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Were there CS spec differences for various world markets ?


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Were there specification differences in 911 3.2 Club sports for different world markets ?


Wheel sizes :- What is the correct diameter wheel ? 15" or 16" standard or optional extra in the UK ? Or were all 53 UK cars 16" ? Or did they differ depending on the country ?


Colours - White only - UK , various colours elsewhere.


Power : 227/230BHP - Europe 205 BHP USA .








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I can't answer all the questions but will answer what I can from official spec sheets for the UK and USA, and other unofficial info that’s been passed down to me.

Wheel sizes for the USA, 7x15 fronts and 8x15 rears. Other options were 6x16 fronts and 7x16 rears.

I don’t know of any UK cars running 15 wheels and only seen 16’s. So that’s questionable.

Colours for the UK are white with red wheels and red graphics, with the exception of 1 car which was red with white graphics and white wheels.

For the USA, colours available were, documented colours shipped to the U.S.A. included Grand Prix White (14), Dark Blue (4), Black (3), Silver Metallic (2), Guards Red (1), Yellow (1) Gulf Blue (1) Irish Green (1) and Diamond Blue Metallic (1). Typical interiors were, black, blue or burgundy cloth or black leatherette with black Porsche lettering cloth and the Fuchs alloy wheels were painted red, black or white. Leather was not an option.


The graphics for the UK are a small CS vinyl sticker on the bonnet, a small CarreraCS vinyl sticker on the boot and a big CarreraCS vinyl sticker on the doors.

For the USA and Europe a large vinyl sticker on the front left wing CS CLUB SPORT


340 Club Sport cars were produced from August 1987 to September 1989 with twenty-eight examples sold in the U.S.; twenty-two in 1988 and six in 1989.


UK power 231BHP, USA power 214BHP.


Hope that helps.


Regards Alan

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