) - no lock /trigger Passenger Side Coupe Door Post 1974 Targa Bits Targa Catch - Claw Type x 2 Interior 3.2 - working 6 Way Electric Seats - Pinstripe / Black SC Tombstones - no sliders - Leather - for recovering 3.2 - 4 spoke Steering Wheel ( Black)


I know condition is everything , and all these were bought with a view to a project - so not mint - but not crap either - I find it very difficult to price these on fleabay as there does not appear to be a lot on offer !


Comments Welcome






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I need a pair of door handles for use whilst mine are in for anodising so not bothered about condition. I could swap my triggers over so I'd be interested in your door handles...... for the right price. Let me know buddy.





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I've sold a pair or rear and a pair of front 3.2 torsion bars for £50 per pair recently if that's any help?


Cheers Alex

Anyone want a set of front bars for £ 50 - inc standard post to UK - otherwise on fleabay





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